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  1. I recieved today the Ghent audio cable l and used it between my NUC and the UPL, with a large powerbank (Goal Zero Sherpa 100D) to power the UPL. This works well. Will have to do sone comparisons to determine whether there is a real sonic benefit, but I am certainly enjoying listening! I turned on my system around 10pm, it is now 2AM, I have to get up in 6 hours - the ECD boxes are irresistible :)
  2. Hi @Huubster Really interesting feedback. Some updates on my side as well... I ended up a little frustrated with the U192 compared to the UPL, as you describe it yourself in the first part of your listening session. I never really got it to sound at the level of the UPL, in my system, and certainly not since purchasing a second UPL with that revised board you mention. It is great that you have found excellent sound with the Zen Mini and the proper power supply. I am jealous! But I do listen only to music from my own files, so am
  3. My Beyerdynamic are 96db and 250 ohm and can be played directly from the DA96 (slightly louder than normal). I just checked, your Hifiman are 83.5 db and 50 ohm, which is indeed unusual for headphones. I would think a minimum of 100db would work, but I think the impedance has to be taken into account as well.
  4. Hi Tims, In the past few years since I first started using the UPL (first model), USB keys have improved and gotten cheaper. Using those (still) expensive SLC keys may no longer be relevant. I use one of these: https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Ultra-Flash-Drive-Version/dp/B00DQG9OZ2 Also, the current UPL no longer works on batteries and has enough power on its front USB port for larger USB drives. I format drives using Rufus, which lets you format any disk in FAT32.
  5. The UPL sounds great as is. I ordered the cable when I was playing around with the U192. It will certainly come in handy, however.
  6. I think it worked with one of my hubs but not the other. I mostly use that AudioPhonics cable, similar to the Ghent, but lower quality. Should recieve a Ghent cable fairly soon as well.
  7. On paper a lot of things look good. Difficult to know whether the extra price you pay for audiophile features (such as "cleaning up the USB signal") make much of a difference with the U192.
  8. I also keep the DA96 at a distance from the other units. I think the U192 emits a little more noise than the UPL. Otherwise, if you stack them, I would put the DA96 on top, just below the SVC - perhaps a small aluminum plate on top of each unit would work instead of applying copper shielding inside ? @realDHT would that be beneficial in your opinion ? Sugru does look like a nice option 👍
  9. @Ben75 Yes, i tried but not charging at the same time, if that is what you are referring to. There is no point in doing that because batteries last a very long time with either the DAC or the U192... Don't focus too much on batteries. I have still been using a battery for the DAC because I have been moving it back and forth between my living room and home office, and it is simpler that way, but may change my mind after a while. This is not critical. If you purchase the DAC and other units, you can try it, it is simple, but it should not be a decision-crite
  10. I briefly tested this, and it was inconclusive. I could not run the UPL on 3.7 batteries without also powering the USB key seperately. Honestly, I really don't think it is worth the effort. Powering the USB key seperately does present one advantage, however: using larger capacity drives, such as SSDs. Why? As you know I tested this because I used wav files containing single albums on a 1TB SSD. More about this later...
  11. Just the practical aspects of using battery supply have to be weighed against the slight benefit they may provide...
  12. Hi @Ben75, I don't recall the comparison with the Curious cable, but i trust we tried it - I guess it did not strike me as particularly beneficial? @Norton, the ECD cables are a safe bet. As for batreries, any 3.7v lithium battery will do. But it adds complexity: wiring, recharging... I am not sure it is really worth it, especially if you are using the U192 with a good source like the Bryston.
  13. Its good to back to the "UPL" once in a while to "set yourself straight" just like with vinyl. Using headphones directly connected to the DAC, with the UPL, is also really interesting as you can get an idea of the level of distortion introduced by all the rest of our equipment: amplifier, speaker, room. I get the idea now behind their future PowerDAC.
  14. Thanks for the clarification. Did you compare the same ripped files playing on the UPL?
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