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  1. We've got the beat . . . When I saw the Gogos play this on SNL, it was like these girls had said, "Hey, let's start a band!" So they started to learn how to play guitar and drums and one month later they had a record. my baby does the hanky panky . . . sounds like my band back in ninth grade
  2. I loved his music. The notes from his harmonica beautifully displayed every emotion. Toots, a big thank you from me too.
  3. Perhaps you know this already, but you can listen to the whole selection, not just the snippet, on the eclassical site. After the 30 second snippet is done, just click on the play icon on the bar that shows the snippet progress, and it will play 30 seconds more, and so on. You can also move the bar to go to anywhere in the selection. Besides the prices, the selection, and the deal of the day, that's another thing I like about eclassical. Thanks for your words of warning about the Italian. That matches my impression of listening to the snippets.
  4. I would like to listen to "Cabrera plays Debussy." Thanks!
  5. I've been following this and the other thread on vibration and doing some searching on my own. I came across this site: Ingress Engineered Products I just ordered a set ($90 with shipping). I'll let you guys know when it arrives. Currently I use 12" innertubes (just because the size fits nicely with the other things--I might go larger later), topped by 3/4" plywood. On top of this I've placed a IKEA bamboo butcher block (aptitlig--17x14x1 1/4"--$14.99). On top of this, I use three valab isolators (sold on ebay--el cheapos but they make my components sound better). These are under my mac mini and under my nad 51 dac. I'll experiment with replacing the valabs when the ingress isolators come in. I'm surprised though that I haven't come across the aptitlig usage in the CA threads They're mentioned on other sites. The butcher blocks work really well and they're rather inexpensive.
  6. I'll buy it if you don't mind shipping it to Hawaii. Thanks. Nealson
  7. nealsons

    No Sound!

    I had/have the same problem. I had been using A+ for about two years and didn't have any problems except on the first day using it. I couldn't get any sound. But after many tries, it started working and didn't fail until the other day. I wanted to try amarra; however, my initial trial with it wasn't working. The sound was coming from my mac mini's internal speakers. No matter if I clicked on the dac's icon (NAD m51) in the sound preference, it just wouldn't work. I tried switiching to A+, but the same thing happened. As you said, the computer would revert back to the built in output (in my case sometimes the hdmi output). Wanting to make sure that my other components were okay, I played a dvd (the audio outputs of a sony dvd player are connected to the dac) and there was sound, so my components were okay. Then I went back to the mini and A+ and it worked, although the system output of the mini was showing the built in icon activated. Go figure. The next day, I was going to try amarra again, so I fired up the mini. When I heard the start up sound coming from the internal speakers of the mini, I knew I was going to have the problem again. I couldn't get sound from my speakers no matter what I did. I finally tried itunes (which I hate) and it worked. I then switched to A+ and it worked. I don't know if I'll have any problems today. If i do, I'll play itunes first (it may serve as a kick start) and see if that works.
  8. Aloha David, I remembered I cried the first time I heard the Previn/Rachmaninoff 2, which was about 30 years ago. I borrowed the record from the library and it has been my favorite Rachmaninoff 2 since. I also like the Beethoven 5/Kleiber--in fact, I have the 24/88 download. But where did you get the 24/96 studio masters for both of these excellent recordings? Maybe they're not available in the US. Thanks, Nealsons
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