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  1. I purchased the Zenith from the original owner who ripped all his music direct. He told me that there are only two file options, FLAC and WAV for the Zenith. I can understand how he was confused about file compatibility. He never transferred any files into this Zenith. After reading the Innuos file compatibility specs it sure appears that imported AIFF files should work fine. Another Innuos owner confirmed this evening that my imported AIFF files will not be converted. Thanks for the help.
  2. Oh, that’s great news! I had that completely wrong. I was wondering why Innuos wouldn’t support other file formats. I thought I had to choose one or the other when I import files and that the Zenith would, based on my import selection convert the files to either FLAC or WAV. Thank you so much for clearing that up.
  3. I don’t want to get into which file sounds better but I want to get my file converted. closest to my native AIFF files. Unfortunately I cannot copy my files over in their native AIFF format. I understand that WAV is the closest file type to AIFF. I’ve heard rumors that newer servers can reach out and grab metadata now for WAV files, at least artwork artist and song information. But I’m not sure the Innuos will do that. Is there anybody at imported wave files in to the Zenith and found album art etc attached? I guess if the AIFF & FLAC file size are the same I could at least try it.
  4. Unfortunately I cannot copy my files over in their native AIFF format. Innuos only runs FLAC and WAV and it converts to one of those when you import your files. I’ve heard rumors that new servers can reach out and grab metadata now for WAV files, at least artwork artist and song information. But I’m not sure will do that. I guess if the AIFF & FLAC file size are the same I could at least try it.
  5. I just picked a used Zenith MKII SE last week. The Zenith converts incoming files with a choice of FLAC or WAV. Now I’m thinking about if I should import my AIFF files to the Zenith as WAV. WAV files are very similar to my existing AIFF files as they are totally uncompressed. I know that AIFF and WAV files take up more drive space than FLAC. I’ve been reading on the Internet for days trying to find any information that would tell me if WAV files take up the same disk space AIFF? I will not be able to transfer my AIFF files over as WAV unless the file size is the same as AIFF. I already have 1.7 TB of AIFF files to transfer to the Zenith 2TB drives. Anyone compared file size of these two formats?
  6. I just picked a used Zenith MKII SE last week. Now I’m thinking about if I should import my AIFF files to the Zenith as WAV or FLAC. Anyone found an improvement in WAV over FLAC? I guess WAV files take up more drive space. I may not even be able to transfer my files over as WAV as I already have 1.7 TB of AIFF files to transfer to the Zenith. The Innuos manual kind of discourages the use of WAV files.
  7. It’s a little surprising that Innuos will no longer supporting any SE upgrades considering its a product that just cycled two years ago. I would imagine the coming new Innuos OS will still load into the SE, if that’s not the case, there will be some very unhappy SE owners. The new OS is supposed to sound better. If there were some other potential upgrades coming to the Mark III I would be more likey purchase now. I live in a very rural area. The drive to nearest dealer would be a 12 Hour road trip, so not too practical for an audition. I think purchasing a Innuos with out an audition is a pretty safe leap of faith. I’ve read so much about the Innous that I'm confident it would sound better than either the SOtM sMS Ultra or Sonore UltraRenu which are my bench marks I need to eclipse.
  8. Wanted to Buy: Innuos Zenith SE MKII With 2TB storage
  9. The fact that the Zenith SE MK2 was introduced prior the Zenith MK3 and is superior to the MK3 never made much sense to on a performance and marketing strategy. The MK3 could have been as good as the SE and the difference is only a few thousand dollars. It’s a little frustrating that their isn’t a Zenith that sounds as good as the older SE to partner with Phoenix now and the Statement is 6-7 thousand more than a Zenith MK3 and Phoenix combo. I just missed a used SE that sold for $3700 by a day ago.
  10. Wanted: DC cable for UltraRendu GhentAudio or other upgraded option
  11. No, it was penned by John Darko, his actual comment was “Interestingly, the Phoenix pushed the ZENith MKIII’s sound signature further from the Statement’s which, sans Phoenix, offered more sparkle and low-level jump factor”.
  12. I was ready to push the button on a Zenith Mk III and a Phoenix. I’ve kind of paused that after reading John Darko‘s new review on the Phoenix. In the review, he felt the Phoenix brought a positive improvement to the sound with the Zenth MKII SE but when mated with the Zenith MK III he felt there was a softening effect that diminished the resolution in the area of drive and impact. I would anticipate that the Phoenix would reduce a lot of hash and noise. Obviously with more refinement there less grain and harshness, but that did not appear to be what he was describing. Has anybody else experienced I softening of the musical edges with the Phoenix mated to Zenith Mark III?
  13. What is the cost of a DC3 and how /where can one source It?
  14. I’m new to Qobuz, it’s perfect for casual streaming to finding new music. When I’m serious about best sound I go to my music library on the server I have not purchased /downloaded music from Qobuz yet. Are you finding your purchased high res Qobuz down loads files off your server sound better than their high res streaming versions?
  15. This was a lot of help. LMS should work out well. When I had my previous UtraRendu I never explored internet radio options. Internet radio might not sound as good as files off my server, but Radio Paradise is still very listenable.
  16. Guess I can’t hide ignorance of several concepts here apparently available via Sonicorbiter. What is LMS? How do I install the Radio Paradise FLAC streaming plug-in on the UltraRendu? I really like the idea of have control of my Radio Paradise account.
  17. Looking at how your currently configured, the ISO Regen must have benefitted more from the LPS-1.2 than the UltraRendu. Did you upgrade the DC cable on the SGC power supply? It looks like the SGC power supply has a different ID (2.5mm) barrel connection than the UltraRendu’s more standard 2.1mm. Why would SGC incorporate a different less standard size barrel connectors on their ps when it would apparently require a different barrel connectors at each end of their DC cable to power a Rendu?
  18. After trying several one box solutions, I am considering returning back to a UltraRendu especially with the 2.8 software upgrade lending more stability. I have couple hurdles to get past to take me back towards the Sonore. I do half of my listening to Radio Paradise, an Internet based radio site that I am addicted to, it's my go to spot for new music. I’m not sure if this is accessible via the UltraRendu. You can stream Radio Paradise from some devices at full FLAC Quality and other devices it’s its as low as 320. It’s a pretty popular site so I was wondering if any one has been able to access this with some application on the UR? I plan to power it with an Uptone audio Ultracap ps. I’ve heard the DC cable can really improve the sound quality. Could someone please recommend a DC cable to connect them. any help would be appreciated.
  19. The point I was trying to make earlier was that it is painful to spend $20 plus on a Hi-Rez download just to find out your 16/44 CD sounds better. Of course this is not always the case, but happens far too frequently. I’ve purchased too many expensive downloads that ended up sounding like somebody just threw a tarp over my speakers. I’ve often thought that these companies musr get feedback from their customers that this or that release that they’re selling does not sound as good as a CD, but alas many of those crummy sounding downloads stay in their catalog. It’s easy to get involved with the technical aspects, regarding perfect fit rates and which master was sent but the bottom line is, too much of the time what’s purchased doesn’t sound as good as the inferior format. When CDs disappear I will be more dependent on streaming and downloads from companies like Qobuz & HD tracks. I’m hoping to find out that a purchased high res download from Qobuz will sound better than their normal streaming Hi-Rez. I have yet to try that.
  20. I’m strictly a digital guy. Speaking for myself, once CD are not available, it will create void in sourcing what I consider the best digital sound other than SACD. My experience is that the supposed superior Hi-Rez digital downloads to sound inferior to my 16/44 CDs. Aside from a very few hi res digital downloads I’ve purchased, I sit down and listen and say “hey wait a minute, that’s doesn’t sound as good as my CD rip”
  21. I’ve read the very short sonic comparison at the Tweek Geek site. In his comparison he stated: The “Innuos is very musical and rich in tone and image density. It creates a very 3D sounstage and resolves fine detail really well” The Lumin sound is “slightly more forgiving, warmer, softer sound”. I have to take away from this that the Innous, still has a nice tonel balance but is more 3-D and finally detailed. My experience with most, but all HiFi components, labeled as warm, translates into soft, veiled, polite, missing transparency, drive and the urgency that robs excitement. Any else compared Lumin to Innous side-by-side?
  22. I’ve tried the small little renders with the outboard power supplies the USB decrapers connected specialized DC cables etc. My hi-fi system started to resemble like a mad scientist lab. So, I’m seeking a one or maybe two chassis solution. So after a lot of research my digital evolution path sould be either the Lumin or Innous. I would imagine that Lumin and Innous have thier own “house sound” and even aside from sound quality each one has different virtues. The U1 and the U1 mini do not have onboard drives available, that could be a downside. The Innous appears to have a very nice UI and OS with cd ripping and file retagging that’s a really nice option. If anyone could provide a perspective in regards to the “house sound” differences between the Lumin and the Innous, that be really helpful. I’ve looked through so many discussions online but I can’t find folks that have bought one over other and descriptions of why one was preferable over the other. From my rural area, any brick and mortar audio store that would have products to listen to would be a 12 Hour drive and Cov19 has even further complicated the issue of auditioning. I have to make a leap of faith decision, hopefully somewhat thought out. I’m willing to go up to the Innuos Zenith and the Phoenix or the Lumin U1. I’m looking first and foremost for tonal quality, image density transparency and detail, the whole 9 yards. Thanks to anyone who could provide some perspective.
  23. Ok, this is a pretty tough topic, but I’m looking for a Bridge between and my Sonic Transnsport i5 music server/ MinimServer (DLNA server) and my DAC. My three current top of the list potential candidates are: Sonore UltraRendu powered by Uptone audio Ultracap LPS1.2 power supply. SOtM SOtM 200 ultra Neo (special edition) powered by Uptone audio Ultracap LPS1.2 power supply. Lumen U1 mini with S booster power supply. I’m trying to avoid purchasing a pile of boxes. By the time I were to install and fully break in and evaluate all these options, each on it's own merit, any return policy’s would long have expired. Audio opinions vary pretty widely, however, I’m hoping there might be a general consensus out there regarding significant leaps in performance between one of these combinations over the other. In judging these differences assume that I would be cable up each optimally to the archive it’s best sonic performance. I’m most concerned about overall refinement but I’m focused on transparency, image density and tonal balance. Any help would be appreciated.
  24. My goal is to have a stable easy to streamer/server system. If I install MinimServer on the SonicTransporter will MinimServer run along side or simultaneously with Roon?
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