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  1. Dear Ray, thanks so much for this excellent review. I moved from SGMS to EVO and the to extreme and the improvement that I hear is not small. can I ask you what version of hqplayer are you using? Is it worth upgrading to 4 as I only have 3 in the context of extreme server? thanks Arthur
  2. Hi EuroDriver, Would you advice the SMGS to upgrade to Room 1.3? Any problem you have noticed after upgrading?
  3. I use the converter only for measurement. I normally just play via Pure Music with my Mac Mini. But I heard someone on Acourate forum using ULN-8 under window environment via parallels
  4. Dear Mark, Yes, the main problem with ULN-8 is that it is not yet windows compatible. I am actually using a USB-AES converter and the ULN-8 is configured to have AES input and output only. The new 3d card should make it easier. Have you seen the pictures in German FB page?
  5. Hi EuroDriver, The next best thing is to use PCI-E SSD. It should be easier these days with mother board supporting the M.2 standard using NVMExpress. The Samsung 950Pro has this offer. It goes through northbridge and directly in communication with the CPU, just like the RAM
  6. Hi EuroDriver, Thank you for bring this product out in the market. I started "computer as source" since the Squeezebox 1 generation, then migrated to footer and play. Been building my own PC and compile Linux RT. After over 10 years of searching, I think I have come to the right place. I auditioned the SGMS over the weekend in Hong Kong with Ben Lau. The flow of music really surprised me and I really enjoy the session. On top of that the use of Roon makes the whole selection of music and reading about the album/artist enjoyable. BTW, you must have received my order for one by now!
  7. I have been trying to find an answer on the internet but I cannot get a definite answer so hopefully I can get some info here. I am running my current system with active digital Xo and everything is run at 2496. While I know that Aries cannot resample, can the server that feeds Aries allow resampling? The minimserver does not seem to offer this option, the Jriver has resampling only with direct out. The best bet is LMS (Logitech media server) but I am not sure if Aries supports LMS, not officially anyway.
  8. Thanks so much for your kind feedback. Will lookup on the spec on various option and report back!
  9. Hi, While I understand that the main purpose of Pipeline is to serve music and hence a server board is chosen (only VGA output). While I use JRMC, I would also like to use if for video play back as well (about 20% of the time). I wonder if it is a good idea to use the same spec and add a video card or should I just get a mother board with HDMI out?
  10. Many say that the SRC used by iTunes internally are no good and so the need for using external SRC. But there are 2 algorithm and one of them are excellent Mastering for iTunes (translated by Alexey Lukin) / Saturday Mastering The issue is, how do we know which one is working ?
  11. It seems that there is a professional version called P8 as well, with AES out Smyth Realiser P8 | lesonmulticanal
  12. I cannot agree with you more! I have been using Acourate for over 7 years and cannot live without it! Once you have a chance, rip out the passive XO in your speaker and run Accourate enabled active XO, you will be surprised how much further improvement you can achieve!
  13. Dear John, I have installed your package. Thanks. Then I tried to install AcourateConvolver which is a convolution program to run my soundcard with FIR filters. But I got a error message about "WMI-service" Can I ask you is WMi service stopped by your script? Yours ackcheng
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