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  1. I really loved MOG and my Favorites list. Beats sucks big time. I like listening to the whole album the way the artists intended.
  2. How high can you hear? Did you mean can you hear when you are high?
  3. Yes please. Venture Audio speakers w/ Hegel amp. Burmester and also Wadia. Thanks
  4. ^Stay with your Audio Logic. Jerry Ozment was a genius, and tubes no less. Can I get a "amen!"
  5. Very nice German made cable. Great price too, thanks.
  6. Top on the left hand corner on this site ^: Wadia. http://www.whathifi.com/review/s7i http://www.theaudiobeat.com/equipment/wadia_s7i.htm
  7. Check out the review at hifi-advice.com This guy seems to be a straight shooter.
  8. Thy are not as popular as some because the do not have a strong dealer/high retail base. They assume the customer places value and quality above, "My gear costs more than yours, therefore, mine is better." winky-wink.
  9. I am sorry, but all of a sudden this thread has become rather (for lack of a better word) boring. Please, no offense to Barry.
  10. I listened to Barry's streaming recordings. Once again (not to sound like a broken record), I can understand how the lower res might sound inferior or bad to some people. But to me on my system, it seems you are trying to count how many angles are on a pin head.We are talking about very small increments, and frankly, I would rather have/get better speakers, than trying to squeeze the last drop out of the toothpaste.
  11. "Why on earth not, if you want to?" I am all in favor of spending, believe me! What I ment it is kind of silly in the grand scheme of things (Dafur, etc..) to spend so much money on toys when it could go to feed the poor and unfortunate in this day and age, personaly speaking for myself. Do I feel quilty? Sometimes. Do I still spend? Ubetcha.
  12. While awaiting his new Focal Stella speakers, and a stack Mark Levinson HT/Hi-Fi gear, I convinced my friend to hook up hi $48,000 Nordost Odin speaker cables to his little B&W studio/office speakers. They are connected to a Marantz receiver and 65" Runco plasma. The sound shocked me how much it was an improvement over his stock office cables. $48,000 worth of an improvement? Well that depends on the person's perceived value. I don't read or hear about people who spend $100-200K on cars being ridiculed (not where I live that is). There really is no argument in favor of spending a lot of d
  13. GreaseMonkey-I am not a fan of MP3, by any stretch of the imagination. But, (you can for free) please try the first song from the soundtrack, "Oh Brother Where Art Thou". I think for MP3 at 320, it is fairly decent sounding. edit: Sorry, I meant from MOG
  14. "Do they actually think they know more than these professionals who have invested a lifetime of training into their respective fields? Do they think musicians say to themselves, “let’s make a sucky recording?” " 1) should read, "a lifetime of training into maximizing their profits". 2) sucky recordings by cutting corners to save money
  15. I am getting the idea from reading here, the less expensive the system, and the lower the quality of the recordings, the more hi-res is important. I guess with mid-fi, one needs to max. out those dollars not in better equipment, but more bits and resolution. I am all for high-res, but please, on $200 DACS and $500 speakers? Now, there is nothing wrong with mid-fi, but I see where hi-res tries to make it up, for some.
  16. "same goes with risetime and bandwidth. Although your loudspeakers are heavily limited in high frequency extension, "I" still can distinguish between CD and hi-rez." Fixed.
  17. "Thanks - very high accolades indeed. I am getting the WyWire and have the db Audio Essential so when I get things set up properly I will do an AB comparison." Did I miss this comparo? I am looking into the Litespeed usb cable.
  18. Do you think as Leonardo got older, he added more resolution/paint strokes to his paintings, to make them more realistic?
  19. NAD is now marketing their new DAC, the M51 with 35-bit, 844 kHz. Go get 'em guys!
  20. I truly feel there are many members here who have not heard a state of the art CD play back system. I am not saying it is the best playback by any means, but really, some act here like hi-res is more important that the hi-fi systems, or the recording quality.
  21. ""PS/ I don't have nothing against the CD media (I have a lot that I love), but if it can be improved. Why not?"" I agree 100%! But, increasing the resolution must be acknowledged as only a brick in the wall, if you will. The recording itself has to be improved, the playback equipment must be improved, and lastly our listening skills must be improved. Just increasing the bits and pieces only does not a game changer make. However, with certain recording hgher res does make a slight improvement. As an example, I down loaded Marvin Gay's "Let's Get in On" from HDTracks in 24/96 to my MacbookP
  22. The players that play CDs have improved extraordinarily over that 30 year time frame, I might add.
  23. Bingo! I have no issue when the basics are well taken care in the recording process, and then having the option of listening in hi-res. But, to think one can cut corners it the recording process, and make up for it by increasing the resolution, is just plain wrong. People who complain the 16/44.1 cd medium sounds horrible, are listening to 1) a bad recording 2) bad gear
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