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  1. The AURALiC ARIES G2.1 has been shipping for some time. The G2.1 appears to have incorporated a great deal of new engineering that should reflect in better sound quality. I have yet to see any review or posting regarding sonic improvement from the G2.1 over the G2. Anyone made a direct comparison between 2.0 and 2.1?
  2. I am still interested in Terminator Plus but nearly everyone is companioning the DAC with the Gaia. Did you notice a significant improvement with the Gaia? I have no room for a additional chassis or another AC outlet available in my AC conditioner. The only way I could accommodate a Gaia would be to remove my Innuos Phoenix USB reclocker. The Phoenix USB reclocker provides a subtle improvement where most of the Gaia owners are reporting a night and day level of improvement so that might be something to consider. I would also have to imagine that the clock cables used to connect the Gaia c
  3. My two favorite legacy DACs were the Theta GEN 5 and Mark Levinson 360s and both were chip based. I loved the warm but incredibly resolved character of those DACS, but neither had the USB that I required as I entered computer audio. I’ve been told the Bricasti has a character similar to Mark Levison 30.6 Referance DAC and I imagine that might be even truer today with the new MDx board. The Terminator Plus is appealing due its reputation and the fact that there is simply so much power supply engineering and awesome mass, if I owned it and it aged out to obsolescence it would make one impressiv
  4. I am considering two different DAC upgrades The two DACs I am considering are the Bricasti M1SE with their new MDx board and the Denafrips Terminator Plus. My server/streamer is the Innuos Zenith MKII SE with the Phoenix reclocker. Since I’m committed to USB and I have the Phoenix I would not add the Denafrips clock. I value harmonic decay and warmth but I’m also looking for image density and detail. It’s a long shot, but I was wondering if somebody might have compared these DACS.
  5. Did you ever get your Phoenix sounding right?
  6. I still don’t see any category listings for different resolutions? In dashboard I open my library and all I see are, albums, artist and genres. I’m still learning this server and somethings are still confusing. Would you know if I import my music folders/files using “Quick” if my unsorted improperly tagged albums will still go into quarantine where I can read tag them and place them back in my library? I’m questioning if I have to to choose the regular “import” to get those improperly tag files into quarantine?
  7. I know the Zenith does not display the resolution of a file being played but, somewhere there is a way to break out, access or show the Hi-Rez files that are in the Zenith library, I just can’t seem to find it. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Not sure if this is the correct venue for this question, but this is probably close. I do not use Roon with my Zenith, I only use iPeng. On my iPad display for iPeng the volume control (bottom right side) is fully down and not adjustable, it cannot be raised . On every server and associated GUI the volume controls had to be fully up for the highest resolution. What am I missing here.
  9. Andy Singer nailed it. Of your three choices that’s the one. I worked in the audio industry in the 80s and beyond. Although I never sold the Snells Type As I heard them at CES shows and in customers homes where I was always impressed. That speaker was ahead of its time
  10. Just a heads up, I’ve been told that Synergistic Research will be offering a Orange fuse special in August, buy two orange fuses get the third one for free. I plan to take advantage of that.
  11. Nice rack. I should be careful who I say that to, I could get in trouble. Are you powering a switch with one of your Super 3s? I am very impressed with the huge improvement my Super 3 brought to my EtherRegen. I have switch ahead of the EtherRegen. This switch did improve the sound of my network but it has a cheesy two dollar switching power supply. I’m just curious if I need to go as far up as a Super 3 on a switch ahead of EtherRegen or buy less expensive linear supply. Any thoughts?
  12. Hmm....With all due respect, you are disagreeing on the premise that my personal experience using different materials and methodology that you admit you’ve had no real hands-on time with can’t possibly compare and must introduce colorations compared to your personal experience with Stillpoints. Sounds to me these these are personal experiences that neither of us really have enough information or facts to create an opinion on other than I have a box of have a box of Stillpoints in my closet and it’s very unlikely that have a large variety of wood blocks. I understand pride of owner
  13. I’ve tried tons of exotic second mortgage level footers and it was always a hit or miss because these footer companies can’t possibly take into account all the different audio chassises plus how the interior components react to resonance and stored mechcanical energy within their chassises. There are simply too many variables for a footer to be a “one size fits all” solution. I have been tuning my Audio chassis and cables with wood for 20 years and I’ve had great success. Mike Vans Evers, a Stereo Times writer and audio industry guy as well as the late Charles Hanson both started telling me
  14. I’m assuming when you say local FLAC, you mean your own music files off your hard drives and that they sound the same as streaming from Tidal?
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