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  1. So true. At some point one has to follow the money. Perhaps that point should be the first step in anything, including those reading what I write. I have no issues with people being skeptical and asking questions. I’m not suggesting direct payments but hey, even I’ve been asked if there was anything that could be done for me. As in, “Is there anything we can do for you?” During a conversation about @Archimago‘s article.
  2. Remember, there’s no way judge complete formats. What tracks did you listen to? also, remember that some MQA sounds far different from those who worked on the album say it should sound. If you like a flavor other than what the artist intended that’s totally OK. But, we shouldn’t mandate a flavor for everyone and that’s what MQA does.
  3. by the way, even if @Archimago released his name, do people actually think the conversation would change? Heck no. Let’s practice, how about the old guard addresses the issues as if his name is Roy Smith and he lives here on Earth. Will never happen. Those are the hard questions. Questioning his pseudonym is the easy route. Whatever happened to doing things not because they are easy but because they are hard?
  4. Find an expert on anything for a trial and I’ll find one who will say the opposite. Court system is a joke with respect to this. i.e. O.J. Simpson. Nobody supporting MQA will address any of Archimago’s facts because it wouldn’t support their narrative. Instead they go after the person. That’s quite Presidential.
  5. Hi Jim - With respect to MQA and all other objective matters, pseudonyms don't matter. 2+2=4 no matter what your name is and no matter if you're paid by the Pure PCM corporation. @Archimago is saying 2+2=4.
  6. If you only knew the real story behind the scenes. I have no hate for Meridian, just think some products don’t sound good. Ultra DAC is good.
  7. ha. They of course bought Sooloos and were too unsmart to keep it.
  8. Trust me, I’ve been wooed by Meridian many times but the demos were all ho-hum. I’ve spent time with the systems elsewhere as well. Its a neat concept but performance wise it’s a no-go for me. Dutch & Dutch smokes anything Meridian has ever made.
  9. Guess the market must be dumb if it missed these great values.
  10. Words to never be in the same sentence as Meridian. As evidenced by their continued multimillion pound losses.
  11. Just an FYI - The iFi sponsored forum has been closed. I moved the posts to the general forum. The rules of the general forum will apply to iFi as a manufacturer.
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