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  1. Phil, Found the cause! long story tough... after all was installed and working i wanted to install fidelizer but i received a message that fidelizer was not installed on this machine or something like that and gave me a new code to send. after few emails with Keetakawee i then realized that i wanted to install it with my USB2LAN adapter which wasn't the hardware that fidelizer was activated with. i changed back to the on board LAN card and installed the fidelizer, rebooted and then reverted back to the USB2LAN adapter and then the issues started. i connected back the RJ45 to the on board lan and everything is working fine with AOShell & Fidelizer, but i cant change back to the adapter...
  2. Phil, the same. Only the cursor shows up and i set it up again. When i choose restore default shell i get the minimized desktop even after reboot. But if i choose again the AOshell i get blackscreen with cursor only
  3. I did twice the AO shell and after reboot i got only the cursor. The fidelizer is in purist mode and start the roon media app. I will check again
  4. Hi Phil, I changed shell today to your shell and after reboot your shell is not displayed. After reboot the fidelizer 8.3 also strat up and loads the roon server. Can someone test it and verify on server 2019 core std?
  5. Here you go Phil: OS: Windows Server 2019 Core (Data center / STD) DAC/DDC: PSAudio Driver/Version: 1.6 1 Need to press F8: No Player: Roon Server KS working: Yes WASAPI working: Yes Needed HD Audio Driver: Yes thank you again Phil
  6. i downloaded from Microsoft MVLS the Windows server 2019, on that iso when you install you can choose between DC & STD in core or GUI version and its the latest version "SW_DVD9_Win_Server_STD_CORE_2019_64Bit_English_DC_STD_MLF_X21-96581.ISO"
  7. Not Sure yet to tell you the truth, i need to listen a bit more. try it also if you can... one thing i can tell that made difference for me is to move from an on-board Ethernet to a USB 2 Ethernet adapter. i dont have a special SoTM network card because of lack of space in my HDPLEX case but because i had an issue in the beginning installing the on board lan i purchased the adapter and i was quite amazed with the difference. i also read this: http://www.runeaudio.com/forum/usb-to-ethernet-adapter-better-sound-than-ethernet-t3595.html
  8. Hi Peter, i also thought so. i started with 2019 data center and yesterday i installed STD version. still not clear to me...i also heard differences but i am not 100 percent sure because i played with process lasso. anyway, according to the version comparison here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/get-started-19/editions-comparison-19 theirs shouldn't be any difference, they are identical except hyper-v option and few non related items.
  9. Hi Again, GATO i will use your structure for the flow - hope its OK Success with AO3 / b35: the Sound is amazing! i had many issues before with my PS Audio driver and it is now solved!! The following procedure works for my system: WindowsCore 2019 / PS Audio DAC / Roon Server/ Fidelizer 8.3 / Jplay Classic 7 / Process Lasso: Install Windows Server Core 2019 Install FOD Sconfig option 6 Download ans install Updates: All Install AO and reboot Install other drivers but not the Audio ones, on my case the MB Ethernet Card Run ao/tools/ao -wasapi Reboot with pressing F8 -> disabling driver signature Service_tool and install Hd Audio driver, allow all red windows, exit Reboot normal (without F8) Install PS Audio DAC Driver Install Jplay / Roon Server Install Process Lasso Verify via devmgmt.msc that the audio drivers are installed correctly Start Audiophile_core • U ultimate mode • 4 signature • D digital filter • N Kernel-Streaming and MediaPlayer support - already instlled WASAPI after FOD • E HPET • Y disable/remove Windows Defender • D SEHOP • Y WASAPI / MMCSS • Y Disable SCSI • A Do not turn off display • E USB optimization • Y Disable drivers and services • Y Disable Plug and play • Y Disable AMD CPU/SATA Drivers • Y Disable Remote Desktop services • Y Disable Remote Management services • N use of USBPAL • Y Defrag/Trim SSD Reboot Fidelizer 8.3 and let it load RoonServer Reboot Start Process Lasso and set it up Restore Roon backup All the restart that you see here are very fast since we are using SSD drive so it is not an issue. some commands to install FOD that i used: Mounting the FOD iso(Change the drive letter accordingly): Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath "D:\Audio\SW_DVD9_NTRL_Win_Svr_FOD_App_Compat_2019_64Bit_MultiLang_X21-91284.ISO" Installing the FOD: DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:"ServerCore.AppCompatibility~~~~" /Source:D: /LimitAccess Phil, thank you for your time solving users issues with dedication and with real solutions, i know its not always easy so thank you! Nir
  10. Hi, Just installed a fresh core 2019 AO3/35 and FOD like the steps written above. everything worked flawlessly. thank you Phil !! to everyone that uses Roon Server and have a huge amount of music stored, keep your Roon backup scheduled in order not to waist time scanning again. FYI - on beta 34 i used Core 2019 DataCenter and non beta 35 i installed Core 2019 STD. not sure yet but i think that the DataCenter sounds even better....
  11. Btw - i noticed that the sound while i am connected to the usb 2 ethernet adapter is much more realistic and sound stage is fuller than the onboard NIC...hope i am not dreaming this
  12. Good news on my end 😃 installed new SSD drive and did the following after struggling a bit: installed Server 2019 DataCenter Core installed USB 2 Ethernet adapter installed AO3 beta 34 installed PSAudio DAC driver using Driver helper installed Jplay Classic version 7 installed roon Server installed Fidelizer 8.3 pro I ran AO in Ultimate mode Nothing worked!! my DAC drivers and Jplay wasnt showing on Roon Than: Downloaded Server FOD iso mounted the ISO and ran DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:"ServerCore.AppCompatibility~~~~" /Source:drive_letter_of_mounted_ISO: /LimitAccess i than ran AO -WASAPI to inject the WASAPI voila - all is working fine. the Audio devices appeared in Roon finally Enjoing my PrimaLuna KT150 tube amp along with a nice set of brodmann speakers cheers
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