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  1. Well either way, I won't be shipping the unit back to holland and I would not want a DIY install of the clocks to I guess I'll have to live without them. Not sure what the pricing is either.
  2. If you have the older streamer (I believe that is what I traded in on the 2.16) you will be in for a shock moving to the 2.16. It is a lot better.
  3. Speaking of nice systems. This is my 5.2 setup. All vivid speakers. Nothing I owned before (including more expensive stuff) comes close to it. Streamer took things up a notch or two. Electronics are all PS audio. P20 power is sitting behind the rack. 3x Directstream for MCH duties.
  4. Sorry I missed this for a day. If I understand the architecture over I2S correctly, upgrading clocks at the source does not benefit sound because the clocking is not used. I could be wrong. You could ask Ted @ PS audio to validate this. No doubt folks on the forum can weigh in as well.
  5. Pink Faun just installed windows on it for me. It is not the standard configuration.
  6. I just took possession of my new top of the line Pink Faun 2.16 server, and it is an absolute revelation. I had been using their earlier model for a few years and while it worked fine, I was never in love with it - it did not blow the earlier multi media servers I had been using out of the water. To be honest, I had not experienced step change improvements between any of the servers I have been using for a decade. Then I traded it in for the 2.16 and this is an entirely different animal. Nothing in the CAPS evolution can hold a candle to it. Separation between instruments, air around the instr
  7. I have been using Jriver for years, never had a problem. Today, the program started crashing (non response - windows shutdown). Audio files are working OK. I am running v22 and Windows 10, using motherboard HDMI for video output. Any suggestion what could be the problem? It may be the computer hardware. Jriver v20 now has the same problem. I posted on Jriver forum as well.
  8. I have two Oppo's 103s on my network, and they always both worked fine with Jriver / Jremote. Mysteriously, one of the two stopped showing up as a redendering device in Jriver / Jremote. I tried rebooting server, router etc. No joy. On the Oppo that does not show up in Jriver, the server running JRiver / DLNA does show up as a music library, so I can play music, but I need to use my Oppo navigation on the TV screen, and can no longer control my library using Jremote. I assume it is a Jriver issue, not an Oppo issue. Any suggestions how I can troubleshoot / fix this?
  9. Thanks. That looks promising. I'll makes sure memory playback has been disabled.
  10. Just did. Will check if buffer size increase will solve the problem. I was using 100ms.
  11. I am using a stack of 3 x 2 channel DAC. My soundcard outputs 3 x I2S.
  12. Are you converting DSD (SACD rips) on the fly like me? I don't have a problem playing native MCH Flacs (96/24). What buffer setting are you using?
  13. every 5 minutes or so I get a ever so brief skip playing multi channel DSD converted to PCM in Jriver. I am also using Dirac, so plenty processing going on, but should be easy workload for my CPU. I don't have the problem playing Blu Ray rips, or any other MCH or 2 channel content. Any suggestions what could be the problem? My be a Jriver setting I could change (buffer?). I'm running Jriver 20. Could upgrading to 21 potentially solve the problem?
  14. edorr

    Need Jriver help

    Ted, you're the man. It worked.
  15. I successfully merged and migrated my libraries - thanks to the Jriver experts in the house. I have another question. I have one customized library view, that I am seeing on Jremote, I have added it using Jriver setting: Options -> Media Network -> Advanced -> Customize view for Gizmo and WebGizmo -> Add -> Library ITem From Standard View I just created a second customized library view and added it to the customized WebGizmo view (and deleted one other item), but the new view is not showing in Jriver, and the deleted view still shows. Any suggestions what may be
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