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  1. My question was an honest request for possible help in an area which is not in my skill-set (computers). I can make it work, but not at its best without restarting the tracks when they are from different CDs. It is not all that subtle - I have demo'd it to various listeners and all could hear it easily. Not sure why you cannot offer a helpful suggestion rather than an uninformed diatribe. However, having just seen your system set-up in your profile, I think I may know why after all. 🤔 You can have the last word...
  2. Not at all. Musical engagement - when it can be even greater - is the reason for pursuing this issue. On another board, I mentioned that the level on some transients - when the track is replayed after a few seconds - appear to be slightly louder, enough that I might try to measure it at my listening seat. I could say that your response is "just silly", but you are certainly entitled it to your opinion, no matter how crudely stated.
  3. I wrote about this phenomenon a bit over 10 years ago in Get Better Sound, referring to how many CD players & transports sounded better if you let them play a bit and then restarted the CD at the beginning. I haven't mentioned the effect with some computer sources, but it definitely exists - at least with my MBPs. Letting a track play for 10 seconds or so - then restarting it - is not subtle. This is irregardless of what track preload settings I can make with Audirvana. I also use Maintain's Cocktail to help me eliminate unwanted/unneeded processes. Also, restarting the computer (which clears the used ram), and clearing all caches still makes no difference with this effect. In other words, EACH track sounds better if played briefly and then restarted. Thought I would come out of the frustration closet and see if anyone can suggest a fix, while staying with the MBPs, which I need when traveling for RoomPlay voicing sessions...
  4. Thanks Johnseye! Paul did reply to my e-mail inquiry about adding two more components. Apparently it's not possible without essentially rebuilding it...
  5. Is there an owner's manual for the SR-7? I would like to add two more power-supply-needy components to it - currently only using 2 of the 4 outlets, but don't know how to do it.
  6. Is there a program that will allow reversing of absolute polarity in tracks from recordings that are incorrect? I know how to do it with Audirvana & Pure Music (both using iTunes), but my new Small Green Computer doesn't use them.
  7. Actually, the new Roon Nucleus might be just the thing... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pUj-yFsAHPgTuV1TbcESA4va1_mxv1M_VQPJV___nuQ/edit
  8. If I wanted to replace my stripped-down-for-music MBP with a dedicated music server to feed my DAC, what would you recommend? I do not have a network in my office/RoomPlay Reference demo room (separate bldg from house) - only in the home system..
  9. Before coming here, I had posted this on Facebook... "OH MY!!! I just talked with Charlie a few weeks ago. He was friendly & helpful - as always. He will be missed greatly. " I addition, I have owned a number of Ayre's products. They all played at a level higher than their price, IMO. RIP, Charlie
  10. It is easily audible (200+ processes running & 97% idle) compared to 64 processes running and the MBP at over 99% idle (includes Audirvana controlling some processes as well). At least it is on my system - maybe my MBP is different.
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