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  1. Alright. My understanding of the moat idea is sketchy at best. Im thinking about buying a Mutec Clock. It has its own, internal LPS so it would be plugged into my power conditioner. Does the following sketch break the moat in the ER that is connected to my Nucleus and Linn DSM? Red=power, Green=network/clock connections
  2. Which Mutec do you have and what do you think of it? Sound quality of Mutec vs Cybershaft?
  3. Thank you John. That’s a perfect explanation. I had somehow missed that that the clock was on Side B. I do really appreciate the thought that went into including the external clock connection. Both because it allows for the possibility of better sound quality -and- because it allows people like me to experiment and enjoy geeking out as part of the hobby.
  4. This is why I get confused :). You are suggesting I put the Nucleus and the OpticalModule on the same SR7?
  5. I'll admit to being a little fuzzy on the idea of the 'moat' and specifically about 'shorting the moat.' I have two Paul Hynes SR7t two-rail LPS powering my back end music system. See quick diagram below: The black squares are my components. The red brackets are the two LPS and the components they power. Am I shorting the moat? Michael
  6. Yes, it’s super expensive and I doubt I’ll ever have it my system -but- I was curious why it was almost ignored.
  7. Can I assume that the reason I don’t see the Mutec Ref 10 se120 mentioned much is because of its price. It seems to tick all of the boxes. Square, 75ohms, isolated outputs, very low phase noise (if I’m reading the charts right - the only knowledge I have of clocks is from this thread). Or is there something I am missing?
  8. Thanks R1200CL. Are you another person with hifi and motorcycles as main passions? So this comes from the idea that a sine wave with lower phase numbers has better SQ (in conjunction with the ER) than a square with higher phase numbers?
  9. Am I correct in stating that the only AD clock that uses square wave is In the Queen Square Wave? I so, is that likely to change in the future? I’d like to try this out but I don’t want to use filters.
  10. Are you the proprietor on Ctronic? Are there similar discounts on the other models? If I wanted a higher end model?
  11. Is the dealer you refer to here called Ctronic Audio Labs? If so, are the prices on the website 20% off or do you need to contact them about this? If not, who is the US dealer?
  12. +1 for Discogs. If you buy stuff through Discogs, I believe this is an option to auto add it to your list.
  13. So you vote for spades then.Your explanation make sense.
  14. Thank you 1 1/2. Not being handy with much of anything, I don't quite understand your answer. Yes, 10 gauge on an US style furutech receptacle. Here is a bit of material from Furutechs website. Check out the last two images. The outlet accommodates spades or bare wire. It looks like it accepts bare wire up to 8 gauge. I don't understand why Furutech says this on their website... (seems to me bare wire would be a superior connection to spades) "- Furutech spade terminal FP-209 recommended for 10 AWG wire" ...a
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