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  1. So you vote for spades then.Your explanation make sense.
  2. Thank you 1 1/2. Not being handy with much of anything, I don't quite understand your answer. Yes, 10 gauge on an US style furutech receptacle. Here is a bit of material from Furutechs website. Check out the last two images. The outlet accommodates spades or bare wire. It looks like it accepts bare wire up to 8 gauge. I don't understand why Furutech says this on their website... (seems to me bare wire would be a superior connection to spades) "- Furutech spade terminal FP-209 recommended for 10 AWG wire" ...and what other people who own the outlet did in their install. Michael
  3. For those of you who 1. have installed Furutech GTX NCF outlets 2. are using 10 gauge wire Did you purchase and use the Furutech spades to connect power to the outlet. Furutechs website and several other sites ‘recommend’ using the spades with 10 gauge wire. However, no one I have talked to has used the spades. The outlets do have a place for the spades to connect. thanks, Michael
  4. Not exactly. The decision influences the purchase of the power cord from the LPS to the component. (I’ll edit the 1st post). edit: I guess I can’t edit the first post...
  5. With a friend, I was discussing whether to put his one remaining LPS (Paul Hynes SR7) connection on his switch (etherregen) or his NAS (QNAP). I don't have a strong opinion. Since the Etherregen is supposed to isolate the end point from electrical noise etc, I thought the NAS may be a better choice. What are your opinions?
  6. Thank you gmgraves, sandyk, fas42 No, I have not updated the wiring inside my components. I don’t plan to. Gmgraves, fas42: Are you asserting that improving wiring before the component does not make much difference since the wiring in the component is usually very limited in its capacities.
  7. My ‘computer,’ a Roon Nucleus is powered by a linear power supply.
  8. Thanks SandyK. Your posts are always so thoughtful and informative. I’m with you on making the whole power chain as high quality as possible. I use Transparent Reference and XL power cords to get from the Outlet and power conditioner to my LPS. AudiophileNeuroscience: Thank you. I have dedicated, larger gauge power lines. All computer gear is connected to Paul Hynes LPS. I have that covered.
  9. If you are a skeptic of tweaks like upgraded outlets, then no need to keep reading I have read in many places (including this forum) that upgrading AC outlets on the front end of a system (streamer, amp, etc) can have a positive effect on sound quality. What I haven’t seen discussed is the effect of these outlets on music servers (Roon Nucleus), switches, NAS and other parts of the ‘computer side.’ Have any of you tried outlets such as the Furutech NCF, etc on their music servers, etc? If so, to what effect?
  10. I don’t play from the cloud or want to. I backup my 4.6TB music collection with iDrive. I chose them because my monthly upload capacity is limited, I didn’t want to wait weeks or months for a full backup and, more importantly, they will send you a hard drive that is used to seed your backup. Put another way, I copied my music collection to the drive they sent me, sent it back and voila, I have a backup in the cloud that I can add to. Backblaze is cheaper. I use it for my photographs. I started with a small backup so seeding wasn’t issue.
  11. This is my setup: Internet (cable) > Apple Airport Router > 1 > Home theater setup 2 > Sonore Optical module (isolation And for streaming and control) > EtherREGEN > Qnap SilentNAS (251?) > Roon Nucleus+ > EtherREGEN > Linn Klimax DSM Best setup so far.
  12. I’ve had three Linn DSMs. Used Kazoo and Minimserver (however it’s spelled). Now use Roon and will never ever go back. Great sounding server and a much better Ux. Setup is a breeze (and I ain’t Too technical. michael
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