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  1. Why are there 5 stars on the heading when it hasn't even been reviewed here yet?
  2. The best new feature for me is the non-destructive queue.
  3. Another plug for the Peachtree D5. About 4-5 years ago I bought my son a Peachtree Decco with a pair of (at the time called Era Design) D5's, and the combination sounds great. I still shake my head when I'm at his house listening to music (rock included) at how good it sounds at that price point. Much bigger sound than you expect from them. I'm sure the Nova/D5 combo would be even better.
  4. Paul- I bought them from a local guy I know who's really into vintage and restores old gear. He reformed and recapped them. I usually pair them with an old Sansui AU-717 integrated. They are really fun to to listen to.
  5. Two pair of large Advents. Pretty darn good sound - especially when stacked! Pair of pioneer HPM-100's. All re-capped. Quite enjoyable with some vintage receivers and integrateds.
  6. Unless I've missed something there don't seem to be any keyboard shortcuts for volume control as there are with Amarrra Symphony. This is a big limiting factor in my view, as anytime you want to change the volume level you have to toggle from the web player page to the Amarra sQ window and then use the volume slider.
  7. Benchmark DAC2 HCG and iFi Mercury USB cable are still for sale.
  8. I forgot about one other item I have: iFi Mercury USB Cable 1.0 meter like new condition Price new: $129.00 Sale price:99.00
  9. I have multiple items for sale as follows: 1) Sonore Rendu-Black Face I have a nearly new Sonore Rendu network audio player with a black face in perfect condition for sale. This is the Standard version with SPDIF/BNC output (not the higher priced version with HDMI i2s output). The Rendu supports DSD to 24/196 PCM and gapless playback (flawlessly!). Control is though iOS device (iphone or iPad) using player app such as PlugPlay. I purchased this unit new direct from Sonore earlier this year. It's been feeding a Berkeley Alpha DAC and is a huge improvement over my dedicated Mac mini/Amarra computer setup, not to mention a simpler approach. If you have your music on a NAS and are currently using a computer for playback you will be surprised how much better a dedicated ethernet streamer sounds. I'm only selling because I got a Lumin streamer (nice unit with built in DAC, though roughly 5 times the cost of the Rendu). Price new: $1400 Sale price: $1100 2) Berkeley Alpha DAC Series 2 with Berkeley Alpha USB-both Black Face I purchased both of these units new. They are in excellent condition. Would prefer to sell them as a pair. Price new (both units): $6900 Sale price (both units): $4000 3) Benchmark DAC2 HCG-Black Face Purchased new directly from Benchmark earlier this year. In excellent condition with very little use. Price new: $1995 Sale price: $1600 4) iFi Micro iUSB Power Supply Purchased new recently Price new: $199.00 Sale price: $149.00 5) iFi Gemini USB Cable (0.7m) Purchased new recently Price new: $179.00 Sale price: $129.00 6) iFi iPurifier Inline USB Audio Conditioner purchased new recently Price new: $99.00 Sale price: $69.00 Prices are firm for now. I haven't even listed these anywhere else as of yet. Wanted to give Computer Audiophile members first shot. I'll likely list them on Audiogon/elsewhere if I'm unable to sell for prices listed. Shipping to Continental USA only via UPS Ground. Buyer pays shipping costs. Payment via PayPal. I'll cover the 3% PayPal fee.
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