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  1. I must say, the amount of posts being reported as being against the objective-fi rules is astounding. However, the objectivists aren't reporting their own fellow objectivists.
  2. I’m with you 100% on this. Spending time at a friend’s place after he just “got things right” can be unforgettable. I’d love to get back out to Northern California once we return to our new normal. Perhaps a little tour of community members’ systems. Now that would be enjoyable.
  3. Thanks for the well thought out comment. As usual, I'm continually amazed at the caliber of contributors this community has and you're no exception. I remember talking to you at our get together in Berkeley back in the day. Such a fount of knowledge! I never suspected anyone would want to know more about, "what drives you in this hobby? As you continuously change/improve your system what are you looking to achieve? We know that despite its enormous success, this web site (actually more some of us, its users) also gives you headaches. What keeps you committed to it and what makes you smile at the end of a day?" I always error on the side of revealing less about myself for fear of coming off as boastful or full of myself. Anyone who knows me, know I am the absolute opposite of this and I'm an introvert who'd rather turn the focus of attention on someone or something else. I will set aside my reluctance this time because your questions and comments are so good and I know you are genuinely interested in the answers. I've had a passion for music and good sound for as long as I can remember. Music is so important to me, it's a matter of mental health. I can't imagine a life without it. In grade school I escaped to my bedroom where I'd listen from the minute I got home from school to the time I went to bed. It transported me to another place and set my imagination free. This is the foundation that pushed me into this wonderful hobby of ours. I'm continually driven by the joy music brings to my life. For the most part, this is made even better as my audio system approaches neutral. The better my system the closer I feel to the music and the better the illusion. The better the illusion the easier it is to escape into wherever the music takes me. As I make changes in my system I really shoot to remove colorations and improve transient response. That said, I also love what some colorations can do, such as tubes. I just can't live with a colored system as my main thing. I also have to competing interests of convenience and the endless HiFi journey. Sometimes I just want to sit down and click play, while at other times I want to dig into things and figure out what changes I can make to change the sound or listening process. With respect to the site and what keeps me committed, it's all about the people. Yes, I absolutely love what I do and wouldn't trade this "job" for anything, but without the great people of this community it just wouldn't be the same. As they say, the keys to the gates of heaven are also the keys to the gates of hell. The people here can drive me nuts of course, but the vast majority would give me or you the shirts off their backs. I've also met some other people in the industry that are true gems and offer great advice when I'm thinking about direction changes for the site or new features etc... For that, I'm incredibly grateful to all of you.
  4. Ok, I believe it's working now even though the audio path status box says it isn't using the JRMC audio engine.
  5. Hi Guys - I can't get JRiver Media Center (version 26.0.47) to use convolution filters when sending audio out to UPnP / DLNA renderers. The same convolution filters work for local audio devices. Has anyone got this to work? I know @jrobbins50 has the same issue. Convolution for local playback: Convolution for UPnP / DLNA playback:
  6. Because we all need to laugh a bit right now. This thread is only for laughs. I’ll start.
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