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  1. Think this post by John Swenson is relevant here.
  2. Hi, Received the Mutec & all good. Thanks for a great transaction. Cheers Punit
  3. Has anyone with an Ultrarendu + ER moved to an Opticalrendu + ER ? Would be grateful for any feedback, if the move resulted in any sonic improvements ? Am contemplating the move but not sure if it will yield a noticeable improvement ? Thanks
  4. Hi. Have you received the Holo May ? Any initial feedback ? Have a Holo Spring, which I love & itching to pull the trigger on the May.
  5. I had some minor issues with Sonictransport i7 & Roon after the Sonicorbiter 2.6 update. Andrew @agillis logged on on my Mac through teamviewer & resolved everything. Such exemplary customer support ensures that whenever I upgrade to another music server in future it will be a SGC product.
  6. I am planning to buy a Holo soon, If you don't mind, can I please know your chain ?
  7. My understanding is that Audio-GD HDMI format is same as Holo Audio.
  8. punit

    Pure Music 2

    Upgrade works great for me. Solved some minor issues I had with the old one. Worth the price for me. Really prefer the PM sound to that of other players.
  9. Sorry, Not clear how Paul Barton is associated with the Focals ?
  10. Every once in a while try to use Amarra as I spent around $500 on it but keep coming back to PM. Just sounds more Natural / Organic / Better / Pure :-)
  11. Yes, IMO the loop out should work. or you can use a good quality rca splitter : Custom Cable RCA Plug to dual RCA Jacks Each
  12. Hi, I bought the T90's couple of weeks back. Yes they have a sharp top end & need a warm source to tame it, also burn in reduces their brightness ( I am at 200 hrs now). I use a Woo Audio WA6 amp & it has managed to tame the top end by a good margin & Bass & mids are the most balanced I have heard till date (i own 5 other HP's, these beat the HD 650's hands down in terms of engaging the listener with the music). I use a very mild EQ on Pure Music , -2db cut between 5k Hz & 10K Hz . I use a Weiss Int 202 fire wire to spidf converter & do not hear any noise. What
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