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  1. echoing the question: @JoshM have you heard / considered the latest Ragnarok 2 from Schiit, in comparison to these other amps?
  2. @VFyou may want to ask this question in the Lumin support area. Lumin advised me to place FMC between my Sotm switch and U1 Mini. So, use one of the SFP ports in the Sotm switch, then to FMC via fiber, then to Lumin via UTP.
  3. So… June 2021. What PSU is recommended for the SNH-10G switch?
  4. What is the best place to report issues with the Qobuz search function?
  5. @David Craff Back in November there was mention that Qobuz was supplying Roon with volume level metadata (ie: EBUR128, ReplayGain). Is this metadata available exclusively to Roon or can other companies (like Lumin, Melco, etc) access this metadata should they choose to offer volume leveling in their player producs?
  6. Selling via Audiogon https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9j262-jcat-lan-cable-1m-digital
  7. @luisma so did you measure it? That’s what I’m trying to understand.... how do you know the shielding for EMI/RFI is poor?
  8. @luisma Can you elaborate about the GTEK FMC not shielding EMI/RFI well? How does one determine this? Is there a published spec or other measurement?
  9. +1 @krelldog I emphatically agree with @davide256. I think you would be very well advised to pursue another digital source beyond your macOS/jriver setup. Digital sources often make bigger differences than DACs. if NUCs, Euphony and AudioLinux are too involved, check out the likes of Lumin and Aurender components (and of course there are many other good ones). you might be amazed what feeding AES to your YggyA2 does 😉 Best part is you can make a comfortable and sane A/B comparison and draw your own conclusions....
  10. I really like this approach of using a dedicated hifi source component which you enjoy and then trying to configure & optimize network/streaming/file playback to beat it.... I’ve been doing same with a Cyrus CDi recently.
  11. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9g924-uptone-audio-js-2-linear-power-supply-ac-distribution
  12. @davide256 following your post from May, specifically in regards to SSDs under Linux sounding ‘bright’... have you explored any other remedies/solutions/ideas outside of SDXC? For example, does a JCAT or Patchenko SATA cable help tame brightness? Eager to hear any of your findings. Am also curious more generally if Linux+SSD is actually bright in reality or if everything else is actually/historically just ‘dull’ in comparison.
  13. Want to buy: DCS Network Bridge in black. $2500 + shipping. Thanks
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