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  1. Speakers are Solaudio Fusion Gen 2´s. Amps are made-to-order artisan hifi. Preamp is full tube, power amps transistor. The topology is not something I like to discuss further here. Dac is mostly either Denafrips Ares 2 or TotalDac (with streamer and extra ps´s), Roon´s the main interface. CD´s are played through Projects transport (with it´s external ps). Some variations do take place since I have other components in other systems and sometimes I vary them for fun or for comparison.
  2. To put our mouth where the money is; journalism is NOT DEAD, at least in the free World. Against normal protocols I decided to publish here this months Editorial from our Editor-in-Chief. Remove if necessary. For those who don't do Finnish (what a shame), headline translates more or less to "The scam of master proportions":
  3. I hear You loud and clear and I don't disagree at all. Let me put it this way from a JOURNALIST´s point of view; one should activate readers by letting them know all there is to it (facts only). I have seen very few JOURNALISTS to do even this. I do not worry about those who are openly supporting mqa.At least they are out in the open. But there are many more pro writers being silent and just anxiously waiting this to come to an end - one way or the other. It is so much easier.
  4. Nothing in life is easy or direct and this case is no exception to the rule. But money or personal relationship/agenda should not be in the Way. This is exactly what should separate advertorial -based platforms from journalism. In Dogs I trust. There is never a hidden agenda or rainy Day with them 😍I buried our Finnish Spitz dog naemd Mörö a Year ago...😢
  5. Well that's the thing... It could and definitely should be. To me it is. I did study it amongst other things. Yet journalists can have their personal opinions and likings (subjective) if and when there's no hidden agendas. I must say that at least in Finland no audio journalist possess a multi 100 000 € systems like they do overseas. Lack of commitment or something else? But enough of that. Yet not one journalist is above the truth in any way, no matter the size of the ego. And eventually it is Editor-in-Chief who's responsible for the Magazines core ethics - or should
  6. Not sure who this was targeted to..? Me? When it comes to MQA I don't use it. I even moved from Tidal to Qobuz the minute they officially offered service in Finland since I don't accept Tidal´s MQA policy (replacing originals with MQA-versions). I believe people should be left with freedom of choice but they need to be educated so that they can select wisely. I'm not for foisting anything to anyone. Except for the truth when it comes to MQA. Saddens me to see where this all has lead; stationary War between the sides, much like the WW1. What a shame, reall
  7. If You are painting, be sure not to stain the whole canvas.
  8. I Agree but this is not about me or my opinion alone. It would help enormously if the Audiophile Press was pushing for the truth as one, don't You think? From time to time it looks like MQA is not even fighting it's own battle and that hurts.
  9. Yes this is alarming, I admit. Which brings to me to the exact reason why I urge every audio journalist locally and globally to concentrate on the truth. If any of us feel to be between a rock and a hard place then it is time to look in the mirror. If one cannot trust the professionals working for audio press and alike then the harm is already done. There should be a line between journalism and advertorials and personal opinions contra the truth.
  10. I feel sorry for the common audiophile, who has no part in all of this but tries to figure out who is "right" and who is "wrong" while seeing valued members of the global audio community lose their dignity overnight fighting like street dogs. To my age (46) I've never ever witnessed such a childish wrestle over... Well, anything. As a journalist I keep coming to the question the common audiophile need to get answered OBJECTIVELY; who benefits from MQA and how? I know this has been discussed thousand times and over, but... ...Every Magazine, Audio site, journalist a
  11. About the list; is there a reason for not include Totaldac? AFAIK all the models are r-2r ladder (with Vishay resistors) and natively NOS by nature but one can activate a software FIR in case of...Well... Fun? At least that's how it is with my d1 mk2.
  12. Thanks, I'll do that. Just to update here as well, Qobuz really does have MQA; https://community.roonlabs.com/t/qobuz-mqa-file/66606 About the aforementioned Flor-album I cannot be sure just yet, even though Roon does not mention MQA while playing.
  13. Please tell me Qobuz has not fallen to MQA(!?!?!) I just played Gretchen Parlato´s Flor-album. It has been marked as 24-44,1k Flac, but Roon (without any upsampling etc.) informs it to be 88,2k. This is also verified by three dacs. If this is truly the case, I feel confused and betrayed all in once. Please see attachment:
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