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  1. Quick update: Adrian got back to me. Apologized for dropping the ball. But confirmed me that he's going through the orders.
  2. Thanks! I've been communicating with him through this number in the past. However, for past 1-2 months, he's completely stopped responding my text and not picking up my call.
  3. Has anyone heard from Adrian in recent weeks?
  4. I'm a big believer in optical now since that above experience. In order to completely get rid of ethernet/copper connection, I need to find a suitable replacement of my JCAT NET card. Is there any audiophile grade PCIE optical lan card? I think startech makes one but not sure their quality.
  5. The other day I fired up my system after coming from work. And the sound wasn't the same; it was harsh and fatiguing. I was surprised why it was sounding bad all of a sudden. Then it hit me - the night before I swapped out my fiber connection between my Mikrotik router and SoTm switch with a Supra ethernet cable. But I didn't have time to test the configuration as it was late and went to bed. As soon as I put back my fiber connection - the sound returned; calmer, less harsh retaining the dynamics. I bought the Planet Tech wide temp SFP last week. My single mode fiber cable didn't arrive it. But the single mode Planet SFP worked fine with my existing multimode fiber cable. The improvement was immediate. I noticed a wider soundstage, the sound was even calmer and relaxing. Once I received my single mode cable the next day, I think I noticed further improvement but I'm not sure. I'm using a single mode fiber cable of length 5m. Should I go for a 10m cable as suggested by @Nenon?
  6. @guiltyboxswapper @matthias I've a favor to ask. Can you guys please share what fiber cable are you using between the planet SFP mentioned here? Do I need to use a attenuator given they are for long distance? I've a Mikrotik router and SoTM switch and planning to use the SFP between them. Thank you!
  7. Original owner of this PPA Red SATA cable. 20cm length. Noticeable improvement, can be easily heard in a music server. Excellent bang for the buck. Buyers pay shipping. Paypal fee is included in my asking price. Pickup available from NYC (10002) https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649600784-paul-pang-ppa-studio-red-sata-cable-20cm/
  8. Add pics. Also the link to the classified from USAudioMart.
  9. Connecting Audiophile switches like SoTM or ER with the router - is everyone using SFP port lately as oppose to Ethernet cable?
  10. How do I use HqPlayer desktop with Gentoo? Is it preinstalled in the image or a shell cmd to download/install it (like AudioLinux) or a manual process?
  11. Thank you @thuandb. I've seen your helpful posts in Jplay forum I've used Phil's set_ip script and also trying to use the underlying netsh command directly. But I was having issues with internet connectivity in my attempt to set static IP in both cases. Ping <whatever server name> wasn't returning anything. But somehow DHCP works in core mode and working flawlessly so far. Unless there's sound quality benefit of moving to static ip, I'm happy to keep it as is. Core mode is honestly not complicated to setup and the sound quality gain over GUI is totally worth it.
  12. Thanks Phil! I forgot to update that I was able to install WS2019 core mode just going through the guide you wrote. It was actually quite easy. Thank you for writing something so comprehensive. Only issue I had was with setting up static IP for my JCAT NET Card. For whatever reason, it seems to be using DHCP and working fine. Is there a downside of using DHCP in core mode? My system is quite resolving. Having tried WS2019 GUI mode before, I'd say this - the difference between core and GUI in WS2019 is easily discernible. Core mode is quite a bit more transparent, less lean and the sound is purer and more intimate. I'm really liking it so far!
  13. shahed99

    HQ Player

    Yes, I'm aware of it and took full advantage of the trial features. However, you can never predict how your usage situation might change. We are not asking for a refund rather some sort of transfer of license. HQP4 price is pretty steep and that makes it even more necessary for the end users.
  14. @AudioPhil I know you've written nice pdf guide for the various Windows versions. However, I was wondering if you've a step-by-step guide for installing WS 2019 in core mode? I need to run Roon server and HQPlayer Desktop on it. WS 2019 GUI is very simple but I've not ventured in to core mode yet. WS 2019 GUI didn't sound as good to me as WS 2016. But I'm going to take another stab at WS2019 but this time in core mode. Hopefully I'm using the right build as well.
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