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  1. It seems obvious that this new design is somehow derived from the research and development department that contributed to the creation of the recent Esoteric hi-end DAC. There are also similarities about bulk pet technology, which seems to be used only by Teac (Esoteric) and Luxman. Do you know if there's any connection/collaboration ?
  2. It was just announced the new flagship Teac UD-701N USB DAC, which is also a Network player an analog preamplifier and a headphone amplifier. In-house discrete delta sigma DAC sounds very promising! Regards, Giuseppe Teac ud-701n
  3. My C2700 is back from service and DA2 firmware is now 4.017 !!! DSD now works like a charm with Mac OS and Linux (SOtM SMS200). Kudos Mcintosh!
  4. I agree with you. In the board also it is printed "Copyright (C) 2015".
  5. Thanks for the clarification, it wasn't clear for me at first glance. By the way, from the Benchmark web site, this is what the claim: "The DAC3 B is the ideal converter to use in front of Benchmark's HPA4 headphone amplifier or LA4 line amplifier. It is also ideal for many professional studio applications. It delivers the full performance of the flagship DAC3 HGC, but eliminates the volume control, the analog inputs, the mute and polarity controls, and the headphone amplifier. "
  6. 24/192, 100% noise free (input 4) Input 3 is less stable and good that 4, don't ask me why. Optical is nearly at the same level than input 4. These tests were performed using my SMS200 feeding my modded Singxer SU1 coax out to DAC3B
  7. I have found the DAC3B sounds at its best (more transparent) through coax, USB is a bit veiled comparig the coax. I sold my benchmark because I think it's getting a little old in terms of features, I still think it's a show sonically.
  8. There is no sonical differences between 3B and HGC, just features.
  9. Ciao Mark, I don't think the 1.03 VS 1.04 make any difference, but the DA2 V4.03 is affected by some issues of decoding DSD files in DoP format with Mac OS or linux. All is working fine with PC and ASIO. Unfortunatelly the only way to update is to send the unit back to a service center. Mine will leave on Monday. If you are not interested in DSD decoding no reason to worry about. Be well, Giuseppe
  10. DA2 is an internal DAC, not suppose to replace high-end source. As I said before, it has similar performance thant the Benchmark DAC3B (which is sold for 1700$) but supports more hires formats like DXD and DSD512. The DA2 also accepts DSD stream from SACD transport like MCT80. If you whant a source that is on pair with the rest of the system look at the MCD-600 or D-1100
  11. The promise is real. DA2 module is already available as an optional upgrade for MA9000, MA8900, MA7200, MA5300, MAC7200, C49 (with DA1 installed). Mcintosh (as industry size) looks not comparable to Vinnie Rossi, I say this with respect.
  12. I think Mcintosh should have called 4.13 not 4.013, but it's clear that 4.013 comes out after 4.04 I find DA2 to be of a very good DAC; as good as my Benchmark DAC3B, that I have sold after the comparision. Can you please comment on the difference between DA2 and Holo May KTE DAC? Now that both are supporting DSD 🙂
  13. Latest C2700 firmware is 1.04, could you please check that isn't a typing error? So you confirm that DA2 firmware 4.013 play DSD DoP files and show DSDxxx on the display, right? Thanks a lot, your comment was very valuable for me. Regards, Giuseppe
  14. I have the issue even with a native DSD64 file, without any upsampling. Now I'm doing some test with JRiver on my Mac laptop. But I think the problem is the firmware and the solution is to ship the unit to the service point.
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