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  1. Have been and will continue to be patient. My experiences with a number of switches, including my current Cisco, have shown that with both my use of the Transparent device and recent experience with Shunyata Ethernet cables, these switches are clearly producing noise. So, I fully expect a degree of benefit from the EtherREGEN.
  2. Sorry I sorta’ started this off-topic thread within a thread. But I felt at the time, and still feel, the importance in all connections in/out of any switch in eventual sound quality. Please fork this off with the other Ethernet cable bits if you wish. The Shunyata’s actually focus is on reducing transmission and phase distortion, including high frequency noise distortion. While awaiting the EtherREGEN, and now the Shunyata cables, I’ve had recourse to plug a Transparent TPM into my system wall plug https://www.transparentcable.com/collections/power-add-on-surge-protection/products/plug-in-network-protector connecting the outbound cable from my Cisco 2960 to this device and sending the cleaned-up signal on its way to my dCS gear. It has reduced noise from the upstream path. I’ve no idea if I’d perceive any benefit in using it once I have the Shunyata’s in place.
  3. Agree that the EtherREGEN will provide benefits. What is unclear is what other factors, apart from any noise which enters the switch, will affect the ultimate data stream. Between the switch and the target DAC there remains at minimum the Ethernet cable, of variable length, subject to design approaches, connectors, various Categories (likely from Cat 5-8), most unshielded but some shielded, etc. And the environment surround the cable may factor in (RFI / EMF / whatever). What I’d hope is that for similar cable designs used into/out of the EtherREGEN the noise brought in would dissolve on its way out, preserving whatever attributes the cables might offer, be they good or ill, for the downstream system. But the proof will be in the “pudding”.
  4. Used both the Sigma and Alpha in my config. The Sigma (in lieu of a WireWorld Platinum Starlight 8) and the Alpha (for the Starlight 8) both of the WireWorld are their initial product (not the newer ones). Been using them with a Cisco 2960 switch. Based on a quick test of half a dozen albums I've order a pair of the Sigma's. What I've found is that you really don't want to mix differing technologies -- the WireWorld is Cat8 (shielded) untwisted flat design with the Shunyata Cat6a unshielded type with a traditional type configuration. They seem to work against each other, or at least diminish the intended results. That's what I discovered when initially swapping just the Sigma for the Platinum. Better but nothing like adding the Alpha into the mix.
  5. Really, really hope the pain is diminishing. My biggest issue, and I didn’t have nearly your trauma, was putting my car’s stick shift in reverse. Lots of time spent trying to avoid parallel parking. If anyone doesn’t think their choice of Ethernet cables is inconsequential, just try some different designs in your system setup. I finally got my hands on a couple of Shunyata’s, a new cable design. It ran rings around my existing WireWorld Platinum and Starlight 8 cables, in/out of the Cisco 2960 switch. Needless to say, I’ve put a couple of these on order. Really looking forward to the EtherREGEN to see how much farther my system can go.
  6. Really sorry to hear. I did that on a bike a number of years ago (along with a collapsed lung). Didn’t even know it at the time (finished my remaining 25 miles on the ride). Took a few days till pain/breathing issues got me to my doctor for any X-ray. Recovery was slow. Just take your time.
  7. Congratulations on acquiring the Alexia Series 2's. I've never heard the TAD, but these new ones might well be a more revealing sound producer, especially important for a reviewer. With these the setup is particularly important. So, it's great to have someone from Wilson able to do this. You join a growing group of your peers (reviewers that is) who've also purchased these for their home, and I'm pretty sure you know who they are.
  8. Well I’ve been listening to the Cisco WS-C2960-8TC-S in my system (replaced a combination D-Link DGS-105 powered by the UpTone LPS-1). The switch is wired via WireWorld Cat 8 to a Roon Nucleus and dCS Upsampler as well as Eero mesh access point. Quite a bit better than prior switch. Much lower noise floor. There’s more there there, if you get my drift. So much so that I ordered another for my video system (supporting NAS video files and microRendu, among other things). Since that one’s also dedicated that lack of gigabit Ethernet poses no problem, even for UHD/HDR source files into my Nvidia Shield TV player. Of course once the EtherREGEN becomes available the current switch goes into my computer network which also includes an Audio Alchemy network-based system. Must say that the Cisco is really a steal at this point.
  9. Hope someone can help: Got the switch on eBay, and reset to factory, based on documentation from Cisco site.. However, the factory reset does not reset the user/password to how it left the factory it seems. I get no positive results using cisco/cisco or Cisco/cisco or Admin/cisco, no user/cisco, etc. I suspect it has the last owner's user/password in place... When I try to telnet into the Cisco I get "Password required, but none set". Any idea on how to fix that? And I've not found any Cisco documentation that suggests how to fix it either. FYI: I've got a Mac (no Windows system). Not really familiar with using telnet options that might pass to the Cisco to allow it to let me in.
  10. Ordered one as well. Just a question or two: does the switch from nfdtrading come with any manuals, and will resetting to factory default bring the switch to an unmanaged state? I’d like to avoid any chance of it messing up my existing network environment. If so, any gotcha’s in how to get to the switch so that it can be reset? I’m assuming there’s some login userid/password and default IP or if using DHCP I”ll find it on my network easily enough.
  11. I vote "Dedicated" as well since it makes it unambiguous. Even if you color code items, you're bound to run into some color blind problems. 'Course there's no International signage for dedicated...(maybe an arrow out while the others are arrow in?). Not even certain that is "true" to the nature of the connections. Ah well...
  12. “There are hundreds (really thousands) of people who have demonstrated to their own ears the effect of improved clocking of devices either directly or far upstream of their DAC. Yet there is a vocal minority of skeptics who claims that because they can not measure those effects (with current top-line analysis equipment such as Audio Precision) at the output of the DAC, then all the rest of us must be delusional and throwing our money away on "snake oil" products to fix non-existent problems. Boy would I love to throw water on those folks. “ Absolutely agree. Adding a dCS Clock to my existing Upsampler and DAC, with top end clock cables, made a big difference. Really eager to add the EtherREGEN to provide my Roon Nucleus the best transport.
  13. In the absense of my bringing over a couple of these for testing, wherever that’s happening, I guess I’ll just have to await getting the EtherREGEN in my system.
  14. Hope the unit’s female RJ45 accepts the higher end connectors, often found on AudioQuest and WireWorld Ethernet cables. I know that my cable, using a Metz male plug, has trouble locking in place in some switches, and needs some home-brew work to stay in place when plugged into my Roon Nucleus.
  15. I’d considered doing so, but with no dealer in the S.F. Bay Area, likely poor trade in for my existing DAC, potential issues with stability of ladder DAC components over time, and anecdotal reports having to do with customer complaints that suggest quality control problems, I decided not to pursue this option. However, I anticipate a solid review shortly from TAS re: the MSB Reference DAC.
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