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  1. Album of the Last Several Evenings, to be more precise. I have to admit that Beethoven’s quartets, especially the late ones, have been a tough nut for me to crack, and I’ve never been able to really get “into” them, despite my love for most of Beethoven’s other work. Nevertheless, I decided to sit down and really LISTEN to them, in succession. The Blu-ray Audio disc of this release made this task easy—all 16 quartets are on a single BDA—and all I can say is that it was a revelation, both in terms of the music itself (what a genius Beethoven was!) and the extremely high level of committed playing on the part of the Takacs. Fabulous!
  2. Hmmm... I don't see it there. I do see where I can specify multiple folders for my (single) library, and this is what I do currently. But what I want is the ability to have a choice between different libraries (each pointing to its own set of folders). In other words, there's some music I have that I do not want mixed in with my other music, and the only way I see to do this to have 2 (or more) distinct libraries. iTunes allows this (by holding down the Option key when launching it); does Audirvana?
  3. Apologies if this has been asked before, but does A+ allow the use of multiple music libraries? I have some music files on a separate HDD that I do not want commingled with my main music files and it would be great if I could have them in a separate library for A+ to access. Of course, iTunes allows you to create different libraries that can be selected when holding the option key upon opening iTunes. Can this be done in A+? Thanks.
  4. Thanks so much for this article, Josh! As someone who grew up in SF during the Airplane’s heyday, I really appreciated all the insights you gave. I never thought Surrealistic Pillow had good sound quality, even on my substandard record-playing equipment at the time. Nevertheless, it’s still my favorite of theirs and, I think, their best.
  5. Yes!!! And it really sounds great in the new remastering. (I have the 96/24 download.)
  6. Just listened to the 96/24 download of the 11th, and the transition between movements is completely seamless. Good sound and performance, too (with a couple of unusual touches). I still have a soft spot for Berglund (EMI), Haitink (Decca), and Stokowski (EMI), though.
  7. Thank you!!! I actually saw an “offer” price of just $14.50, so I nabbed it. It’s highly unlikely that it’ll be cheaper via HDtracks or ProStudioMasters.
  8. Yep—my situation exactly. Hoping the hi-res version will be made available to those of us in the US soon!
  9. Haven’t heard it yet. Still hoping to download a hi-res version. I really don’t want to download a CD-quality version, but I’ll do it if it turns out to be the only option.
  10. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this new recording, which was finally released on July 6. But it appears that, unlike previous releases in the series, no hi-res downloadable version has been made available (at least on HDtracks, ProStudioMasters, and Presto). Does anyone have inside information on why this is so? I can’t believe that it was recorded in 44.1/16 only.
  11. One of the all-time great Eroicas and an excellent remastering job by Sony, taming the steeliness/edginess from previous CD incarnations. (I got the 24/192 download from HDtracks.)
  12. Excellent info -- many thanks, Jared!!! (I think I'll try the DXD version.) Russell
  13. Reviving this old thread since the recording in question (Mendelssohn's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream') has finally been released on NativeDSD.com (https://channelclassics.nativedsd.com/albums/37418-mendelssohn-overture-and-incidental-music-to-a-midsumer-nights-dream). I see that it's been released in all three DSD resolutions (64, 128, 256) as well as in DXD. The question is: which version to download? Which version (Grimm or Horus, 64fs or 256fs) was ultimately used? To further confuse matters, clicking 'tech specs' on the page reveals that the recording type & bit rate was 64fs. Can anyone connected with Channel (Brian, Tom, Ted) respond?
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