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  1. View Classified IsoAcoustics Gaia II Isolation Feet (2 Sets of 4) IsoAcoustics Gaia II, 2 sets of 4 footers (8 in total). Each set supports 120 lb speaker. 5 Months old. Less than 3 months in the system. Looks new. Comes with all original packaging and threads.I'll cover paypal fees at my asking price. but buyer pays shipping (from 10002). Pickup is welcome. Seller shahed99 Date 07/11/20 Price 474.00 USD Category Accessories  
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    IsoAcoustics Gaia II, 2 sets of 4 footers (8 in total). Each set supports 120 lb speaker. 5 Months old. Less than 3 months in the system. Looks new. Comes with all original packaging and threads.I'll cover paypal fees at my asking price. but buyer pays shipping (from 10002). Pickup is welcome.

    474.00 USD

  3. Gaia footers are great. Unfortunately, they helped even less than Townshend when it comes to stopping low frequency sound vibration reflecting back to the floor. However, I liked what Gaia did to my system. The sound was more relaxed and organic. At the end, there were two attribute changes I couldn't live with - i) I'd have to increase the volume to get the same level of details. The sound became darker. ii) the sound stage became wider at the expense of center stage becoming hollow. It was like a gape in the middle. Later I read an impression piece of a Stereophile writer who shared the same observation regarding shift of center stage. This goes to show how much system dependent everything is. Townshend platform is a definite step-up from Gaia in my system in all regards. However, it costs about 3X more than Gaia; making Gaia an excellent value. I'll be putting my Gaia footers on sale soon.
  4. I replaced the $2.5k worth of interconnect and speaker cables with western electric ones. The previous ones weren't tinned copper. Also, I think the duelund hook up wire takes a while to break-in.
  5. When I got to this part, my reaction was "no way!" lol. I'm also a recent owner of Townshend Podium. I bought them to placate my downstair neighbor mostly. It didn't help much in that regard. But the sound improvement was immediate and satisfying. These are the keepers. Then I read the rest of your post. What do you know, I have used DIY Duelund tinner wire in the past as my previous speakers internal wiring! But have been using Western Electric tinned copper wire everywhere (IC + SC) for few years now. Duelund hook up took the concept from W.E. popularized by Jeff Day's blog. Anyway, those DIY WE wire replaced my $2.5k worth of interconnect and speaker cables and it was an improvement. Haven't tempted to try any other brands of analog cable since then.
  6. shahed99

    HQ Player

    @fgribas +10 NAA and allocating CPU affinity has enhanced the SQ. I didn’t touch the HQP as per Miskas suggestion. I noticed that HQP was consistently executed on even numbered cores. So, I selected all other (excluding HQP, naa, Roon) processes affinity on odd numbered core. All of this has brought a nice improvement. Sound is more relaxing, less edgy, musical. Thank you!
  7. shahed99

    HQ Player

    Wow! How do you run NAA + server on the same Windows machine? Great idea btw.
  8. Using Ryzen 3950X, I'm able to upsample to DSD 48x256, ASDM7EC without breaking a sweat. It works smoothly for 24/192 PCM.
  9. shahed99

    HQ Player

    My server has Ryzen 3950X (16 core, 32 threads). Yesterday, I installed ProcessLasso and assign CPU affinity for HQPlayer and Roon. The sound improvement was immediate. I did this six years ago on my Intel 4770T and the improvement wasn't as pronounced as it is now. @Miska Can you suggest how many cores/threads I should assign to HQP? Should I also turn-off SMT for HQP? When I turn off SMT for HQP in Process Lasso, only even numbered core/threads are selected (0, 2, 4, 6, ..); probably those are on the same physical node? Would HQP also benefit from increasing priority to real-time?
  10. @sahmen Did you receive your PH silver DC cable? If so, how does it sound compare to your Ghent?
  11. Oh wow! So hybrid mode has been released? Did you have to do a firmware update?
  12. @zerung ~ $1k is a lot of money to invest on a chassis. But I'll gladly pay it if some additional criteria are met. When spending $$$ on a chassis, I'd like it to be a long term investment. Technology is changing really fast. It was unimaginable in the past but AMD is very likely to be releasing their new Zen architecture on 5nm next year. It'd allow an unprecedented number of cores/threads/clock speed/cache size ever seen on desktop PC with power efficiency to boot. If this custom Chassis is ONLY good for dual CPU SAGE mobo, that would be quite limiting. I'd hope full ATX/E-ATX mobo can also work for future compatibility. High TDP support is crucial. Most desktop powerful CPU we want has the TDP range between 95W - 105W. However, as can be seen here this TDP figures are often misleading. A 105W TDP Ryzen 3950X can reach up to 144W power consumption. You'd also need some cooling headroom on top of that. Intel's TDP is supposed to be even more misleading. High temperature causes CPU throttling. Both of which is bad for sound. I know Turemetal has customized their UP10 for 180W TDP. Given all this, it'll be fantastic if the following criteria is met (some already mentioned): 1. SAGE mobo with dual CPU support. 2. Standard full size E/ATX support. 3. Full height PCIE (at least 2). 4. HDPLEX 800W DC-ATX mounting space. 5. Single CPU support that can accommodate at least 180W TDP.
  13. Hmm makes sense. Their website currently wasn’t showing email contact information. But I’ll try later. And yes of course they have to have analog VC as oppose to digital VC in order to support DSD volume control support. But I meant whether the analog volume control is active or passive. The later doesn’t has an active circuit to amplify gain over unity. Lampizator VC would be an example of that.
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