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  1. I had a stub collection but the ink disappeared off most of them.
  2. You must be kidding. That was my first concert ever!!!!!!!! 8th grade. Met Center. Motley Crue. Got picked up at the Thunderbird by my friend’s mom after the show.
  3. The Pearl Jam fan club treats its members nice. The service fee is from ticket master. Each ticket was $103.
  4. Just found out I got tickets to the NYC show at Madison Square Garden on March 30, 2020!!!
  5. Thanks for the kind words and please thank Tom / @DuckToller. He puts a ton off work into what he does for Audiophile Style.
  6. SR would laugh because polishing those pieces would enable a 10x price increase 😁
  7. Hold that album cover up into a mirror. It's terrific.
  8. You guys wouldn't believe how the album sounds in my room right now. It's absolutely incredible.
  9. I have the 24/48 DVD rip and it sounds wonderful! Looking for a rip of the 2019 vinyl release though. Probably has better dynamic range.
  10. The cool thing is that most people like the way you disagree with “questionable” reviews in such a civil way. I will enthusiastically read all your criticism of my work because of who you are as a person (nice, genuine, honest ...) and because of how you deliver your thoughts. I’d be the happiest guy around if this site was full of disagreements that educated and entertained people, all in a civil way. That’s the optimist in me typing :~)
  11. This is my go-to place for extension cables. https://www.badassextensioncords.com/
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