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  1. There's no metadata to "correct", as the new info does not overwrite your local music files (unless you change the appropriate setting in Preferences).
  2. This is a pretty egregious example. But as I mentioned earlier, while this is really aggravating, it's really just an aesthetic thing for me, as I have no difficulty finding anything I want to play and I know who the artists are. Nevertheless, I hope Damien implements an option to NOT display the added MusicBrainz metadata (or just not have it "analyze" the files altogether).
  3. Now it’s not doing it—it’s behaving as it should. Coincidentally, it has just finished “analyzing” my files, so maybe that had something to do with it? Anyway, I withdraw my complaint!
  4. Interesting way of filing, Jud--thanks! All of my PCM files are in Apple Music (formerly iTunes), which, using the "Grouping" category, organizes everything nicely for me. My DSD files (which Apple Music doesn't handle) are in separate folders by album. I utilize the "grouping" category for them as well, so that everything combines (almost) nicely in AS. I have no problem finding anything in AS, even if the Artist metadata is messed up, mainly because it's all sorted using the "grouping" category. So....it's mainly an aesthetic thing for me not liking the MusicBrainz info added by AS. As I
  5. I'm on Big Sur 11.4. Sigh...........
  6. Installed the 1.5 update (macOS) yesterday, and it seems that an old problem has returned: when scrolling in "Albums" view and clicking an album (to view its contents or whatever) and then clicking the back arrow to return to Albums view, the page goes back to the top instead of back to where you had left off. Damien, please fix!
  7. This used to happen with me regularly with 3.5, but after reducing the "Max memory allocated for tracks pre-load" (in Preferences) to about 3000 MB, the drop-outs went away. (I had previously set this much higher but the dropouts still occurred; seems counterintuitive that a lower setting would work better.) This setting carried over to AS when I installed it, so my DSD25 files still play without hiccups.
  8. I believe it is. As I’ve recently discovered, it seems that only the “Artist” field (as opposed to “Album Artist”) is affected in that it appends the MusicBrainz metadata to whatever you’ve already entered in that field. It doesn’t modify your music files (unless you select this option), only its own .SQLite database. Trouble is, there’s no way to have it NOT display this extra metadata as far as I’ve been able to determine. Many of us here have taken great pains to ensure that our self-entered metadata is in a consistent and specific format, and the MusicBrainz Info is anything but. And it’s
  9. Apologies if this has been covered already, but I’ve just installed AS for the first time (v1.4) a couple of days ago, and suddenly it's showing duplicate tracks for most of my albums. Furthermore, most of these duplicates (but not all) have different entries in the “artist” field, usually *in addition* to what I’ve meticulously entered previously. Take the following as an example: In this instance, the “Artist” was previously entered as “Reiner/CS”. AS not only duplicated the tracks, but it also added “Sidney Harth (Violin), Fritz Reinter (sic), Chicago Symphony Orche
  10. I saw that post too, so it gives me hope. I've refrained from installing AS so far, as I don't want it adding metadata to my files (about 6TB worth). Once we're given a choice as to whether this happens or not, I'll take the plunge.
  11. Will it have the ability to have multiple libraries (NOT using them at the same time)? In iTunes/Apple Music, there’s an option to select which library you want to use upon launch of the app. AFAIK, you can’t do this with 3.5 (not easily, at least) and it would be great if this feature were in Studio.
  12. Philips might not have been an “audiophile label” per se, but for me they produced some of the very finest-sounding recordings of the analog era, particularly during the mid- and late 70’s. The Haitink/Concertgebouw recordings of that time, for example, still sound better to me than most hi-res stuff coming out today.
  13. Thanks so much for this. This album flew completely under my radar when it was released, primarily because it wasn’t made available on ProStudioMasters and HDtracks, my main go-to sites for new hi-res releases. It’s still not available on those sites, but I downloaded it via Qobuz (for a very good price). Just played the first two sonatas, and they were superb!
  14. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, or if it’s even an issue for others, but scrolling in the main library window is not smooth at all, with lots of delays and hesitations as the window refreshes with all the album covers. This has been an issue for me with all iterations of 3.5 (and not a problem with 3.2.x). Now admittedly I’m using an oldish laptop (early-2011 MBP, High Sierra) but the scrolling should be smoother than this, I think. Otherwise, I’m pretty satisfied with 3.5!
  15. Album of the Last Several Evenings, to be more precise. I have to admit that Beethoven’s quartets, especially the late ones, have been a tough nut for me to crack, and I’ve never been able to really get “into” them, despite my love for most of Beethoven’s other work. Nevertheless, I decided to sit down and really LISTEN to them, in succession. The Blu-ray Audio disc of this release made this task easy—all 16 quartets are on a single BDA—and all I can say is that it was a revelation, both in terms of the music itself (what a genius Beethoven was!) and the extremely high level of committed pl
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