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  1. following this thread with great interest but still waiting for the wifi update before i commit to buy . does anybody have an update when wifi integration can be expected to be available ? i heard end of the month but it looks like it won't be before the new year???
  2. Hi Chris, i am using a DEQX for digital x over, speaker correction, room correction and DAC. i am considering using the weiss int 202, or the dac 2 for connection via firewire. dac will be done by the deqx or if i use the dac2 the signal from the deqx will be fed back to the dac2. another option would be an asynchronous usb to spdif converter between the server and the DEQX, but i have not done a lot of research in that field and consider the weiss the better option(?) but if you can recommend something similar for usb to spdif, i am all ears. i would like it to be able to play high resolu
  3. Hi Chris you say: I am very close to moving to a battery powered laptop based system as one of my music servers. i am looking for a music server and started reading about the different options. what would be your recommendation? battery powered laptop (which one ) versus custom built server like the CAPS ? many thanks malcolm
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