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  1. I agree it was a great interview, but like you I waited patiently for a word, an admiring look, anything, from Chris regarding the Nautilus. I can't believe an audiophile can sit there for more than 20 minutes without saying a word about one of the icons of high-end audio history, when it's right there in the background. Maybe in another episode?
  2. I received them via email but they are also on their website (Support -> UpStream, Firmware). My computer now recognizes the HRT immediately (I use a KingRex battery supply) and it now plays 24/192 perfectly.
  3. I agree with One and a half. I'm not familiar with Accuphase, but the Luxman sound is unmistakable, slightly warm and smooth as silk.
  4. As a retired audiophile and after a lot of thought, I have inexpensively upgraded my system via a HRT Music Streamer HD and a KingRex U Power battery supply. The key ingredient, however, is Elijah Audio’s Isolaate BL USB cable to separate data and power. With JPlay Mini at the end, my system has never sounded as good as it does now. Elijah’s Michael is as nice a vendor as they come, explaining everything and offering help in several emails, and even including a little plastic box for 4 x AAA batteries and a USB extension cable that could serve as backup while my U Power is charging.
  5. Both Kleibers' (father and son) 5ths and the Reader's Digest original (blue and white) complete set by Leibowitz are my top desert island recordings. I agree somebody should make the Leibowitz set available for download.
  6. My recently purchased HRT Music Streamer HD will arrive tomorrow and I will post my findings here, to make it sort of a HRT HD owners thread. I intend to power it from a KingRex U Power battery supply via Elijah Audio Isolaate BL data/power USB cables. I knew HRT does not provide USB Audio Class 2 drivers for Windows but I still purchased this supposedly great and inexpensive DAC because I'm working on a universal USB Audio Class 2 plug-in for Windows 8 (If everything goes well I will announce it on Computer Audiophile, of course).
  7. The Surface Pro would also be great as the streamer to a Zuma with JPlay v5 in StreamerMode.
  8. In the context of small, fanless computers, I think that for JPlay you are looking minimum at an miniITX Ivy Bridge-capable MB such as the Asus P8Z77-I LGA Wi-Fi, a Core i5-3330 CPU (low power, 45W) and 8GB memory (full scale hibernate for JPlay).
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