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  1. This! Couldn't agree more. Our system, ears and personal preferences are obviously different. So there's no absolute in this. I'll be brief. For years, I've been using Windows Server optimized with AudioPhileOptimizer in my highly tweaked music server with i7 CPU (dated at this point). Last year, I installed AudioLinux (boot from USB on the same server) - my first foray into Linux. It was exactly like you described, good soundstage, lots of details and extension. But the richer texture, full bodied sound that I get from Windows Server was missing. After tweaking AL for months, I gave up and went back to Windows Server again. Last month, I tried Euphony only for few days. Really impressed with how good the whole package is. More dynamic and musical than AL. Didn't try Euphony's 100% file caching but overall while it sounded better than AL but fell short compare to Windows Server optimized with AO. There's something about this dryness in Linux sound, it gets fatiguing. I've used Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019. In my ears, Windows Server 2016 is the one to get (esp if you are using AO which is a must for Windows). To my ears, WS2016 smoother and organic sounding than WS2012 and WS2019.
  2. I've following items for sale: 1. SoTM clock modified (with 3 clock taps from SOtM tX-USBultra) NUC 7i7DNHE. 2. Maxed out SoTM tx-USBUltra 9V. Can be switched to 12V by taking out a jumper. Following upgrade were done by SoTM: - enable 3 sCLK-EX clock tabs(from the tX-USbultra) for NUC- Make SMB connections- Evox cap on tX-USBultra- 7N UPOCC copper stranded wire changes- Master clock input(50ohm)- eABS-200 I paid USD $1300 for the upgrade cost alone. The NUC comes with following: 1. Memory: 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400Mhz 2. Storage: Intel Optane SSD 800P 58GB (with Windows Server 2019 Evaluation installed with AO 3.0) 3. 65W AC Adapter. 4. Processor: Intel Quad Core i7-8650U 1.9Ghz up to 4.2Ghz Turbo Mode 5. Integrated Wi-Fi support. 6. All the necessary short SMB cables. This works out of the box. Powerful enough to be a stand alone server with HQPlayer upsampling. And of course as a world class streamer! Easily bootable with AudioLinux and Euphony or use the installed WS 2019. You'll have to pay significantly more to get this quality of a music server/streamer. I'm asking $1999 + shipping from 10002. Please add 3% to the total if you are using paypal non-gift option. Pickup is welcome. I'm in NYC/Lower Manhattan. I also have the following to sell: 1. Lush^2 USB cable, 40 CM - $195 2. AudioLinux headless - $30 I will take better picture if desired by a serious buyer.
  3. shahed99

    HQ Player

    @Miska Thank you! I've sent you email with my old key from my order address.
  4. shahed99

    HQ Player

    @Miska I reinstalled my HQP version 3.x. However, I can't seem to register. I've the old key. Online key conversion tool to XML on your site doesn't work. Please HELP!
  5. I've heard stories of frustrating experience dealing with Adrian/TLS. I consider myself lucky given that my communication was timely with him and I received the unit around when it was promised. My Ref1 worked flawlessly out of the box. However, I was not bowled over as it was only marginally better than SoTM sPS-500, LPS 1.2. It improved quite a bit after burning for 100+ hours and surpassed those aforementioned PSU by quite a margin. My Ref1 comes with teflon PCB and Vishay resistor. Yesterday, Adrian told me that proper break-in would be around 200 hours. So, I've around 100 more hours to go. Currently, I'm using it through a Equi=Core 1800 balanced power conditioner. According, to Adrian I should use directly to the wall outlet to maximize the performance. I'm yet to try that. Will report back after later.
  6. I'm probably one of the first person to have Adrian's latest re-designed PSU that supposedly closes the gap. Given that I do not have access to a SR7, I've no idea.
  7. I also recently received a custom spec TLS Ref 1 PSU from Adrian. I've not used other highly regarded PSU like SR7. However, compare to my other PSUs like LPS 1.2 , SoTM sPS-500, and various Teradak/chinese custom PSU - TLS Ref1 is quite a bit better. Which is expected given it costs almost as much as the SR7 without the years of wait time. I waited almost 6 months for the Ref1. However, I agreed to the delay as Adrian was doing R&D to close the gap with SR7.
  8. If you want the full story, Pitchfork just published a detailed back story on this here.
  9. They are donating the proceedings from this to Extinction Rebellion!
  10. I went to my Router OS (mikrotik) web interface and turned it off but still stuttering.. not sure if thats the right way to do it.
  11. oh interesting! where do i check flow control for SoTM switch?
  12. When I change my ethernet speed to 100Mbps on AL+NUC (used as endpoint) , the music starts stuttering and becomes unlistenable. However, my server (running WS2016), ethernet speed is set to 100Mbps the whole time and works just fine (even when in a single server setup). Not sure if this OS issue or dual PC setup issue. Anyone has encountered something similar?
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