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  1. Thank you very much for your opinion. Obviously I don't get you wrong. Absolutely. :-) the main thing here is that my wife sometimes need to use the laptop for work, and so, I have to take it out, unplug all cables and so on... Yesterday, I took the Cambridge home to try, as I know very well the guy from the hifi store where I use to buy and take some advice. When I turned it on, I felt that the combination laptop/rDac seemed to sound better. The Cambridge was right out of the box, so I let it play for a few hours. Then, I changed the cables from a very cheap ones to the Chord Silver Siren I use with the rDac. Suddendly, I noticed that, the Cambridge do it ok. For the moment being, where I feel the major difference (not that big, anyway) was on the bass extension, where the rDac does it better. I guess I'll keep the Cambridge, besides it will be a trade with the rDac, so no money expended... :-)
  2. Hi, all I'm considering changing my Acer Laptop and rDac by a Cambridge Audio Sonta NP30 streamer. Does anyone have any experience / opinion with it? Thank you very much Best regards
  3. Hello<br /> <br /> I'm currently using to play my FLAC files, an Acer Laptop, connected via USB to an ARcam rDac.<br /> All my Flac files are in a 1 TB HD.<br /> I honestly don't intend to play files wirelessly.<br /> The thin is that my desktop pc is ending it's life and instead of investing on another one, I would replace it by the laptop.<br /> That's where the Squeezebox enter.<br /> And the question is: <br /> Can I connect the HD directly to the squeezebox?<br /> My HD is now w/ aprox 600 gb of flac files. Will it, while connected directly to the Touch, create any sort of conflict?<br /> Obviously, I will get it connected to the rDac.<br /> All suggestions, opinions, help will be much appreciated.<br /> <br /> Thanks a lot<br /> <br /> Cheers<br /> David
  4. Hey all, I've been playing my FLAC files with an Acer Aspire laptop connected to a ARCAM rDac. I've been wondering (and part of this is because my wife needs the laptop for work once in a while), If I would improve using a Squeezebox Touch instead. All the files are stored in a 2 tb LAcie HD, so, I wonder if I can use it the same way as with the laptop. Also, will be any difference in the SQ? or will it be the same, once I'm using the rDAc. Any advices / suggestions will be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Best regards Cordovox
  5. Thank you. As a matter of fact, yes, I did read Chris review of the rDac and also on Hi-fi Choice and Hi-fi news about it and it's what is leading me to get it. By the way, would you recommend a usb cable for it?? Thanks again Cheers David
  6. Hello again I've been facing some doubts in what concerns a good quality DAC to play my flac files. I'm currently using a Carillon AC1 LE audio PC as a music server directly connected via a Pro-Ject USB Box. Files are read via Foobar 2000. The thing here is that, as I am using more and more the PC, I'm feeling that i should upgrade the DAC. I'm seriously considering (and that's where my doubt resides) either on a Cambridge DacMAgic and the Arcam RDac (Straight version, no wireless needed). I mainly listen to Jazz, Folk, Blues,Country and, Rock (not heavy rock). My system consists on a Pro-ject RPM 9.1 Turntable w/ a Denon DL 103, Pro-ject Tube Box Se (1st Edition) Sonic Frontiers SFL 1 Pre, Vincent SP331 Power, Vincent CD S1 CD player, Martin Logan Ascents... Cabling from Kimber, Chord, and Isotek. If anyone with experience on either of these 2 DAc's could give me some piece of advice, I would pretty much appreciate it.
  7. Hey, Scot This is great to read. I kind of suffer form the same symptoms. For me, jazz is in vinyl and listenable up from 21h00. I do'nt know if you're on but I would like to suggest a few other things you might like to listen. And this is something like Post-Coltrane Stuff. So, maybe you would like to check: Alice Coltrane Pharoah Sanders Dizzie Gillespie ( from early 70's) Freddie Hubbard (Red Clay, First Light...) Herbie Hancock (Mwandishi,... also from early 70's) Try also to hear something from SoulJazz Records which have a lot of great stuff from late 60's, early 70's. Then let me know what you think. Cheers David
  8. Maybe you could check these out... Hawkwind, Cluster, Cluster & Eno, Agitation Free (the 2nd album is fantastic)...
  9. Hello, Hello Can anybody give me an advice on a good quality USB / Mini B USB cable? For connection between Audio PC and Pro-Ject USB Dac. I've read about a QED but I don't know what other cables (not too expensive)can one get. Thank you all. Regds Cordovox
  10. Thank you for the advice. Cheers
  11. Hello everybody I'm brand new here, and I would like to have some piece of advise. My equipment consists on a Sonic Frontiers SFL1 Pre-amp + Vincent SP 331 Power amp, Pro-ject RPM 9.1 Turntable w/ Denon DL 103 cartridge, Vincent CD S1 CD player and Martin Logan Ascents. I recently surrendered to MP3 / Flac And I've been using a Laptop w/ a Pro-ject USB Dac Box. Now, I have a Carillon Audio PC that I used to make music w/ cubase and so on. As i feel less and less creative, I decided to use it as a Music Server. This PC is extremely well built, robust and especially silent. I use Foobar 2000 to listen to my MP3/flac files. I've been reading here about the use of JRMC 14 as media player. Now, I wonder if... Is the Pro-Ject USB compatible with Windows 7? Is Foobar 2000 compatible with windows 7? Should I change Foobar to JRMC 14? The intention is to use this audio pc strictly for music files. Sorry for the extension of my text but I'm really a rookie in what regards Computer Audio. Many thanks B.regards Cordovox
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