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  1. I’ve never owned any Linn but the times I have demo’ed them, they’ve been fantastic. Happy to see them introducing this line. Looks very exciting!
  2. I loved my MA1 when I had it. What about the newly announced MA3? - looks like a winner to me!
  3. I think you’ll get the most change in the direction you’re looking for by changing your DAC. The Mojo is an impressive device - I had one. The Hugo2 is better if you still want portable. If you want a warmer or less “irritating(?)” sound you might want to move away from Chord, however. They’re very clear and precise but I can’t listen for too long through my Utopias and Hugo2 even on the softest filter.
  4. Very interesting product - I haven’t seen something quite like this before. Thanks for sharing!
  5. My point is that this is solving a problem I simply don’t have. I don’t know anyone else that has a problem that is solved by a $25k 8-input analog preamp. I need a high quality volume control and I have 2 sources. One that is digital and itself has a variety of digital inputs, and my ARC phono pre has 2 inputs. I simply don’t see the value in paying $25k for a volume control and 6-7 extra inputs plus taking up unnecessary rack space when the dollars can be used more wisely somewhere else. The innovation and market catch-up I refer to and suggest to Ayre in my original post
  6. I love Ayre and I particularly enjoy my VX-R/Twenty amp, however for less cost, I decided to pass on the KX-R/Twenty Preamp in favor of upgrading my MSB Premier DAC to an MSB Reference DAC with the optional preamp constant impedance passive volume control. It also includes analog inputs so completely negates the need for an external preamp as my only other source is a turntable. Hoping that Ayre releases some newer and innovative high end components that compete with this or surprise us in other ways. A great volume control is *necessary* but the KX-R/Twenty is 6-7 years old or mor
  7. If you’re thinking of dropping money on a new DAC and want electrical isolation, check out an MSB DAC using their ProUSB interface. https://www.msbtechnology.com/accessories/prousb/
  8. I finally got a BACCH-SP and am loving it. The system was finally updated to support USB output (rather than just analog or SPDIF). If any other owners have tips or tricks they would like to share, please do so!
  9. Got it! I ran across that thread much later - my first intuition was to go to the Networking section and found those two fairly negative threads within the first two pages. I don't have the bandwidth to regularly check the forums and follow the trends (work and life is very busy), so just coming up for air here a bit and to blow some $ on grounding tweaks like the Nordost QKore and I just ordered this unit thanks to your review! With a QKORE coming, my next question is...should I ground the EtherREGEN to it using a spade to the ground terminal? or should I use an RJ45
  10. I have an HS-453DX, Fanless and works great. Running Roon and can stream to the 5 endpoints in my house in group mode, all in sync. Two 12TB drives in it in RAID-0. I back up to another QNAP NAS which is in RAID 5 and has 4 8TB Drives.
  11. I use a NAS/Computer to stream to an Ethernet Renderer on my MSB DAC. I'm very interested in this product and about to pull the trigger.
  12. To add, I would be very interested in objective measurements of these types of devices by a skilled electrical engineer with an oscilloscope or other testing method like that. A network engineer with a command line prompt is not going to be able to show us relevant testing results for the problems that these devices solve.
  13. Wow Rajiv, Chris, I looked at the past two EtherREGEN threads in the Networking section. They are certainly extreme (in a negative way) for what I’m used to on this site. I’m happy you did this review and that it’s as detailed as possible. I’m in the tech business and have been my whole life. However, I’m an audiophile also. Audio (in the “computer audiophile” context) bridges digital to analog. It’s important to remember that the analog domain is reactive and susceptible to all types of VERY subtle changes in noise, power quality, interference, and other things very certainly meas
  14. I understand your point but my point is that this is price competitive with other products which offer significantly more perceived value. My comments are meant as feedback directly to you, the manufacturer. I have Utopias, so I fit squarely in your target market. However, at this price point and for possibly other would-be purchasers like myself who are going to drop $8,900 on a something for my headphones, I would MUCH rather have the headphone amp section of your unit for half or less of the asking price. This is because digital technology changes so quickly that the digital secti
  15. Super detailed review! Thanks, Rajiv! Anyone have any comparisons/insights as compared to the GigaFOIL v4? I’m not sure if it reclocks, but I think is just a filter? I don’t need a full switch so I feel these are overkill and would furthermore like to retain gigabit throughput for you know, the future, especially if I’m spending more than $500.
  16. What is the MSRP in USD? answering my own question...$8900. No outputs to integrate into a stereo system at this price or the ability to use the DAC on a separate headphone amplifier (if you’re dropping 9k on this, I’d assume you’d have another headphone amp for other “flavors”...like tube), BUT they allow you to have an HDMI ARC option?? And not network connected? At this price and heinous (for the price) connectivity options, I can’t see this selling many.
  17. I do not believe the newer models have selectable filters.
  18. IsoTek EVO3 Nova here. isoTek EVO3 Optimum 20A cable from wall. All Nordost power cables (Brahma, Frey 2) to components. Had an IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius first. It made the first noticeable difference I’d heard from a power conditioning product so I moved up the line. I’d previously tried basic solutions from Running Springs (made sound worse) and then a PS Audio P5 (no noticeable change at all). The IsoTek stuff provided more focus, clarity and better soundstaging. As with everything, system matching is important, these things are subjective, and YMMV.
  19. Congrats on the Premier! I’ve had mine a couple months now and love it! Black Premier here with Femto clock upgrade, Renderer and extra power supply.
  20. I’m going to be blunt because I want to help you. “Audiophile Style” is not a creative name. It’s bland and generic. To be specific, in my case, I no longer feel a sense of excitement when I visit the site where I did previously. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed if you changed the name soon either back to Computer Audiophile or something better. I’m sure you can come up with something from the suggestions already made. Change is good. Bad change is not good. This is a bad change (in my opinion as an end consumer of your content).
  21. Hey all, I’m super interested in the BACCH system and heard it at the Capital Audiofest in November in DC. Anyone else running BACCH4Mac or an -SP or other? The effects were amazing although I suspect all the demo tracks were binaural recordings. Which leads me to my question: how much and what type of effect does it have on normal stereo music?
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