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    Allo Sparky USBridge

    I can only play 44.1 files all other rates just static noise. I just received this Usbrige it is on 6.1 I have rebooted from the dietpi webpage. I’m using roon
  2. Price drop $1100.00 local pickup at zip code 21144. Thanks
  3. I'm dropping the price to $1250.00 and will deliver up to 100 miles
  4. For Sale Gallo Reference3 speaker pair. I do not have the original boxes but do have the documentation showing serial #, date of manufacture, and final test signature. This is the first generation Gallo speakers with the adjustable 3 way -2db,0, and +2db switch on the back of the speakers. The base of the speaker is the Natural Maple. I also have the speaker covers. Speakers and covers are in excellent shape. The speakers are local pickup only zip code 21144 between Washington DC and Baltimore Md. Price $1350.00
  5. gocubs42

    Sonore microRendu

    Well deserved
  6. gocubs42

    Sonicorbiter - RoonReady output mode

    Didn't have any luck still in the same situation with the power down instructions
  7. gocubs42

    Sonicorbiter - RoonReady output mode

    Jesus, I purchased Roon today. Previously I did the two week trial when I purchased the SonicOrbiter SE. Loved the product. But today when i purchased Roon, and update took place (I sure that is according to plan) and I did an update to the SE. Soon does not see the SE, from Settings/ Audio page within Roon. I posted this on Roon. Wanted to keep you in the loop and ask if you have any ideas. Also I do not see Sharepoint in the Audio App Switcher. I also am attaching a log file from Roon Ready diagnostics in the SE RoonReady Diagnostic information BACK to Menu
  8. gocubs42

    Sonore Sonicorbiter SE - discontinued

    I sold the Aries,I was frusrated with DS and connectivity issues, and how Tidal was displayed. This was in the early days, could be better now. SQ wise since I don't have the Aires I can't compare, but I do like the SQ of the SE.
  9. gocubs42

    Sonore Sonicorbiter SE - discontinued

    Received my Sonore SonicOrbiter SE yesterday afternoon. This is basically plug and play, rock solid performance. In the past, I had the Touch, the Squeezebox Classic, the first Orbiter, an Aries, the PS Audio Bridge I and still have the Bridge II.By the way I’m a big fan of the BridgeII. Bottom line connectivity/startup surpasses or matches in performance turn-up with these products. My DAC is the PS Audio Directstream and I connect the SE via USB. I’m trying out Roon, also so I used the Roon Ready feature in the SE, no issues at all. Sound Quality is outstanding. I confess, to the fact I don’t have golden ears, but I do like what I hear from the SE. The price is right, performance is great, many Output Modes and great support if needed.
  10. gocubs42

    Sonore Sonicorbiter SE - discontinued

    I ordered one, feature rich, such a small footprint, and with great support, if needed. Can't wait to receive the SE.
  11. gocubs42

    Holiday Cheer

    Count me in Love to try the Regen
  12. For sale Auralic Aries Extreme bridge streamer. This is the higher end version with linear power supply and Femto clocks. It is only four months old. It sounds great, but I've decided to go in another direction and would rather someone else enjoy it. All original boxes, including shipping box. It cost $1599.00, but I'm looking for $1200.00 to the lower 48. I will accept Paypal and buyer pays shipping. Please PM if interested