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  1. I use an Allo Digital USBBridge for Shareport. Would prefer to go straight in. Roon via ethernet into the Ayre sounds better than via the USBBridge, but that's higher resolution than Spotify.
  2. A new net update rolled toady. I wonder what is on it? In other thoughts, we have spotify streaming to the qx-5, would it be impossible to get airplay to stream to the qx-5 via shairport? It's not top quality but 1. neither is spotify 2. neither is roon. i still prefer the turntable with the rest of my ayre gear, although it's pretty close 3. it'd be good for parties and the family.
  3. On a related note, what the heck with the eMMC card? I have been using Raspberry Pis for years and have only encountered this now. I guess it's less prone to corruption (that's a great thing), but why not include a reader/writer or at least include one as an accessory or give an approved model to find on the usual sources? Is anyone using a Microsd card for updated software?
  4. At least as much on Qobuz (US Beta), if not more.
  5. Just noticed that there's no Robert Ashley. Also no Zoviet*France, which is less surprising. Well, at least they aren't ramming music I hate down my throat.
  6. Thanks! I have never lived in a Qobuz country so I don’t know what I’m missing but the days of actually good curation on Apple/Beats are long gone (experimental music curation!!!!!) and I’m tired of having music that offends me shoved in my face courtesy of Tidal. I have a lifetime membership in Roon, so thank you for thinking of that.
  7. Well, I've got my gorgeous QX-5, it's burned in for a week and a half and it's sounding great. Thoughtful to put in the three myrtle blocks! I've got an all-Ayre (KX-5/VX-5/QX-5 all Twenties plus a P-5Xe for my Clearaudio Performance DC) and Vandersteen 5A (not original owner, can't upgrade) stack now, very much the Audio Connection way and that's ok by me. These units are made for each other I don't know what happened today, but I played it in the morning and then went to return the 7' Audioquest Aspens that I had borrowed from Johnny R and picked up the 8' Aspens that I had ordered. After installing the Aspens, the system sounded a bit better. You'd think the cables would not yet have built up a proper dielectric charge… Some thoughts… When I swapped out the cable, I also moved the KX-5 from the top of the console they were in (a vintage 1960s Swedish wooden thing) to the bottom. Maybe it's a better base? I tipped the myrtle blocks on their shortest side, they were on the slightly bigger one. Light corrosion on the earlier Aspens? 8' sounds better than 7' Who the heck knows. Anyway, it's a great system that's going to last me many years. Heck, after this I can't afford to upgrade!
  8. For any owners out there, I have been in contact with Ayre and Logitech and the both KX-5 and QX-5 are updated in the Logitech Harmony database. Since we use our Ayre stack in the living room, we like to use the Harmony Elite system to control it, the TV, Oppo UDP-205, cable box, and so on. With the update, you can go directly to an input without having to hit up and down buttons endlessly. Perhaps a small thing, but an important one. On another note that I hope is more interesting, having upgraded from an Ayre Codex and Ayre K5xe to a KX-5 and QX-5 (it's coming this week), I've gone from nowhere near enough inputs (two balanced into the KX-5 and one Toslink into the Codex) to an absolutely crazy amount of inputs, both digital and analog. There have got to be some interesting things people are connecting to these units. I guess my AppleTV (via HDMI de-embedder), Roku, cable box, and UDP-205 will all get their digital inputs, and of course my turntable and (my never used) FM Tuner (which just looks cool more than anything else) but I wonder what other mad things I could hook to this system. I've long since abandoned having a Mac Mini directly in the mix since a Raspberry Pi with Hifiberry Digi+ handily beat that (which in turn was beat by the UDP-205, and in the end the QX-5).
  9. I've auditioned one. It was superb. Had been using my Ayre Codex. I realize I could have spent another 2 months auditioning different gear, but this just made the system shine like never before and Roon runs so well on it. It's on order. It is a great tragedy that @Charles Hansen has passed, but I have been in touch with Ayre about a few things lately and I have to say that the company is very much on top of things. Apparently he had made careful plans for the transition with the team. This is far from the end of Ayre. Unfortunate that he won't be able to see what they are doing, but I think the company is hitting its stride so well. That is what legacy is about!
  10. That's an interesting idea. I might try that when I get my Ayre QX-5 (in a week I hope, but I won't be able to try for a month). That said, I have a Synology NAS that I run Roon off of. I kind of doubt I'd go to this, but who knows. Roon on the QX-5 was amazing though.
  11. What do you use Moode for now? Shairplay would be useful for me, although there are other solutions for that.
  12. Nope, Roon. I had tried Rune and it never worked properly and was rarely updated. Roon is a much better interface, as I’d expect for that kind of money. Cheap compared to what I have invested in records and CDs over the years or any of my stereo components save the Oppo BDP-205 DVD player. It was nice to go the DIY route, and I was glad to give Tim a donation for his work, but the build process for Moode was just not something I was going to take on when it took four hours and, according to the posts here, failed as often as it succeeded. I was resistant to Roon at first, I mean who wants to spend the money if they don’t have to? But it’s so much easier to use, easier to configure, and works natively on my NAS, my iPad, and my DVD player (and it will also work on the new DAC I just ordered), that it’s worth it. Oh, and I can do multi room using a Raspberry Pi as a bridge, if I want to. Plus it integrates with Tidal seamlessly. Just a win all around. Glad to see the new build of Moode makes it easier to use. I fondly remember my year of using it.
  13. In the meantime, I've been auditioning Roon. Works quite well.
  14. I am using version 3.1 and upgraded my router from an Airport Extreme to a TPLINK AC5400. My Pi is plugged into the same cat 6 switch that the router is plugged into but now I can't use AirPlay over the router. I can see the Pi via it's IP number but not via moode.local or via AirPlay. Something must be blocking it in the router. Any thoughts?
  15. Wow yes if it would be possible to have recently added albums that would be fantastic.
  16. Ha. I think it looks great. Have you seen it in real life? Plus just tuck it somewhere and it's barely visible.
  17. As I mentioned in the other thread (shouldn't we have stuck to one?), I compared it to my BDP-95, which is often considered better than the 105 (is there any change in audio to the 105D beyond DSD? I stopped keeping up) and the Codex blew it out of the water. So that's surprising. The same goes for the W4S DAC-2 (including the DSDse model), which is also a ESS 9018 DAC. For all the attention the 9018 has received over the years, I'd and been waiting for something to outperform it and the Codex did that handily. I found the ESS 9018 lacking in resolution and clarity while also having a distinct digital feel, being less musical. I'll also add that I auditioned the Ayre QB-9DSD (ESS 9016) and found it to be of marginally better quality than the DAC-2, but not enough to lay down the cash. I did have one Codex which had problems out of the box (a faint clicking sound), so perhaps your unit has some kind of problem. I have also generally found vinyl to outperform digital, but when paired with Moode Audio running on a Raspberry Pi, I finally had to admit that my Codex defeated at least the selection of records that I played on my turntable. Details on my system below. I wonder if to some degree this has something to do with the different characteristics of the varying systems involved.
  18. Interesting. It blew away my Oppo BDP-95, which some think is better than the 105.
  19. I'm afraid I wasn't able to tell the difference with my Ayre Codex on either a 2012 Mac Mini (Audirvana Plus 2) or Raspberry Pi 2 (with Moode) whether or not they played through the USB Regen. We can hear a big difference between the Pi and the Mac Mini, so there are gains to be made in this system.
  20. Interesting. I had my friend Peter over today and we did some comparisons. My Mac Mini sounds BETTER *streaming* through Moode on a Pi with the Hifiberry Digi+ hooked via optical spdif to my Ayre Codex than my Mac Mini sounds using Audirvana Plus and USB Regen. Sharper, clearer, more musical. This is phenomenal. I'm listening to music much more. Next up… can it beat my vinyl setup? Will be interesting to try that…*I still think not, but we'll see.
  21. I would get a Raspberry Pi and install Moode on it. My Mac Mini sounds BETTER *streaming* through Moode hooked via optical spdif to my Ayre Codex than my Mac Mini sounds using Audirvana Plus and USB Regen. Sharper, clearer, more musical. Now if you still want the Mac Mini, that's another story and I'm keeping mine to run Roon, but just an FYI.
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