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  1. The length of the tracks is 30 seconds, so it’s a sample and those are always MP3.
  2. Hey Guys, just a quick note this morning encouraging you to watch Ayre's new video about variable gain volume control. There are so many ways to control volume and it's critical to get right in a high end system. A marginal volume control will bring a good system to its knees, no matter what other components are in the system. Cheers to Ayre and its new video series Pints with Ayre. I really like the series because it's all about offering information and educating people on how and why the company does what it does. Plus, the Ayre guys are very down to Earth and knowledgable. It's
  3. Thanks so much for the thorough article @bluesman! I'm such a newbie when it comes to multichannel, but since Pearl Jam released its new album Gigaton in Dolby ATMOS, I'm close to finally jumping onboard.
  4. Ah, interesting. I've been running on a CloudKey gen 1 forever and would love to move to something better, but Ubiquiti support for RPi hasn't been very good. Aren't you running UniFi on the Dream Machine?
  5. This is like trying to call someone without a phone number. It doesn't work. Websites need your address to send you information. Plus, getting all out of sorts about this is a little over the top. We all have bigger fish to fry.
  6. The internet is full of people who'd label anything creepy. Plus, the other 1,999,997 users were totally fine with it.
  7. @AudioDoctor Did you update your UniFi system to the latest 6.20 software? This has caused major issue for people, including myself until I figured out what happened. My router was pegged at 100% after the upgrade among other things. It's all good now after some changes.
  8. One way to get the site to look the way you want is to use a chrome extension like this one - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-css/okpjlejfhacmgjkmknjhadmkdbcldfcb/related?hl=en
  9. Here's a strange one, at least in the US. Sarah Bareilles album Amidst the Chaos says Hi-Res version only available in download. That's fine. However, I didn't see a CD quality version available for streaming when looking on her artist page. I searched for the album and found the Hi-Res bonus version of the album and it's available or streaming.
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