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  1. I have a question that is likely already asked and answered, but I'll shoot anyway. I'm backing up my 11TBs of data from 3 internal drives to a bunch of 2TB external USB drives. How much free space should I leave on each drive to be safe and not over stuff a drive? I know leaving some space unused is desirable, but not sure how much.
  2. Very nice to know, thanks for follow up.
  3. Two Jr. members heard an improvement, no further comments, no answers at all. Nothing really worth linking to imo. I use JRiver, and heard no improvement when I moved up to vers. 23. It sounds fine to me anyway.
  4. Quad is a mixing technique. It is found on many different format discs. When it is found on SACD, or a lossless format like DVD-A and BluRay it blows DTS outta the water. DTS is just a (lossy) deliver system, and not a mixing choice.
  5. For every pink-pong so-called "gimmick" there are several wonderful well thought out quad mixes found on SACD lovingly transferred from 70's recordings. Many listeners prefer Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and Tull's Aqualung in their original quad mixes over the more recent 5.1 mixed album. These vintage quadraphonic mixes are but a few of the hundreds that have been resurrected in the modern era on SACD, BluRay, or DVD. Audio Fidelity was issuing many until they decided on closing up shop, as it seems Dutton - Vocallion in the UK have stepped up in their place with many audiophile grade quad titles on SACD. With so many folks owning home theater and surround audio systems in this day and age, it was a no-brainer to get at least some of these classic vintage 4.0 mixes out there in a good format that works. The record companies seem to have come to a conclusion about releasing surround music, and that is adding to to a big DELUXE box set, helps the bottom line more than a standalone product will. (See recent Beatles, Hendrix, Lennon sets) It's really not at all over for quadraphonic & 5.1 surround for music listening.
  6. When I am playing multichannel files from DSF in JRiver 23 I get a popup warning screen that this file canoont play with current settinhgs, and would I like to convert this file to 96hz/64 so it can be played. After I agree and let it change settings, the file now plays but it's not hear in rear/surround speakers at all. When I go and change the output channels selection to 5.1 my 4.0 and 5.1 dsf music is now heard like it is intended. Interesting thing is my other stereo music files also play fine (by my ears I think) from FLAC. But my DTS encoded CDs like Ohio Players - Fire, and the McCartney / Wings do not play but instead you hear the loud snow of undecoded DTS. I can go back to my channels settings and select "Source Number of Channels" and bingo, my DTS is coming through perfectly again (thank you). In the DSP > Output Format > Channels selection pulldown menu there is among other settings: 1. - Source Number of Channels 6. - 5.1 Channels So I can accept that for dsf and surround in particular I am going to have to go into settings and change the settings from "Source Number of Channels" and later I must switch back (to to "5.1 Channels") if I have a DTS file I want to hear. I take it that this setting of 5.1 Channels which works on those dsf files, but does not play DTS is not giving me bit transparent playback. And in fact (I believe) anytime DTS is giving you white snow rather than decoding, you are not getting bit transparent or perfect sound to your DAC. Is this true, and so I should not leave my JRiver MC in "5.1 Channels" in the Channels output settings if I want top sound out of stereo FLAC? It's doing a re-write of the file (thus DTS is no longer pure) is what I think but not sure.
  7. My JRiver install went smoothly and seems perfect thus far. It was nice to see the player setting WASAPI/HDMI from the output menu, I selected it and bingo bit-transparent sound flowed out to my Oppo 103, and to receiver. I am using the DAC in the Oppo to decode 5.1 and output it to my AVR in analog. I am going over all my tags and doing touch-ups, as some things look different with a modern ver. of the software. I'll be paying within 17 days. Thanks for responding, appreciated.
  8. Well, if you have JRiver outputting through HDMI, then likely there is a black or blank video signal paired with the audio to make it work. It is being done and is common. One of the more comon reasons is to utlize the multi-chan DAC in an Oppo player. Oppos, later models anyway, do accept input from computer servers, they will decode every format just about including DSD or dsf files, and send out analog signals to receivers that do not have HDMI, nor USB for that matter. I have researched this arrangement for several years now. It works.
  9. I have several years of experience with an old "free" version of the JRiver sw. So I should be able to get it up and running fairly quickly. I recall many hours spent originally in an effort to get bit-perfect output from toslink optical. This time I am going HDMI with a card added just for that mode, as computer does not have it on board. I am praying it's not hours again trying to get it to play. I am waiting for it to arrive in the mail, sent from same city. Thank you for the reply. I am reading the JR forums as well gathering up tips on each step.
  10. Yes, these are the exact things I have in mind, 16Gs of ram first, 10Tbs in external case, and SSD coming much later. Is Fidelizer pro the new optimizer on the scene? The hip new kid on the block, as I recall there was another one that got lots of great ink in this forum.
  11. Thank you Keith for reply. The Oppo is the 103 model. And I have friends who are pumping several formats of digital through HDMI and having the Oppo decode it flawlessly. DSD or dsf, flac, stereo and multi-channel decodes wonderfully. This is an area I am not in doubt about. The outboard DAC is going to cost a fortune if it must decode multi-channel streams (which is the point of the Oppo 103). My concern was using any other software known to be in conflic with JRiver or servers in general. And while SS drives are going to be quieter, what would the cost of 10Tbs be in SS drive models? No don't answer that one. I know I cannot afford it. I don't think you understand my goals so far as FLAC and DSD MC, and cost considerations for using the 10Tbs of HDD space. This thread and post was more about what software I should not put on this system (if any) due to known conflicts. Rather than why an Oppo is not a good multi-chan DAC option or why standard disc drives are unacceptable for 10Tbs of data.
  12. Hi, I am putting together a PC server with plans to use a later version of JRiver to start it with. I have several other computers which have been turned into music servers but this is the first time that I am going to be serving to an Oppo via HDMI rather than TosLink to a receiver's DAC. I want the multi-channel decoding of the Oppo's DAC. This is also the first time using Windows 10 and a more modern computer. I bought 2 HDDs = 10Tbs for this computer, and have several 2Tbs USB drives I was previously using. The data will be moved to the new drives once I get an external enclosure. My question is, is there anything I should not do before downloading JRiver and beginning setting up the software to output through HDMI? Like installing Google Chrome, is that a bad idea to begin with? Do I need an ASIO driver or does Win 10 take care of all the issues with that now? Any advise to help me avoid common mistakes would be appreciated. This is the used computer I just got for this project. Dell Optiplex SFF 7010 Intel (R) core (TM) i5-3740 CPU @ 3.20 GHz 3.00 GHz ,( 3.70 Ghz Turbo Boost) 6 GB ram (max 16 GB) 250 GB hard drive Installed Intel (R) HD Graphics video card with vga and hdmi out genuine Win 10 PRO
  13. Well then it really depends on the set you are ripping, and you don't actually totally disagree do you. But the main point is to use control c and control v, copy and paste as much data as possible, especially on multi-disc set where you want it uniform. Even if you did not comment on that main point, I am sure you agree 100% there.
  14. Sorry about the typos all over my previous post in regards to getting the tagging correct. I'm on a cell phone. Anyway, one thing a person should be very good at before attempting a large rip and tag project / collection is the understanding of the select, copy, and paste function in Windows. That is Control c and Control v after selecting the text you wish to copy. Control a for copying all, or just select one name or title. For a 2, 3, or 4 disc set, one needs to copy the title of the set and add the disc # after the title. If you paste that title in with control v and add the - 1 after, then you save a lot of typing. This should not have to be explained, but for those that do not know these keyboard shortcuts, it can wear you out doing so much typing when you can quickly copy and paste the correct info into the fields much faster with a quick Control c and v. Sometimes, or often the correct names of artist or conductor is there in the fields, but it is in the wrong fields. So fixing this with quick copy and paste is fairly easy. Anyway, it's worth getting it right the first time and feels great when you are done. I also keep a scanner handy and scan cd covers for those that do not show up, so all albums at the end have covers, correct covers.
  15. You need to get the tagging situation straightened out in dBpoweramp so all tags are there and folders for each album are named right. But my main suggestion is to use three computer going at the same time to get through the process quicker. There is no automatic was to rip discs and have the tags come out perfect and consistent especially with classical. Some of the date will be written in all caps, sometimes composer will be written as artist, other times the conductor will be artist - unless you fix it before burning, and correct caps, etc. There is a lot of bad tag data in the databases that you want to have corrected first. Use three computers to get it moving quality.
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