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  1. If you want the full story, Pitchfork just published a detailed back story on this here.
  2. They are donating the proceedings from this to Extinction Rebellion!
  3. I went to my Router OS (mikrotik) web interface and turned it off but still stuttering.. not sure if thats the right way to do it.
  4. oh interesting! where do i check flow control for SoTM switch?
  5. When I change my ethernet speed to 100Mbps on AL+NUC (used as endpoint) , the music starts stuttering and becomes unlistenable. However, my server (running WS2016), ethernet speed is set to 100Mbps the whole time and works just fine (even when in a single server setup). Not sure if this OS issue or dual PC setup issue. Anyone has encountered something similar?
  6. Just saw the following on the Windows Server installation requirement on microsoft site. I want to install WS 2019 GUI. From their official statement, it seems 32GB would be pushing it? " Be aware that 32 GB should be considered an absolute minimum value for successful installation. This minimum should allow you to install Windows Server 2019 in Server Core mode, with the Web Services (IIS) server role. A server in Server Core mode is about 4 GB smaller than the same server in Server with a GUI mode. The system partition will need extra space for any of the following circumstances: If you install the system over a network. Computers with more than 16 GB of RAM will require more disk space for paging, hibernation, and dump files. "
  7. Anyone installed Windows Server 2019 on a NUC? I'm planning to use an optane drive in my NUC. Wondering if 32GB is enough or should I go for 64GB? Also, how easy/hard it is to install WS2019 in core mode in NUC used exclusively as audiopc and HQP NAA? If it seems flaky, I would stick to WS2019 GUI.
  8. I currently use Windows Server 2016 optimized with AudioPhile Optimizer and also have AudioLinux. They are both good. However, in my system WS 2016 outperforms AudioLinux in a meaningful way - more dynamic, weighty, richer and musical. AudioLinux sounds more detailed and lean. I hear that WS 2019 with upcoming AO is really really good and better than WS 2016. I'm curious if any Euphony user has experience with comparing to Windows Server 2016/2019? If so, what was the impression?
  9. Can anyone recommend which Optane drive to use with my NUC 7i7DNHE? I was looking into this one on amazon and the compatibility tool there says it's not sure if Intel NUC is compatible with that particular Optane.
  10. I decreased my ethernet speed to 100Mbps on Windows Server 2016. I noticed a calmer and more relax presentation. Very nice!
  11. shahed99

    HQ Player

    I'm planning to upgrade to HQP 4 from version 3.xx. However, I use Windows Server 2016 and planning to move to WS 2019. Is anyone having compatibility issues when it comes to HQPlayer 4 on WS 2016/2019? My current version HQPlayer 3.xx runs fine on WS 2016. @Miska I've been trying to get coupon code but getting std::exception due to having old key file. I've reached out to you through email and PM here. It's probably buried between many other messages you've been getting. Please let me know how to get a coupon code for users who have old key file.
  12. @lmitche Thanks for the repot. For an ideal PSU to power the i7 NUC, how much headroom/max current supply capability is ideal? In that regard, do you think SR4 has enough of that headroom? Is something like 3.5A is enough for i7 NUC?
  13. That seems to be the case. When You/Rajiv and others reported the finding in regards to NUC, it was mind blowing. Mostly because, how can an-off-the shelf hardwire can sound better than purpose built music server. The fact that NUC without any modification holds up so well to a purpose built music server is astounding. I wish I had spare PSU lying around to test these scenarios. It would have been very educational. I've no doubt the NUC would scale really well with great power supplies like that. I've used my motherboards standard integrated USB port and the sound is frankly unlistenable. Goes to show, how good the USB output of the NUC is. However, not sure if the clock improvement is the only thing to close the delta. As the SoTM USB PCI-E has other things like filters and special voltage regulators. If I end up keeping my NUC, I will either use Windows Server on it (if possible) or try the Euphony. You and Rajiv reported that adding a NUC (with no clock modification) as a Roon endpoint to a high quality server like Innuos Zenith was an improvement in sound quality compare to using the Innuos alone. My custom built server I'm sure is not as good as Innuos. But still, it sounds better on its own comparing to AL/NUC endpoint. That has left my head scratching. Many of you got great result with the unmodified NUC using it as Roon endpoint compare to stand alone server. That is not the case in my situation. That is why I'm in a dilemma doing the clock upgrade and better PSU no doubt will yield a better sound quality but whether the ROI would be worth it. I think I might try installing Windows Server on the NUC and see the result. As a side question: May told me that it is possible to install sCLK-EX inside the NUC but would have to remove the 2 USB connection from the front of the case. Do you think there's added benefit of having a dedicated sCLK-EX inside rather than through USB Ultra?
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