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  1. Cool. Though I would tend to think that even with a "perfect" source the DA96 will show some limitations. Let us know when your friend gets it and you can compare.
  2. Makes sense as well. I have some friends who have heard the powerDAC but are waiting also to see if it will be a "stable" product. In addition, for some the looks and/or single Toslink input is not appealing (in spite of agreement on SQ). I'm personally not too worried about John coming up with an entirely new design for the DAC, as he is no longer focused on these aspects, but one never knows. As mentioned previously, the amplification aspects are still being investigated, AFAIK. We can count on the Dutch "hardcore" ECD fans to provide a first set of fee
  3. Makes perfect sense! There is no need to rush things. We'll get some initial reports to shed some more light on certain critical aspects (source, power supply immunity, streaming VS local playback, overall sound quality, etc..) and I hope we will get more clarity on the amplification aspects from ECD as well: S model or tube amps and amplifier/speaker matching. On my side, I will try to organize some "shootouts" with other DACs if I can. ECD confirmed that they purchased a large stock of critical parts, so once that initial batch is sold they should be able to produc
  4. Seeing the reactions to the previous posts, I was wondering who is going to purchase a PowerDAC immediately and who is going to wait for more feedback before they decide. Is it indescrete to ask? I am purchasing the pre-production unit I tested, BTW. I have tried, not to be too enthusiastic here and "inflate" things. In fact, I've had the opportunity to compare the powerDAC to two other respected DACs but am saving my comments for later 😁 I am looking forward to hearing what some of you will have to say after listening to it. It does not look like there will be any professional reviews anytim
  5. ECD gave me an update. They experienced further delays on a few parts coming from the UK. They are still waiting on one part for the PS, which should be delivered any day now. All the rest is assembled and ready. New web pages have been designed and they expect that they should be ready to sell the powerDAC next week!
  6. Discussion on testing methodology within the paper is more interesting than the conclusions, IMO.
  7. Not going to pay 33$ to read it but I would be curious to understand the methodology.
  8. hopkins

    RIP Marvelous

    https://www.sho.com/the-kings Really interesting show! They dive deep into the personalities of Hagler, Hearns, Duran, and Leonard. These guys all had incredible drive.
  9. Excellent album, it was all downhill for them after.
  10. OK. But the OP is just asking for recommendations, not a lecture on measurements.
  11. Why are you arguing about measurements? As I said, I actually had those speakers and liked them. End of story.
  12. So do I, but in this case I had those speakers..
  13. https://www.audio “science” review/forum/index.php?threads/affordable-accuracy-monitor-review.13624/ (remove the quotes to access the link). These speakers (modified) are very cheap and perform really well. I had a pair (modified). You could probably find them on ebay, already modified.
  14. Mosaic Records have revamped their website: https://www.mosaicrecords.com/ Lots of interesting things to browse through: articles, videos, reviews, pictures, discographies.. Here's the presentation given in their newsletter: When Charlie Lourie and I started Mosaic Records in 1982, we believed that we had stumbled upon the winning formula to realize dreams and pay the rent. One little sentence in our eight-page proposal to restart Blue Note Records through Capitol Records gave us a new avenue to pursue: Definitive and complete boxed sets of great jazz artis
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