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  1. I forget, have you heard the Fractal + UPL?
  2. You are right to be cautious. I am too. After all, ECD did claim before they had achieved this (with the U192) only to realize after, as we all did, that we were not quite there yet. That being said, they are earnest and serious about what they do, and there always have been improvements, so I trust that the new units will offer higher quality sound (and added "convenience").
  3. My guess is that for the "entry" DAC they want to keep it simple and affordable, so a single input, and Toslink makes sense in that case. For the speaker unit, I think they had mentioned input modules. Maybe that is still what they have in mind, and are just referring to toslink inputs on the actual board? Otherwise, I do agree with you that 4 toslink inputs on an equipment that is supposed to replace everything but the source is not what you would expect. You can follow this up with them on DIYAudio?
  4. Hi, Thanks. I assume they will both use the same input board (DAPI) but you could reply and ask him to confirm? Would be interesting to know, even if this may all still be some time away from production. EDIT: he did confirm this in a previous answer on DIYAudio: Your question: Would it make sense to launch a one-box-solution (DAPI and FractalDAC in one case)? His answer: Yes, we plan to offer an affordable medium power entry level version that is primarily intended to be used with (pre) amps but is powerful enough to directly drive 3
  5. Could be useful for (adventurous) audiophiles At the end of the season, she becomes completely "virtual", with her consciousness uploaded to the Cloud 😄
  6. Or some kind of brain implant that could let you mentally scroll through your library and telepathically control a player. A neat project for John Brown after he is done solving digital audio 🙂
  7. I understand. I cannot really recommend anything - have not used other music players in a long time. Maybe you could open a thread in the "music server" section of the forum ? You will certainly get plenty of recommendations.
  8. The turntable looks nice. Otherwise, how do you expect anyone to comment on sound quality using a youtube video ?
  9. Hi, You can hook it up to the Emotiva's Toslink input. The UPL requires a connection to a computer (using a USB cable). The computer's USB port will power the UPL, no need for a hub. You do not need an internet connection on your computer if you are going to use that computer directly to control the playback. You could use, for example, a basic laptop computer to do this. Another option is to have a small "screenless" computer hooked up to the UPL (a basic intel NUC, for example), and use another device to control playback: a phone, tablet, or another computer. In that
  10. I would be curious to learn who is behind MusicBrainz, and hear their story. Edit: Robert Kaye is the man. http://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Robert_Kaye_on_the_MusicBrainz_Project
  11. Yes, I did come in a little strong - sorry for that. Vis à vis your second comment, I see no contradiction here. My digital system consists of equipment from ECDesigns (you can refer to the thread in the DAC section). I have been using their equipment for the past few years, and it has constantly improved. I don't think I could significantly improve upon it today by "tinkering" - I use their DAC with their source, which is a low noise USB key player (UPL), so no network (it does not bother me). They are working on a new version which I will upgrade to when it is releas
  12. I only bought a turntable this year (first a very cheap one, second hand, two months ago a decent entry model AT). I bought a turntable not out of dissatisfaction with digital, but in order to listen to some albums which are only available on LP. I also bought a few recent good quality pressings, but the objective is certainly not to replace my files. Once again, listening to a relatively modest turntable, I am surprised by the quality. In this context, it is hard to claim that I have been sabotaging every listening session over the last 20 years (before that I was not an "audioph
  13. Yes, I have some of those as well. I have very bad sounding vinyl (ex: Lester Young broadcasts from the 1940s, bad sound but fantastic music). In my system, with my ears, I am just surprised how good a relatively modest vinyl rig can sound. So the only explanation I have is that these flaws are maybe not so important for musical enjoyment? It seems to me that vinyl is doing something right that even the most sophisticated digital systems fail to achieve, still today, some decades after the introduction of the CD. Don't get me wrong, I love listening to digital as well
  14. Fantastic sound is a bonus, but the pitfall is that some will often limit themselves to those recordings. You don't need "audiophile" quality to enjoy music. Where you choose to set the limit of what you consider to be "poor" quality is personal, I am not looking for arguments here. That being said, the real drama is when perfectly acceptable recordings are literally destroyed through remasterings. The term "remastering" is no guarantee for quality. Some labels seem to make a living producing low quality re-issues. My guess is that streaming/digital purchasing has ena
  15. Once again I use both analog and digital. There are limits to both. How these limitations translate in terms of musical enjoyment is for everyone to figure out - I have my opinion, and don't expect everyone to agree with me! As you mentioned, digital is not a "mature" technology (and I fully agree with that) so there is hope... When well respected engineers in digital audio admit that they don't understand everything, i don't think we can argue with them... That being said, I don't believe high resolution solves any of the issues of digital - but am willing to keep an
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