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  1. Three Blind Mice Supreme Collection 1500 Release Dates and Links To Purchase
    Three Blind Mice Supreme Collection 1500 Release Dates and Links To Purchase

    Hi Guys, I figure I'd start a thread just for the release dates of the TBM Supreme Collection 1500 and include links on how to purchase for those of us outside of Disk Union's area. If you have other links for where to buy this stuff, and you think they should be included, post them below and I'll update this first post. 


    This is a work in progress. I'll update as I have more info and I will go back to the first releases from 2019 and fill those in for the people who still need to purchase those CDs. 



    Three Blinc Mice Supreme Collection 1500 1-4.jpg


    August 7, 2019

    CMRS-0033 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - Misty (TBM 30) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0034 Masayuki Takayanagi - Ginparis Session (TBM 9) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0035  Isao Suzuki Quartet - Orang-Utan (TBM 44) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0036 Hidefumi Toki Quartet - Toki (TBM 46) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0037 Kosuke Mine Quintet - Mine (TBM 1) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0038 Hiroshi Fukumura Quintet - Morning Flight (TBM 19) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0039 Terumasa Hino Quintet - Live! (TBM 17) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0040 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - Summer Time (TBM 69) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0041 Koji Moriyama With The Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - Night And Day (TBM 58) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0042 Ayako Hosokawa - Mr. Wonderful (TBM 3008) (DiscsJapan)


    September 4, 2019

    CMRS-0043 Isao Suzuki - Blow Up (TBM 15) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0044 Kunihiko Sugano Trio+1 - Love Is Many Splendored Thing (TBM 26) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0045 Hino Motohiko - Sailing Ice (TBM 61) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0046 Takao Uematsu - Debut (TBM 3) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0047 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - Midnight Sun (TBM 5009) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0048 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - The In Crowd (TBM 52) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0049 Masayuki Takayanagi - Cool Jojo +4 (TBM 5018) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0050 George Otsuka - Go On (TBM 13) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0051 Kunimitsu Inaba / Sadanori Nakamure - Conversation (TBM 43) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0052 Nakamoto Mari - Mari Nakamoto 3 (TBM 56) (DiscsJapan)


    October 9, 2019

    CMRS-0053 Isao Suzuki Quartet - Bule City (TBM 24) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0054 Masaru Imada Trio - Green Caterpillar (TBM 39) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0055 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - Midnight Sugar (TBM 23) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0056 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio With Strings - Star Dust (TBM 3009) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0057 Yoshio Otomo Quartet - Moon Ray (TBM 3007) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0058 Nao Wada Quartet & Sextet - Coco`S Blues (TBM 12) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0059 Takashi Mizuhashi Quartet - When A Man Loves A Woman (TBM 28) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0060 Masayuki Takayanagi - Lonely Woman (PAP 25030 ) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0061 Koji Moriyama & Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - Smile (TBM 5002) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0062 Mari Nakamoto - Unforgettable (TBM 21) (DiscsJapan)


    November 13, 2019

    CMRS-0063 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto - Girl Talk (TBM 59) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0064 Isao Suzuki - Black Orpheus (TBM 63) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0065 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto - Live At Misty (TBM 37) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0066 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto - Blues For Tee (TBM 41) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0067 Masayuki Takayanagi - Free Form Suite (TBM 10) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0068 Tatsuya Takahashi & Tokyo Union - Scandinavian Suite (TBM 1005) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0069 Isao Suzuki - Ako'S Dream (TBM 76) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0070 Takashi Mizuhashi - Who Cares (TBM 31) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0071 Teruo Nakamura & The Rising Sun - Unicorn (TBM 18) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0072 Kimiko Kasai & Kosuke Mine - Yellow Carcass In The Blue (TBM 8 ) (DiscsJapan)





    Three Blinc Mice Supreme Collection 1500 5.jpg


    August 19, 2020
    CMRS-0081 Isao Suzuki & His Fellows ‎– Touch (TBM 57) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0082 Masaru Imada Trio ‎– Standards (TBM 77) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0083 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio ‎– Live in Montreux (TBM(P) 5019) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0084 Shoji Yokouchi Quartet Featuring Toru Konishi ‎– Blonde On The Rocks (TBM 65) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0085 Mari Nakamoto With Shoji Yokouchi Trio And Yuri Tashiro ‎– Little Girl Blue (TBM 33) (DiscsJapan)




    Three Blinc Mice Supreme Collection 1500 6.jpg

    September 23, 2020
    CMRS-0086 Shuko Mizuno, Toshiyuki Miyama & The New Herd Plus All-Star Guests ‎– Shuko Mizuno's "Jazz Orchestra '73" (TBM 1001) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0087 Masaru Imada Quartet ‎– Now!! (TBM 2) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0088 Isao Suzuki Quartet + 1 ‎– All Right! (TBM 36) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0089 Toya, Shigeko With The Imada, Masaru Trio ‎– Toya, Shigeko With The Imada, Masaru Trio (TBM 11) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0090 Hideto Kanai Quintet ‎– Concierto De Aranjuez (TBM 5012) (DiscsJapan)



    Three Blinc Mice Supreme Collection 1500 7.jpg

    October 21, 2020
    CMRS-0091 Masaru Imada & George Mraz ‎– Alone Together (TBM 5003) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0092 Naosuke Miyamoto Sextet ‎– Step! (TBM 20) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0093 George Otsuka Quintet ‎– Physical Structure (TBM 62) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0094 Hidehiko Matsumoto Quartet ‎– Sleepy (TBM 74) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0095 Isoo Fukui Quartet ‎– Sunrise/Sunset (TBM 78) (DiscsJapan)



    Three Blind Mice Supreme Collection 1500 8.jpg

    November 25, 2020
    CMRS-0096 Mari Nakamoto With Shoji Yokouchi Trio / Sextet ‎– Mari (TBM 3005) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0097 Kosuke Mine Quintet ‎– 2nd Album (TBM 4) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0098 Shigeko Toya ‎– Fine And Mellow (TBM 16) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0099 Kenji Mori Quartet ‎– Firebird (TBM 3003) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0100 Masaru Imada ‎– Masaru Imada Piano (TBM 60) (DiscsJapan)




    December 16, 2020
    CMRS-0101 Sunao Wada Quartet Featuring Isao Suzuki And Masaru Imada ‎– Blues-Blues-Blues (TBM 5001) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0102 Imada, Masaru Solo & Trio ‎– Poppy (TBM 14) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0103 Fumio Karashima Trio ‎– Gathering (TBM 3004) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0104 Yuji Imamura & Air ‎– Air (TBM 3006) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0105 Yoshiko Goto With Takashi Mizuhashi Quartet ‎– Day Dream (TBM 40) (DiscsJapan)




    January 20, 2021
    CMRS-0106 Shunzo Ohno Quintet ‎– Maya (TBM CD 5037) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0107 Masaru Imada Trio ‎– One For Duke (TBM 47) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0108 Shoji Yokouchi Trio Plus Yuri Tashiro ‎– Greensleeves (TBM 5011) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0109 Yoshio Otomo/Hidefumi Toki Alto-Madness ‎– Lover Man (TBM 51) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0110 Kanai,Hideto Group ‎– Q (TBM 6) (DiscsJapan)




    February 24, 2021
    CMRS-0111 Sanae Mizushima ‎– You've Got A Friend (TBM 50) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0112 Jimmy, Yoko & Shin ‎– Sei Shonagon (TBM 4001) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0113 Bingo Miki & Inner Galaxy Orchestra ‎– Back To The Sea (TBM 5010) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0114 "Sleepy" Matsumoto Quartet ‎– Samba De Sun (TBM(P) 5014) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0115 Hideo Ichikawa Trio ‎– Tomorrow (TBM 73) (DiscsJapan)





    July 21, 2021

    CMRS-0121 Sunao Wada - Blues World (TBM 25) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0122 Toshiyuki Miyama - Gallery (TBM(P)-5016) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0123 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto - Now's The Time (TBM 29) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0124 Nobuo Hara ‎– Active Volcano (TBM(P) 5017) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0125 Allan Praskin ‎– Encounter (TBM 7) (DiscsJapan)





    August 18, 2021

    CMRS-0126 Masaru Imada - Yokohama Concert (TBM 22) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0127 Hideto Kanai - Ode to Birds (TBM 45) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0128 Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet - Diggin (TBM 5) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0129 Shuko Mizuno ‎– The World of Shuko Mizuno (TBM 70) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0130 Kunio Ota ‎– My Back Pages (TBM 3002) (DiscsJapan)





    September 22, 2021

    CMRS-0131 Toshiyuki Miyama - Sunday Thing (TBM 67) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0132 Sunao Wada Quintet - Four Scenes (TBM 75) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0133 Takashi Furuya - Solitude (TBM 38) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0134 Seiichi Nakamura - Adventure In My Dream (TBM 53) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0135 Sachi Hayasaka - Straight To The Core (TBM CD 1834) (DiscsJapan)





    October 20, 2021

    CMRS-0136 Tatsuya Takahashi - Maiden Voyage (TBM 3001) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0137 Masaru Imada - Remember Love (TBM 5007) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0138 Tee & Company - Sonnet (TBM 5004) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0139 Tee & Company - Dragon Garden (TBM 5006) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0140 Tee & Company - Spanish Flower (TBM 5008) (DiscsJapan)





    November 24, 2021

    CMRS-0141 Bingo Miki - Montreux Cyclone (TBM(P) 1801~2) (DiscsJapan )

    CMRS-0142 Kenji Mori Quintet - Bebop '82 (PAP-25021) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0143 George Kawaguchi - The Big 4 (TBM 66) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0144 Shigeko Totani & Mari Nakamoto - Shigeko & Mari (TBM 71) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0145 Masayuki Takayanagi - Moers New Jazz Festival '80 (TBM(P) 5023) (DiscsJapan)








    February 19, 2020

    Ayako Hosokawa Collection

    CMRS-0042 Ayako Hosokawa ‎– Mr. Wonderful (TBM 3008) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0079 Ayako Hosokawa - Call Me (TBM 5013) (DiscsJapan)

    CMRS-0078 Ayako Hosokawa - No Tears (TBM 5005) (DiscsJapan)
    CMRS-0080 Ayako Hosokawa - Whisper Of Love (TBM-CD-5039) (DiscsJapan)


  2. HQPlayer Convolution Questions
    HQPlayer Convolution Questions

    Hi Guys, I have questions about how HQP works with convolution filters. @mitchco's Accurate Sound service created my filters and they work perfect in Roon and JRiver. Now when I use them in HQP I don't quite understand what's happening because they don't work the same way. 


    In Roon and JRiver, I just add the filters, set the volume to max, and call it a day.


    In HQP there is more going on that I just don't understand and it has an impact on the sound. I believe it's related to limiting and gain, but I'm at a loss. I'll explain it as best I can below.


    I added the filters via HQP (see below). I don't understand what IR gain means and why it says -8.64216 dB.





    When playing music and the volume is set to 0 dBFS, I see the volume "knob" turns red and the Limited counter is incremented each time. I don't know what's really going on here and if this happens with and without convolution filters. 







    When listening with the convolution filters, there can be a serious high frequency cut off. @Miska said this is related to the limiting listed in the HQP interface. I guess I don't understand why this only happens in HQP. 


    I'm very confused and would love to understand it more so I can write an accurate article on what I'm doing and write a how-to article for others. 


    Thanks to anyone who can help.

  3. RAAL-requisite SR1a Has Landed
    RAAL-requisite SR1a Has Landed

    Hi Guys - Here is a new thread for the SR1a, rather than clouding up the Schiit Jotunheim R thread. Mine arrived today, but the temp outside is -2 F, so they are a bit cold from the back of the UPS truck. 



  4. Album of the Evening
    Album of the Evening

    I recently started listening to one complete album from start to finish every evening. It's really great to sit down, no Internet, no phone, no iPhone, no i-anything and close my evening out with uninterrupted music. There's nothing like closing out each day on a great note, no pun intended.


    I want to start this thread for people interested in doing the same thing. Listening to an album every evening and posting simply the artist and album information. Doesn't have to be a picture or the cover or a link or anything. It's more about enjoying this wonderful hobby.


    I'll start with my Album of the Evening for tonight:


    Artist: Boston

    Album: Boston


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