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  1. Well high capacitance cables can send some high bandwidth amps into oscillation and that is VERY audible. But I don't think the cable debate participants have any issue with that one - it's when normal say monster cables are used and people debate if other normal capacitance, inductance, resistor type cables sound better. One amp designer I know thinks that differences in cables are caused by making amps a bit unstable which can increase apparent speed. He designs his amps that way - to be on the verge of instability and are sensitive to some cables. As I have said,
  2. Actually he specifically mentions power cables and he blind tested it. RFI seemed the main culprit he honed in on and one can imagine RFI getting in that way even in speaker cables. I know a couple of cable makers personally and have heard all sorts of strange things I am sure is not expectation bias. One maker says yes RFI is an issue that Rob correctly identifies. But speed is another issue - whatever that is supposed to mean. My first introduction to the difference in sound between cables was 15 years ago when I retired and decided to make Hi Fi my retirement hobb
  3. See: Now Rob is a qualified engineer and claims it at least is partly due to noise floor modulation. The issue is he has not subjected it to the usual scientific standards of publishing it in peer reviewed journals and have the results repeated. That's the problem here - those that know why they sound different have zero incentive to subjects it to scrutiny. For you however its easy. Simply do a blind test - its easy for a single person. If a Hi Fi store refuses to do it for you (its very easy) run a mile - they know what the result will be. Me -
  4. Cult? - well there is no force involved and nothing happens if you want to leave then rejoin. But belief system? I think Brian Cox's hero Feynman might think something along those lines: And no you cant convince people who have their minds made up. For example here in Aus it is virtually forbidden to even discuss nuclear power - you are howled down from everywhere if you do - even if you are an iconic ex prime minister like Bob Hawke. It's not actually illegal but close to it. It is illegal to build one. Amazing. Thanks Bill
  5. A couple of points 1. Where did you get in the moment from - it took him a couple of weeks and he had been thinking about it for a while. 2 Rob Watts is part of that rest of the engineering world and if you watch the video he explains how you can clearly hear things that are barely measurable or even immeasurable - it shocks other engineers he demonstrates it to as explained in the video so your doubt is understandable. Please take the time to watch it instead of dismissing what I said as hooey. I know only too well the path posts discussing cables goes down which is wh
  6. Not sure what FFT has to do with it either and why you mentioned it. FFT is an algorithm for doing a Fourier transform. The FT of a Dirac pulse is all frequencies. We get spikes (usually modeled by Dirac pulses) and hash travelling down all our cables and that sometimes has things of very high frequency. As the video I linked in my post says that causes noise floor modulation which is audible - in fact so audible you can hear amounts that are immeasurable. And no I have not moved cables around - it was just to show that there are reasons for things some tend to dismiss. Pl
  7. Well whats the difference - EFI is any electrical interference - RFI is Radio Frequency Interference. Where to radio frequencies start and electrical interference ends. Seen the Fourier transform of a Dirac Impulse? Thank's Bill
  8. I ordered some power and speaker cables, to go with a new Grandinote amp and DAC, from Keith Eichman at KLE Innovations. He said no problem, I will bring some over and you can see how they go. Also, he mentioned, I have been thinking about a USB cable for a while, do you mind if I borrow your Mac-book as a source to develop it. I said sure. When finished, and bring the Mac-book back, can I bring it over, as well as the other cables, and see what you think. I said sure - should be interesting. Before going on I need to disclose I know Keith, having been with him at many GTG's,
  9. Since it was displaying PCM 176 I sort of figured that. I think some kind of control information is being mucked up somehow - I suspect the DAC is not recognizing it from Audirvana. But since others have got it working - see post Bybuonassi something is wrong with somewhere. There are a number of posinilities 1. I haven't upgraded to Redcloud yet - need to put into a Redcloud machine. 2. Try it into another DAC that does DSD and see what happens. 3. Report it as an official fault to PS audio and see what they say. Why does it ha
  10. Sure that lets me select DSD up-sampling but it doesn't work. The DAC displays PCM 176 and at 100% volume you get a very low level very highly distorted sound - but at normal volume level you get nothing. Thanks Bill
  11. I am trying out some of these settings to see what is the best and decided to give converting to DSD a go. I have a PS Audio Direct Stream. When I select auto detect DSD the DSD grays out as an option to send to the DS. If I select send packed as USB 1.0 or USB 1.1 you get the option, but it doesn’t work - instead the DAC says PCM 176 and nothing comes out. On the DS forum they say go to the Audirvana forum - isn't that just maddening. Who knows whats going on but if you ask the DAC maker - its Audirvana's fault. Hopefully here wont do - its your fault - no its your fault type
  12. Its a mac - Audirvana at the moment is only available on the Mac. Thanks Bill
  13. I have a direct stream and am trying to send DSD to it via Audirvana 3.2. When I select auto detect DSD the DSD grays out as an option to send to the DS. If I select send packed as USB 1.0 or USB 1.1 you get the option, but it doesn’t work - instead the DAC says PCM 176 and nothing comes out. Any ideas? Thanks Bill
  14. Your probably right - but it makes me feel good thinking these guys deserve at least to be scared a bit and have to consult their lawyers. Thanks Bill
  15. Hi All Am I the only one that is really annoyed by situation of MQA music players on Windows 10? It's been announced in heaps of places but never seems to eventuate eg: http://www.mqa.co.uk/customer/news/post/mqa-at-ces-2018-mobile-streaming-new-partnerships-drive-master-quality-audio-availability I took a punt on the one to trust more, and decided it was Amarra, so downloaded it for trial after being assured it was in beta testing. I will buy it and check it against the others when they emerge but the whole situation is just so frustrating. If I was
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