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  1. Are there any markings in the case saying it is SR7?
  2. For option 2, I would replace OM with ER. If what Alex says is true on the power supply of ER, one doesn’t need to buy an expensive LPS for ER. However, a lot of reports say OM improves with better LPS. So the total cost is actually cheaper for ER. Second, the technology is much more sophisticated for ER. That’s what I’m going to do.
  3. I thought OR only works with 1 Gbit? Or OR requires 1Gbit transceiver, the actual network speed does not matter?
  4. Intersting. Is Mean Well SMPS a power conditioner? I can understand the Mean Well SMPS is a well designed power supply and won’t introduces noises. But the video actually seems to imply that it actually reduces noises! If this is true, it would be the cheapest power conditioner in the planet.
  5. A quick question. Is there any sound penalty if I stack two UltraSupply on top of each other?
  6. Can I use UltraSupply to power OM? What is the advantage of this power supply over UltraSupply to power OM? I am looking for a PS for OM. If this new PS is better than UltraSupply, I rather wait.
  7. Can someone recommend a good quality router? Although I am going to get Uptone Audio Etheregen, still want some recommendations of router which is reliable and will not harm the audio.
  8. Alex, have you tested whether there are benefits using two EtherRegens in series?
  9. If I connect ultraRendu to MSB Pro USB, can ultraRendu provide 2W to power it?
  10. I think there is an optical version of Signature Rendu SE in the pipeline which will accept optical network input. I really like to have one box solution. Is it possible to have Signature Rendu SE version that will accept Ethernet input but with Ethernet to optical built inside the same case?
  11. Sounds good. I hate spaghetti mess.
  12. Why can he cut the queue? I thought every cancelled ordered which then subsequently taken up will be put at the back of the queue?
  13. Will your conclusions be different if you still have SOTM switch? SOTM switch maybe able to reduce the importance of server.
  14. Thanks Romaz for the excellent post. It seems to me like coming back to a full circle separating server and renderer into two machines. We have to give credit to Sonore and especially @barrows. They all from day one keep emphasizing putting server far away from renderer. That is also what I have been doing from day one. I will never consider putting a server near my hifi equipments. My power server is in my study room and far far away from my listening room.
  15. Where is the debate? I don't see anyone from Chord or Rob who know the best how WTA works join the debate.
  16. No. But M-Scaler never pretends to offer any user interface. From day 1, it means only hardware. Anyway, I concur auricgoldfinger, your HQP interface sucks big time. I gave up your software long term ago because of sound quality and user interface.
  17. Can I ask how do you check? You got Blu2 or Dave?
  18. I totally agree when one consider multi platforms support. There are myriad computer configurations. Chord is a very small company. They really struggle to meet the demand. I only got my Blu2 after one year I placed the order. I consider the demand of MScaler is even much higher. There is really no reason for Chord to produce any software version of MScaler. I don’t think it is true that software + computer is cheaper than MScaler. Consider one may need to address the noise problems from computers. Adding all the costs, Mscaler maybe cheaper and it definitely looks much better.
  19. My home is using three phases. I also put audio circuit in different phases from computer.
  20. Very disappointing. I bought it on the hope of USB output. But anyway, can dCS put some energy of solving gapless issue with Jriver? Can dCS disclose more on the new features planned for NB?
  21. I use Jriver. UltraRendu and SOTM 200 Ultra don't have gapless issue with Jriver. Very frustrating.
  22. Has the gapless issue been fixed in DLNA? I have bought NB recently and can’t get gapless working properly.
  23. http://www.my-hiend.com/vbb/showthread.php?12108-2018年德國慕尼黑High-End音響展實況報導-Munich-High-End-Show/page19 post 183
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