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  1. I still keep several thousand cd´s on hand at the shelves, since there´s no way I´ll find all the time to copy them anywhere. Most of them are Classical music. Imagine all the pain with metadata etc. Unless there´s a robot to do it all, I´m totally interested in a new, durable, high quality silver spinner. And I´m sure I´m not alone
  2. This video might be worth watching - there´s a nice story of Dead, McIntosh and... Well, watch it and You´ll know more https://www.hifimaailma.fi/artikkeli/hifimaailma-vierailee-oslossa-6.108.120562.8686cbcde7
  3. Yes, it was tested, listened and measured on our Magazine 05/2017. It measured well as Mr Atkinson stated. It is a price point product and a very good one I might add. The article can be purchased online: https://www.lehtiluukku.fi/esikatselu/hifimaailma-05-2017/157172.html
  4. You are right, my bad, I am sorry 😌...
  5. Are You suggesting that this little overachiever is putting a show against the known heavyweights like dcs, totaldac, MSB and alike..? Soundwise that is. If so, I beg to disagree. Near SOTA digital performance is not the same as saying it sounds as good. In audio "nearly as good" can mean all the difference in the World. All in all it is lovely design and well worth the money. Just saying.
  6. If I remember corrrectly, it was originally Audioquest who came out with Sorbothane feet. It happened two or three decades ago. These were then found to be very case dependent. At worst they muddled and killed the sound as described by some here. Now, Years after those first impressions I´ve found sorbothane again. At the moment I have placed a set of four small sorbothane buttons under my Roon Nucleus-unit. No negative effects but would I hear much of a difference without them... No.
  7. Three or four topics concerning MQA? I must say I´m confused... Could someone please create a matrix or something to express the listening results in a clear and comparable form? Before it all slips into everlasting debate. I´m not sure I can see where all this MQAing is going at the moment.
  8. Beyond of what has been said here already I´d commend that RMAF set the scene for the long-awaited public discussion. As mentioned here before, it probably was not the ideal environment and certainly not the best possible arrangement to be had. Could there still be a way to organize a healthy discussion with representatives from both camps acting like adults? At this stage it also saddens me to see very well respected journalists taking very strong sides (for or against) while we all (well, most of us at least) are still trying to figure out where the MQA actually stands.
  9. ^that really emphasizes my point to some extent at least...
  10. I´d vote for Nucleus (and I have) for the stability and optimization alone. You would be hard pressed to find a difference in sound quality if all within the server is as it should. But it does get to one´s nerves to have an unreliable source ruining all those valuable listening sessions. Food for thought if noting more.
  11. I am sorry. By no means did I mean to offend any fellow music lover. Indeed trained ears are valuable asset and mileage brings depth to many a thing. So once more I apologise. My statement was meant to address the fact that there weren´t too many people to start with. Younger generations do not seem to care that much. I, for that matter, just presumed that the place would be flooring with enthusiastic people - nah, how wrong was I. To fly over to RMAF would be too costly a statement, since I live in Finland. So I relied on "other people" to ask the tough questions, ie Chris. Yes some people do take all this MQaing very seriously and personally. My task is the same as Chris´s; we answer to public. As much as I hate the ill turn this MQA debate has taken we still need to make sure all the facts are on the table. What else is worth the fight than the truth?
  12. The way I see it most of the people that were participating and arguing (not very crowded based on the video, eh) had lost their 15kHz and above a decade or two ago . Not sure if RMAF is THE place to fight this War. My oh my, we are in deep ***t. EDIT: Thanks Chris for rocking the Boat. Consumers have the right to know both sides.
  13. Indeed that´s the one.. However he heard them at my premises ...And yes, excited is the word, spot-on.
  14. This might be partially OT, but eventually touches the issue... An interesting debate yet not without it´s problems. Not to take sides on (computer vs. transport) debate I somewhat understand Amir´s agenda. Having said that I can relate to the "modern sound" is worse than "old" -proposition. Having heard a variation of systems I sometimes find myself wondering have we lost the way. I do respect those tour de tech force-products that try to (over)achieve. I am sure the few who can afford these multidollar monuments (big Wilsons, YG´s, Magico´s and so on) will be happy until the next generation or update is available. My motto is simple; if the sound does not touch You, it is not worth it. As we know, an interaction between room and speakers is the most important factor in creating aural wonders. Yet other speakers create the hard to describe "feeling factor" better than others. What I find intriguing is that these special moments are rarely achieved by the latest technological improvements (ie. better driver-, cone- etc. materials). Admittedly new is almost every time better by definition; resolution, neutrality, less distortion... But involvement, feeling, emotions are better served with something else (YMMV). Once again this became evident a while ago when a friend of mine was looking for a system from ground up. After listening to many setups he faced this same questions as we all do; what is the (personal) goal and how to get there. His process is still ongoing but a milestone has already been found; big 15" paper basses, horn structure for tweeter and over 94dB sensitivity, tubes, r2r-dac... Well You get the point. I cannot wait until we get to dwell deeper into digital front end... Perhaps he ends up buying a turntable instead
  15. Simple yet elegant. A 10 years old Chinese Sinovt el34 se and those lovely Raphael transformers. HIgh end? Nah. But nevertheless excellent sound with the right partnering equipment...
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