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  1. 'go back where you came from'? Really? I've been a member since 2010. And just for the record. None of my posts have been personal attacks.
  2. Hi John, if possible can you also add an IBRA Cat7 ethernet cable as well as (based on lmitche's experience), the Gotham Audio cable he used? I'm sure some of us would be willing to send you samples if needed, since excellent results have been reported from all three.
  3. That's a hell of a strawman. I was 'doing' this tweak before it showed up here. Glad you got great results. Maybe you could have had better results. We won't know. Enjoy.
  4. Ok, well I was hoping at some point there would be attempts made to really compare and hashout cable choices and construction to get to the heart of this, but it's become more like a Choose Your Own Adventure and already stalling out. Too bad. This line of inquiry had real promise. Hopefully Swenson/Superdad will pursue this.
  5. It just says DC cables being used as DC, network for network, and that you've already converted a bunch of DC to Gotham. So it sounds like you're just using the Supra for ethernet?
  6. I meant in general. I have no idea what the specific specs are for either of those. Two LTs in series would only need ~2V drop.
  7. Excellent. Thanks! Re: LT3045, it's worth using two in series for improved performance.
  8. John Swenson Shield Guidelines "PS. For people not aware about the JSSG loop it is is simply a cable shield that is not connected to any of the plugs. Instead there is a drain wire loop that runs along the shield." - H/T Cornan Unfortunately, I can't find Swenson's original post/statement, so I'm not sure what else it involves.
  9. Did you compare the Supra directly to the Gotham? Maybe I missed that post.
  10. Yes, using an SD Card player pays big dividends with sound quality for the cost - especially once modded. Downside is the card readers are usually cheap and a little flimsy, and they have 32gb limitations. On ebay they are called 'Digital turntables' and that's pretty accurate in terms of inconvenience. But if that's not a deal-breaker and you have some basic soldering skills (to replace clocks and improve power supply), they sound really really good. Anyway, that's a bit off-topic isn't it?
  11. Wha? That doesn't even... Look. Metallica is not on Tidal. So I can't listen to Metallica lossless there. I can't listen to them lossless on Google. Deezer? Maybe, haven't checked. People talk about Tidal, but Deezer's not looking very reliable either financing-wise. So I can 'just download' them from magic ether place where all things wait for me, right? Where is that?... Oh, the Metallica website. Hmmm, my options sure seem to be thinning... but then, websites last forever, right? And that's just Metallica. And where can I stream the movie Truly, Madly, Deeply? Oh, right. I can't. I can pay $130 for the DVD though. I feel like I'm on head-fi.
  12. That's a whole lot of assumptions in those two sentences. Your music may not be my music.
  13. Really? I thought the model was to get enough subscribers and a brand presence large enough to get bought out for $$$$.
  14. There you go. And this applies to movies as well. Soooo many people hypnotized by convenience technology, they don't stop to think about the finite nature of rights, licensing, and yes, service. I am slowly stockpiling CDs because they cost only a few bucks now. Soon they will go through a resurgence, especially as titles go out of print or licensed to a specific service. We all know how this story goes, but we whistle past the graveyard.
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