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  1. I realized that I can't thank you very much to everyone
  2. Sorry, will the static ips of the pc and tablet be the same ? I have very little knowledge of these issues
  3. my purpose is: Can I disable network services with AO and improve the sound quality, but then can I control jplay femto with my remote device samsung tablet?
  4. Hem pc hem de uzaktan kumanda tabletini statik hale getirecek mi? I use router and samsung tablet Tablet wi-fi , pc with ethernet cable
  5. will he make both pc and remote control tablet ip static?
  6. Thanks. I'm using a single pc with jplayfemto If I close network services with AO Can I control jplayfemto with my tablet ( music library usb external hdd)
  7. Can single pc network services be disable ?
  8. How do you connect the tablet to the control when you completely close the network services I assume you use jplay femto
  9. How to install How to install Feature-on-Demand (FOD) in windows server 2019 core ? Could you please explain step by step as simple
  10. OS: 2019 windows server standart core DAC/DDC: ifi audio micro idsd black label Driver/Version:3.2 Need to press F8:N0 Player: JPlayFemto KS working:yes WASAPI working:yes Needed HD Audio Driver:no
  11. I tried Wasapi with jplayfemto. Obviously I really liked the first time I tried it. There's bit more analog sound. Maybe it was psychological, but it was like a more layered soundstage I'm set to 45, in 1000 hz not working Beautiful sound quality Dac & amp ifi micro idsd black label Sennheiser HD 800 Windows Server 2019 Standard Eval Core Mode
  12. Is in Windows Server 2019 Core with AO3 beta there no KS(kernel streaming) possible at the moment ? I could not run it personally
  13. five activations less, please get 6 . I do not use now AO. I'm a frequent change of equipment, so I'm a victim
  14. satbaba

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Thank you so much. Fidelizer 8.3 works very nicely with Jplayfemto.
  15. satbaba

    Fidelizer 8.0

    I only use Fidelizer 8.2 as a tweak. System iFi micro dsd blac label + Sennheiser HD800 + Windows 10 Pro and Audirvana plus windows. I convert music tracks to dsd 256 with audirvana. To my ear; I was very pleased with the sound quality. Very clear, balanced frequency response and deep bass. Soundstage is very good lifelike. I listen to it for hours and it never gives me any tiredness. Thanks, Keetakawee Punpeng
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