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  1. HQPlayer Convolution Questions
    HQPlayer Convolution Questions

    Hi Guys, I have questions about how HQP works with convolution filters. @mitchco's Accurate Sound service created my filters and they work perfect in Roon and JRiver. Now when I use them in HQP I don't quite understand what's happening because they don't work the same way. 


    In Roon and JRiver, I just add the filters, set the volume to max, and call it a day.


    In HQP there is more going on that I just don't understand and it has an impact on the sound. I believe it's related to limiting and gain, but I'm at a loss. I'll explain it as best I can below.


    I added the filters via HQP (see below). I don't understand what IR gain means and why it says -8.64216 dB.





    When playing music and the volume is set to 0 dBFS, I see the volume "knob" turns red and the Limited counter is incremented each time. I don't know what's really going on here and if this happens with and without convolution filters. 







    When listening with the convolution filters, there can be a serious high frequency cut off. @Miska said this is related to the limiting listed in the HQP interface. I guess I don't understand why this only happens in HQP. 


    I'm very confused and would love to understand it more so I can write an accurate article on what I'm doing and write a how-to article for others. 


    Thanks to anyone who can help.

  2. RAAL-requisite SR1a Has Landed
    RAAL-requisite SR1a Has Landed

    Hi Guys - Here is a new thread for the SR1a, rather than clouding up the Schiit Jotunheim R thread. Mine arrived today, but the temp outside is -2 F, so they are a bit cold from the back of the UPS truck. 



  3. Album of the Evening
    Album of the Evening

    I recently started listening to one complete album from start to finish every evening. It's really great to sit down, no Internet, no phone, no iPhone, no i-anything and close my evening out with uninterrupted music. There's nothing like closing out each day on a great note, no pun intended.


    I want to start this thread for people interested in doing the same thing. Listening to an album every evening and posting simply the artist and album information. Doesn't have to be a picture or the cover or a link or anything. It's more about enjoying this wonderful hobby.


    I'll start with my Album of the Evening for tonight:


    Artist: Boston

    Album: Boston


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