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  1. Please do me a favor and show me what the settings would look like in the "Device Settings" panel of my HQPlayer to do what you suggest. I would very much like to give this a go, but am a bit ignorant to some of the terminology and settings here. Thanks for your patience. Lance
  2. Yep, Well I did search and found nothing directly relating to my inquiry. Probably because every one else figured it out. The setup was just foreign enough to me to cause a bit of confusion. Thank you very much for fixing this for me. I am very grateful. Lance
  3. I just purchased HQPlayer and really likes the way it sounds. However I am baffled. I want to allow my music to play unaltered at it's stock resolution most of the time. But, In the "Device Settings", on the PCM Defaults column (left side), the SAMPLE RATE (/ Limit) Box does not have a bypass setting. So, if I set the sample rate selection to 96 KHZ, then ALL of my music plays at this rate and displays as such on the read out of my Auralic Vega DAC. It does not matter that I am playing a music selection recorded at 192 KHZ, it still registers playing back at 96. I really a lot hope
  4. I have had "0" functionality issues with the 2.1.1 latest Audirvarna version, but, It SOUNDS almost as if it were playing all music Out Of Phase when compared with my previous versions. The Focus and Presence of the music is quite degraded. Oddly the latest version "2.1.1" version has found an added many, many pieces of music that Were NOT found or ADDED to my last versions of Audirvarna. But, now that I have looked more thoroughly, all of this music IS on my attached external Hard Drive! This is really messed up. I have been an Audirvarna devotee for years, but have had to put up
  5. I definately feel empathy for your situation. I waited 8 months to have my QB9 upgraded to DSD. And I am in florida USA. I got frustrated and now have an Auralic Vega, Metrum Hex and my Ayre QB9-DSD on hand. Lance A.
  6. Yep, clean AC is a BIG deal! I have the Biggest Adept Response TSSD 12 conditioner powering all of my equipment accept the Mac-Mini. The Mac-Mini is plugged into it's own seperate Adept Response ARTS2 power conditioner to assure absolute seperation from all other components. And I have recently added the MOJO external Power supply to my Mac-Mini, replacing the internal switching supply. The sonic upgrade was/is remarkable. That done, The frequent higher resolution music drop outs remains constant. And I agree, the EXACT Clock setting of the Vega DAC make this DAC the ONLY digital com
  7. That is it! That is what I have been trying to hear about. If I filter through various forum sites and posted reviews of the Auralic Vega DAC, I read of many owners using Apple computers, many Mac-Mini's with their Vega DAC's via it's EXACT clock setting. I have NEVER read one of these reviews that had music drop out issues beyond once every four hours or so. But, now that I have one of these Vega DACs, a MAC-Mini and tons of drop outs via the EXACT clock setting, WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE? I have posted asking for their advice on several forums with almost "0" feedback. Were these
  8. Nope, not likely the reason for the difference in drop out between our two Apple based setups. My computer's processor is a bit more powerful than yours, yet you claim to have very little drop out issues. It's gotta be something else. "As I mentioned above, power more than likely."
  9. Thanks a lot for your reply. It is quite a confusing issue as you use an Apple computer that is no more powerful than mine and I have used several different high quality USB cables and yet you have VERY FEW drop outs using "EXACT" setting. I continue to have to fight with my system to stop these drop outs with almost every song beyond cd quality. What IS THE DIFFERENCE? Lance A.
  10. jtwrace, I am very much aware of Auralics' "current" opinions concerning the use of the Vega's "EXACT" Clock setting. Just for discissions sake I am including a paragragh from one of the Vega's first public reviews. This was/is available in the 6MOONS Archives review of the Auralic Vega DAC. " By using the Femto master clock, we also added clock options, a very important function. As the machine warms up, we can enable the additional 'fine' and 'exact' levels for clocking precision in the menu. This can create huge sonic improvements particularly over USB. Over the past few months
  11. I am new to posting on this great site. I am thinking that there are MANY Auralic Vega DAC owner/Users facing very annoying music drop outs while utilizing the Vega's "EXACT" Clock setting and listening to higher resolution music files, me to. I am NOT expecting a complete elimination of these drop outs, but, I am hoping that some on this forum have discovered methods/ways to lessen their Auralic Vega's "EXACT" Clock setting music drop outs. My Computer/Server: Late 2010 Mac-Mini. Solid State internal HD Fir
  12. I am also quite pleased with the improved sound quality of 1.5.9 and And I applaud Damien for finding further sonic improvements with the latest two upgrades. However, I must point out that it has been quite some time and MANY uprades since Audirvana has sounded as good as it did months before. I agree that a modest upgrade fee would be a good and fair idea IF each upgrade could be trusted to NOT take a sonic step in the wrong direction. Time will tell and if all proceeds nicely, then sign me up to pay extra. Lance A.
  13. It took from release etc... all the way to 1.59 to re-gain the sonic musical "rightness" that set Audirvana apart from ALL other player softwares. Damien, what ever you did to aquire the current sonic quality, please make it your new base-line. Thanks a bunch. Lance A.
  14. I realize that I am new to this site and as with most established Forums there are several dominant members/participants who's opinions are the Loudest and Most frequent. This does not always make then correct. I have spent the past several weeks listening to almost every version of Audirvana from the past year up to and including the present. I really hate performing this kind of tedious evaluating as it has a tendency to impede and lessen the enjoyment of the listening experience. As a reviewer I try to avoid this much back to back to back to back etc........... evaluation of upraded
  15. Alex, Your suggestion for Damian is spot on, Thank you. Lance A
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