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  1. I’m using a JS-2 to power both a Roon Nucleus (A side connection) and ER with B side connection to a dCS Upsampler. Any benefit using a ground wire from the ER to the grounding post of a Shunyata Denali power conditioner or newer Everest?
  2. Well with respect to the EtherREGEN it seems that, according to Alex, the JS-2 provides the necessary grounding for the switch, as compared to other approaches beyond the provided power dongle. However, in my communication with both Kenji and Caelin nothing is clear cut respecting grounding. Using a good cable from the Cybershaft chassis ground to one of the grounding posts on the Denali or Everest can improve the grounding. Your experience is instructive as to the Melco and, I assume, using the LPS 1.2, right? So, I will pursue that down the road. I'm s
  3. Interesting grounding. I’ve the same clock + LPS from Kenji. He set it up per my configuration on the assumption that I’d be connecting all my equipment into my Shunyata power conditioners, which I am. He set all the GND switches to Isolate. My assumption is that by ensuring that all devices including the LPS are connected into power conditioners which connect to wall receptacle, everything is properly grounded. Using a ground wire from the Cybershaft to the Everest ground, according to Caelin, is simply redundant. Same applies to EtherREGEN (I’m using a JS-2 for both my EtherREGEN and Roon
  4. I have Comcast/Xfinity as my ISP and I know that, at least in my case, the only thing that was done for connection to my cable modem was to add an attenuator right before entering the modem. Beyond that there are some Ethernet cables designed to mitigate noise such as those from Shunyata Research. However, it might be better to look at the output side of the EtherREGEN for using such cables first and then the input side of the EtherREGEN could be explored. Maybe others have found other inline devices for either/both input to the modem and WiFi routers or their combination. Experiment to se
  5. Have to agree with you on all points. Even a move from the first version to the second was more akin to a different speaker than I'd ever expected. In my case, I've been a Spectral fan since the 260, despite Rick's commandments re: cabling. Using their SV per and anniversary mono-blocks really do the Alexia 2's justice. I went with black in keeping with all the silver and black gear. It's allowed me to focus on the rest of the chain. As I've made improvements, including most recently adding a master clock to the dCS Vivaldi Clock, it just gets more "real" to my ears. Awaiting further Sh
  6. Thanks for laying bare the reality of this switch. Not a surprise, since Chord wouldn't even put their name on it. And it's not something they have any obvious expertise in designing. I'd guess that the aging Cisco 2960 would easily outpace this one, at a significantly lower price on eBay @ $39.99 used in good condition. 😝
  7. Any thoughts re: this new entry in the audiophile switch race? https://englishelectric.uk/ I think they are a Chord company subsidiary.
  8. By any chance did you experiment yet with using the Mutec with the EtherREGEN? If so, any noticeable benefit at all?
  9. Great album, as are most of his albums. His Solo Acoustic work is probably my favorite.
  10. I like listening in a completely darkened room. It's simply one less sense to get in the way of the music. Only downside is if I'm too relaxed, it's off to dreamland. Gotta' get a straight back, wooden chair, rather than the leather sofa and ottoman I'm used to.🤷‍♂️
  11. I'd be very surprised if any clock, that would make a substantial improvement to the existing performance of the eR, could be produced at a reasonable cost. That is one for even 10x the price of the eR, with guaranteed performance spec. Maybe a future eR Deluxe edition with even better internal clocking would make more sense, assuming there's enough of a market for such a unit.
  12. Sorry for my off-the-cuff 50x take on price. Glad you were lucky enough to get one of the good clocks. Personally, I'd only buy one that was literally guaranteed/certified to meet the specs claimed. And I don't doubt that Mutec is a fine company. If they offered a money back trial period I'd certainly bite on that.
  13. From my conversations with many industry folks, attempting to source a quality external clock is hard. The products out there are both expensive and of varying levels of quality control, which means that unless you can cherry pick the model you want, forget about getting a useful clock. I'm guessing that to get something that will make a substantial improvement to your eR would cost up to 50 times the cost of your eR. Likely better to look elsewhere in your system to improve SQ. Sorry...
  14. Sorry to hear about your cancelled trip. Seems to be a very common disruption for most everyone. I've been told not to come to the various senior sites I perform volunteer work. But I may get a gig delivering meals to others starting soon. Just need to get clearance.
  15. I too will be interested as I had found whenever mixing different brands of Ethernet cables the results were often poor. Mixing WireWorld with AudioQuest was a particular mess, probably due to different design approaches. Same happened when I initially experimented with the new Shunyata cables. When I was able to use all Shunyata everything else paled in comparison. This stuff is so unexpectedly complex in what gets delivered to our ears/brains 😱
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