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  1. I am finally getting somewhere. Needed a hard reset as the "ACT" light was solid red for a few minutes but reboot worked. RPi is definitely not Plug n Play! Yes, Shanti 3A being used. I will check that Moode is updated.
  2. Voltage selector on Shanti is correct. By flash Moode, do you mean reboot or download a fresh copy of Moode to the microSD card? If it is the latter, exactly which version of Moode do I use (I have never done this, using the microSD card Allo supplied with Moode already installed).
  3. I have now tried another hard reboot, this time connected to a different TV as the screen. Same result, wall of text with 4 raspberries at top left, scrolls down and then the screen goes completely black and unresponsive. On all occasions my DAC is connected and it shows "DSD512" on its display whenever the USBridge Sig is powered up. It is only when I turn the Shanti off that the DAC display changes to "----" which is what it shows when it does not see any digital input connected eg USB direct from laptop.
  4. Tried a hard reboot and got a wall of text on the left of the screen. As the wall of text is scrolling it goes completely blank before I can interact with it. Waited 10 minutes but nothing, screen totally black and unresponsive. Other inputs to screen working as normal.
  5. Received my USBridge Sig/Shanti days ago but with holiday and work just getting it set up now. Probably me missing something obvious but I am having problems. Dac, TV via HDMI, ethernet, keyboard and mouse connected. Switch on Shanti and see the green light on the front is solid, red flashes sometimes but nothing on the screen. Moode pre-installed on SD card. Is my SD card corrupted?
  6. I did not realise that #scan80269 offered a modification service. I will try and contact him and find out my options.
  7. Hi, This is my first post on CA. I have read this thread from the beginning and have seen no mention of this modified SU-1: https://www.magnahifi.com/en/webshop/product/singxer-magnafied-edition-su-1-digital-xmos-usb-audio-bridge-dsd512 Magna are based in The Netherlands (I am in the UK). I wonder if anyone has heard it or has any thoughts on the components used in the modification eg they use a Tentlabs discrete voltage regulator for the clocks and LT3042 for the PSU? There is an image on the linked page that shows what they change. When talk
  8. Hi, This is my first post here so I will start with a big "thank you" for the collective knowledge developing here; it's very useful for someone building a computer-based audio system. On to the reason for this post. There is an editorial on www.ultraaudio.com by Jeff Fritz, the writer of TWBAS ("The World's Best Audio System") articles, in which he says that using a Weiss Minerva with a Mac is giving him the best digital music he has ever heard, bar none. His opinion only but nonetheless it is praise indeed when you look at the equipment he has reviewed, most of which is way, way be
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