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  1. Dear Kal

    I was reading your review of the Dutch and Dutch 8c in Stereophile. I 've been trying to work out how you managed to get the speakers and listener forming an equilateral triangle with the speakers toed in 45°? I note that you say that Dutch and Dutch recommend this; but surely a speaker requiring a non-Euclidean listening room is a very specialised product.

    1. Kal Rubinson

      Kal Rubinson

      Only possible if you can think beyond of the horizontal plane. 😊  Yes, that was a slip of the tongue/finger. 


      Of course, one can physically arrange the speakers+MLP in an equilateral triangle but then a speaker toe-in of 45° would have them aimed to have their axes cross in front of the MLP (Blumlein?).   So, yes, the toe-in for the recommended equilateral arrangement was more like 30°.  I generally preferred a more distant seat with commensurate toe-in adjustment.


      The D&Ds were surprisingly tolerant of these options.


    2. adamdea


      Apologies for the pedantry. They do look interesting. I suspect that  some on this forum would be put off by the 24khz brick wall filter.

    3. Kal Rubinson

      Kal Rubinson

      Can they hear it? 🙄


      I get similar objections to converting DSD to PCM @24/176.4 so that I can do convolutions/DSP. 

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