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  1. ...valuable recommendation. I also use AllMusic too.
  2. Most certainly more than happy. Although part of the “elderly people” club, I never ever thought that the N10 upgrade can still make that difference (re listening experience). It`s really easy to use and rock solid too. “There might always be a way better”, but perhaps – at least for the time being – I`ve arrived.
  3. With e.g. Mp3tag (freeware) you can very flexible change your metadata as described.
  4. ...I got it. Even out of the box the N10 upgrade is really a significant improvement in SQ. It kept me awake long after midnight. During the first hours (after installation) my wife wanted to listen her favorites too. Now, she is very much in favor of this upgrade as well. The overall installation in the network and the cloning of my X100 music library went very well. It has been proven to stay in the aurender family. No negative surprises, no new learning curve, valuable upgrade path etc.
  5. ...I couldn`t resist .....just bought a N10. After comparing my X100 extensively with a N10 in my changed setup again the overall N10 presentation was much better than expected. No blind test was necessary, the improvements (blackness, neutrality, micro details, quietness at low level signals etc) have been realized within seconds. Setup: 1. X100 à Devialet 220pro (USB input) à Piega Coax 90.2 2. N10 à Devialet 220pro (SPDIF input) à Piega Coax 90.2 3. N10 à Devialet 220pro (USB input) à Piega Coax 90.2 All output levels have been adjusted to ~ 0.1 dB (at 1 kHz) Setup 2 was slightly better than 3. It seems the reclocking technic involved provides cleaner “signal purity”. But who knows? Is the upgrade worth the extra amount of many? For me and even for my “very old” ears, yes. Now, looking forward to the installation by end of next week….. Manfred
  6. +1 ..... especially if you have excellent recorded and mastered music as well.
  7. …you got it! Yes, I was very close to upgrade my X100 toward a N10… but on the other hand I realized (based on some listening tests at home) that there was an urgent “need” to change the amplifier first. In the end, the Devialet 220pro was the best fit compared to the existing and other setups. Results: - current setup enabled a new experience of my music collection - reduced # of boxes and associated cabling
  8. New Setup: aurender X100, Devialet 220pro, Technisat SAT Receiver, Piega Coax 90.2 from: to:
  9. thanks for the update. Lets hope it works w/o additional turnaround time by sending it back to the factory.
  10. ... updated my X100 and iPad with new releases and everything works fine so far. Just noticed that the new "internet radio" function seems to enable better SQ than via airplay at same 320 Kbps radio stations (i.e.: http://stream.psychomed.gr/webstream baroque.html ). For me as background music just ok.
  11. +1 @ Taxman "Mp3tag" (as example) is commonly used as convenient sorting tool.
  12. +1 To my knowledge Roon provides a different user experience (vs conductor). May be Roon addresses a very specific customer base. The aurender SW updates are free of charge and completely managed by aurender. For many good reasons I prefer such a one hand offering. Optimization (HW/SW) and overall support of the system is much easier. Ok, there is always a way better…but keeping the SW complexity in line with state of the art UI and current/expected stability should always be priority #1. “Fitness for use” could be the name of the game….
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