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  1. I do not believe the newer models have selectable filters.
  2. IsoTek EVO3 Nova here. isoTek EVO3 Optimum 20A cable from wall. All Nordost power cables (Brahma, Frey 2) to components. Had an IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius first. It made the first noticeable difference I’d heard from a power conditioning product so I moved up the line. I’d previously tried basic solutions from Running Springs (made sound worse) and then a PS Audio P5 (no noticeable change at all). The IsoTek stuff provided more focus, clarity and better soundstaging. As with everything, system matching is important, these things are subjective, and YMMV.
  3. Congrats on the Premier! I’ve had mine a couple months now and love it! Black Premier here with Femto clock upgrade, Renderer and extra power supply.
  4. I’m going to be blunt because I want to help you. “Audiophile Style” is not a creative name. It’s bland and generic. To be specific, in my case, I no longer feel a sense of excitement when I visit the site where I did previously. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed if you changed the name soon either back to Computer Audiophile or something better. I’m sure you can come up with something from the suggestions already made. Change is good. Bad change is not good. This is a bad change (in my opinion as an end consumer of your content).
  5. Hey all, I’m super interested in the BACCH system and heard it at the Capital Audiofest in November in DC. Anyone else running BACCH4Mac or an -SP or other? The effects were amazing although I suspect all the demo tracks were binaural recordings. Which leads me to my question: how much and what type of effect does it have on normal stereo music?
  6. Any other latest gen MSB owners out there on CA? I know mintakax has a Discrete, I just got a Premier.
  7. Re: Super Clock: I'm curious about the clock and processor, as well. I'm going to make an educated guess here and say that only the DAC (and maybe the processor) could utilize the clock - you can barely see what looks like a word clock input in the lower center rear of the DAC, but I do not see a clock input on the Aries G2 in the pic at all. Maybe it's just a pre-production unit and the real one will have it...or not?
  8. Awesome, I'll probably buy it...but...I dropped $100 on the Chord leather case for my Mojo - what am I supposed to do with that? Doesn't look like it will work with this?
  9. Just saw the announcement email come through on my way home. To try it out quickly, I plugged my Chord Mojo and HD800 combo into my Mac Mini. Looks like the higher bitrates come through just fine and I am leaving software MQA decoding on. It sounds fantastic and I'm really pleased. Can't wait until they allow the mobile apps and hardware devices like my Aries to stream this stuff! Awesome!
  10. Yes, I'll buy the new phone. Lack of headphone jack is not a big deal. I don't use it anyways. I use BT headphones for casual / gym use and a Chord Mojo for serious listening from the phone.
  11. Does the Mini really not have Roon support?? Is this a design/price point decision or is this support planned for sometime in the future? I have an Aries with the LPS and love it, but I'd like to add some more "zones" and would like them to have Roon support for the future.... I'd really like to NOT spend 1200 bucks on each of these since they aren't my main system. Can anyone shed some light here? If the hardware is capable, maybe this feature can be added or made to be an "pay to unlock" feature in the future?
  12. Hey Ted, all... I have a ton of SACS ISO rips and JRiver works great at organizing these for me. I can use JRemote to play these through my phone or even a remote instance of JRiver on a PC hooked up to my DAC via USB to play the files natively with DSD though my Meitner DAC. When I direct LDS to access the JRiver library, all my FLAC and hi Rez PCM tracks play fine, but the DSD tracks do not play. I would think that since it is coming from JRiver as a DLNA library, that it would work anyways. All of the albums and tracks are enumerated properly. What am I missing or is for some reason this scenario not supported? If hate to have to extract all the DSD/DSF files from all the ISO tracks since JRiver has support to enumerate the files within the ISOs just fine. It would take me days to reorganize everything and consume a few more terabytes on my array to do this and I'm trying to avoid that.
  13. One question - around naming of the device. Where/how can I customize the name if I want to call it something other than NetAudio?
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