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  1. Cary makes very good products in general, although they had prblems with their processors. I am planning on buying the new Vega G2 in December. Trading a record collection for a subtantial price reduction.
  2. They have this comment on their website. *For DSD512 playback, Cary Audio uses proprietary DSP techniques that are not compatible with Roon’s clock management and buffering approach at this time. This means DSD playback is limited up to DSD256 when using the DMS-500 and AiOS products inside of the Roon ecosystem. – The Cary Audio Team Is 512 now working with Roon or do have use their software to play 512?
  3. Hi, I have been looking into this combination also but to run Roon Remote on it not Roon Core as I didn't think it was powerful enough to run HQ Player. Nice to know you have not have trouble with it; it would streamline my system. I would just connect external hard drives to it rather than using hard drives on my main computer. There have been some complaints about it freezing it up on the Intel forums. When you say motherboard do you mean the Barebones PC Kit? Was it difficult to install?I looked at the manual and there are 18 steps. I have a friend who is an IT
  4. Thanks Chris, you have made it crystal clear that if you want to use HQ player than you should not use Rock. I was unclear on this.
  5. What a great review. I am not sure if you need the sMS-200 if you have this. I am no hurry to buy a sMS-200 Ultra at a price of $1,400 plus a power supply. I have a tablet and I don't notice any electronic gremlins, etc, but of course I may not know what I missing.
  6. Received this email last night. Hi all, We are pleased to announce that preorders are now available for much anticipated SOtM sMS-200ultra and the sPS-500! If you don't already have a 10% discount code, please use 4SGQSRDDLHD1 at checkout. This code will be available until 30 June. The sMS-200ultra is an upgraded version of the popular sMS-200, and includes the new low-noise, low-jitter sCLK-EX2425 clock, housed in a new, slightly larger chassis. Key features include: - Ultra low phase noise custom design oscillation circuit - Wide operating voltage input range -
  7. slingshot

    HQ Player

    The missing part is that the link to your comment on Computer Audiophile is broken and I can not find it.
  8. slingshot

    HQ Player

    Miska, you did not post to this thread on Roon Labs. You were referenced as posting something about it on your blog here which I searched for. community.roonlabs.com/t/help-with-cuda-offload/11085
  9. I received an email last night from the distributor. SOtM has informed us that the release of the tX-USB Ultra is scheduled for next week. Preordering is now available with an expected ship date of 15 April 2017. If there are any changes to that, we will let you know. Use the code PREORDER50 to receive $50 off, as a thank you for registering your interest via email. As always, shipping is free in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The sPS-500 and sMS-200 Ultra are expected to be available by the end of April. Preordering is not available for these two items yet, b
  10. slingshot

    HQ Player

    Miska, there was a reference on Roon Labs to something you posted regarding Cuda Z: upgrade-gpu-more-coda-processing-power-683. As you know all of the links have been deleted. Please provide the link. Thank you.
  11. The U.S. Distributor in response to my inquiry sent me an email last week stating that the 200Ultra will have the sCLK-EX clock upgrade. The release date has not been announced. The TX-USBUltra which is a USB regenerator should be released by the end of the month.
  12. https://www.computeraudiophile.com/f10-music-servers/soul-music-sms-200-unveiled-munich-hi-end-28284/index17.html Chris, there are thousands of links so I am not sure how you will do them all individually. There are six or seven others threads that came up on Google that I tried to link to yesterday.
  13. Yes, when I have it upgraded it which will be in a while. I believe they use air freight to the U.S. which is expensive. I bought it directly from them two years ago before they were selling it here. They are very responsive to emails. They are also very honest people. The Euro had declined from when they first gave me the price and they lowered the price about $500.
  14. When I inquired a month ago about the upgrade, they said they were looking into MQA but no other information was provided. I asked because I only want to ship the unit back to Italy one time not two times so I may wait to see what happens. The cost of the upgrade by the way is 1,800 Euros or about $2,000 not $1,000 as reported online. This cost includes shipping both ways. The Formula undoubtedly sounds better but the cost seems prohibitive. I can upgrade the La Scala for about $2,000 or sell it for about $3,000 and pay $13,700 for the Formula, a $9,000 difference. Interestingly 6 Moons
  15. Yes, I have them on three 6TB external Hard Drives. My plan is to load them onto my Lenovo server which will have 24 TB of space and then make another back-up of the music. I have used iso2dsd before but the time involved is too much. Over time I could do it. There is Russian program that will convert it to PCM which I have used but it takes 10 or 15 minutes for each album. This has a batch program also but I not sure how good it is. The music would probably sound better if not done on the fly. Roon has said ISO conversion has a low priority and I don't think they will do it. I guess
  16. I just saw that a friend who is dealer sells it, so I can listen to it at his listening room. It also has a LAN connection for my network. I was thinking about buying a micro Rendu and a good power supply when I saw this. I am definitely interested in it.
  17. I have a lifetime subscription to Roon but I am not married to it. I don't do anything fancy with it, I just play music. I am sitting here with 1,500 ISO files which Roon cannot play based on my latest research. JRiver can play these files but I don't want to use two different software programs. It would take a long time to convert them. Apparently the the Aurender software will convert it per Chris' article a few years ago. Computer Audiophile - Aurender W20 Review
  18. I owned the DAC8 for six months about six years ago but I didn't like the sound. I will keep an open mind on this one.
  19. Hi Kimo, I have the MkII and I am thinking of upgrading. How does DSD sound? I remember reading an interview with the designer of the Berkeley Alpha DAC, who I believe said they could have included DSD, which they did not, for an extra $100.
  20. Definitely agree with Roon. I have used it for the past six months and I just signed up for a lifetime subscription. Awaiting integration with HQ for purportedly improved sound. J River is much too difficult to use for the casual user like me who only wants to play back his music. All My Trials is one of my favorites. The original CD version is fabulous. Early Mornin' Rain is my favorite PP& M recording though.
  21. Hi Dale. I just read your review. Very nice and thorough. I am awaiting a Cavalli Carbon headphone amp to connect to my La Scala DAC. Are you seeing a trend here? Anyway I was looking at the Ethers but they cost another $1,000 so I may consider these. They are definitely good looking. The Cavalli has balanced inputs for the headphones so I have to do some research on what is available for headphone cables. Have never had quality headphones before.
  22. I have Roon also. Given that it was released only six months it is amazing. Looking forward to the integration with HQ for what everyone believes will be better sound. Sounds very good to me now.
  23. I don't know but since it is manufactured in Germany the German audio websites may have some comparisons. I am looing at the Lite version; great review on Stereo Times. Also your English is much better my Dutch!
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