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  1. Thanks for joining the conversation. These are good ideas but neither of them solves the problem. @ccclapp: The "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder only functions if it is in the default location, typically /music/iTunes/iTunesMedia/. If you move it to the NAS (or anywhere else) it doesn't work. Good idea, though, and the programmers probably could solve this. @tokapaho: Your suggestion would involve mapping a share from the "Automatically Add" folder on the "server" computer to each peer on the LAN and pointing the iTunes media location of each peer to that shared folder. In th
  2. I have asked this on several forums, but not this one. I have received many well-intentioned responses that are either off-point or simply incorrect. I continue to look for a better solution than the inelegant (but functional) one I have now. Here is the situation: My family is composed of music lovers and Mac users of varying levels of sophistication with and patience for technology. We have a LAN with several computers and store our shared music on a NAS (Thecus n5200Pro). iTunes with Home Sharing generally works for us and we don't want to change the user interface. Currently, one c
  3. As you have discovered, if you store your music on an external drive, you do need to make sure that external drive is mounted before you start iTunes. Otherwise iTunes will look for your library elsewhere or create a new one in an active location. Kinda makes sense doesn't it? You didn't say if your external is connected by USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, wireless or ethernet, and you didn't say what version of MacOS you are running. Assuming it is USB and OS X, you should not have to do more than make sure the power to the drive is turned on when you boot up and it will mount automaticall
  4. Question: Is it possible to use a USB to S/PDIF converter like Halide Bridge to link a DAC to my computer in the reverse direction? Rather than output music from my computer to my stereo, I want to do the opposite: input the digital output from a DAC to a laptop USB port so I can capture it as a FLAC using Audacity. I don't have a bridge or I would try it. Any advice based on experience is appreciated.
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