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  1. I’ve used Hypex amps for many years and managed to get hold of a couple of the NC500s to build a couple of mono amps, using Nord input buffers. I loved tghe idea I could tune the sound based on which op amps i used. needless to say and without any engineering knowledge I’ve found them to be the most natural amps I’ve heard for less then £4K. powering a pair of B&W 805d3 I’ve never been happier
  2. Many thanks both, and particularly jonniema Many thanks both and JonnieMa in particular. Comprehensive answer. bypass has several attractions for both ROON and AV, but I noticed did something odd with the Eq when playing back DSD. I’ll go have a play, and let you know how I get
  3. Can anyone enlighten me as the difference between the digital and anologue volume controls and why you’d use one rather the other? Ive a ROON end point playing to the USB port and an AV amp into the line ins, if that matters. I’d love to find a way to balance the volume between the two sources as I risk blowing my ear drums if I switch between line in and usb, without reducing the volume . many thanks
  4. Hi I’m interested in a PS for my new Mytek Brooklyn Dac+ Can you supply such a think. In in the UK
  5. I recently bought a USB bridge installed with Volumio. Sadly DSD 256 doesn't seem supported with my Teac, whereas using a R3 with ropieee works fine. I'd like to try dietpi but in trying to boot with a normal SD card have noticed that the card seems to be bypassed during boot. In fact you don't need the card in the Sparky at all, as far as i can see. It gets worse as by carrying out a factory reset i've lost visabilty of the bridge from the sparky. There's some instructions on line of how to flash a emmc card with DietPi, but assumes you have a emmc card
  6. An update i found my way into the os, but think I need to change the boot sequence to be able to load diatpi instead of volumio
  7. I might have bricked my USB Bridge ! Help My USB Bridge arrived Mon, with Volumio. However I couldn't get playback onto my Teac UD-503 at DSD 256 so thought I'd simply reboot with a Dietpi image and run roon from that. Firstly despite having no card in the sparky it rebooted into Volumio. So I though I'd do a factory reset with a dietpi image on a SD. Same again only this time I've lost access to the posh USB card and am only offered the HDMI port for output. So questions How do get the sparky to recognise the Allo. I suspect I need to boot i
  8. Thanks all. New Brooklyn DAC+ ordered. Now to work out how to fill my time until it arrives Monday
  9. Thanks all for the replies. The liberty won’t work for me as I use the DAC as a pre amp. Though a proper pre might be slightly better, I also have a large av amp, so putting something else in the chain makes no sense to me. The av outputs to the DAC. For music I stream via ROON and Ropieee straight into my Teac then out into my Hypex amp then into two beautiful B&W 805d3s. but don’t get me started on cables. My cabinet is a mess of cheapo but and pieces. The Brooklyn is the start of me trying to match to the B&W 805s
  10. Many thanks, though I’m surprised an LMPS is considered only maki g a shuttle difference. My reading is that it’s hardly worth getting one unless you get the LMPS. Snake oil perhaps ?
  11. Morning all im upgrading my trusty Teac UD-503 for a Brooklyn and have the opportunity to buy either a perfect DAC or new DAC +. The difference in price would allow me to buy a decent power supply. Could anyone advise me? I use the Teac as a Pre Amp, hence the choice of the Brooklyn.
  12. Well I got it working , sort of. As you say multiroom, with Qobuz and Tidal support. I'm struggling to get my USB Dac working with openhome though, so i can't really check out the Qobuz Hi Res. I used the Linn tool running on my Ipad as the controller Shame it doesn't support Spotify though.
  13. Agreed It's such a neat solution I almost feel like offering a build & configure service to CA users here in the Uk. £60 and a ifi power supply ! It deserves some support. I'd love to have someone compare it to a MicroRendu !
  14. @Cebolla, this would indeed be a good solution. Roon for my own collection and until they sort out a relationship with Qobuz, openhome for spotify and to try out Sublime + . My yearly subscription runs out in 10 days. i'll go play.
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