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  1. I’m not totally following, but my thing is with the seeming lack of consistency or celebration when it’s convenient and damnation when it isn’t. Personally, I’m cool with whatever people want to publish or say. I only have issues when I see what looks like hypocrisy. Thus, my quest to find out. P.S. I realize my stance in this thread could be seen as measurements are bad or that if it’s not in the audible range it doesn’t matter etc... That isn’t the case at all. This is an intellectual exercise into a topic.
  2. The whole crux of my reasoning for this thread was to seek information on why objectivists wish to celebrate that which can’t be heard but only when it suits their agenda.
  3. I’m up at a cabin near the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota. It didn’t even dawn on me to bring the RAALs with the Schiit JR. Would’ve been a great traveling combo because the JR is so compact. Instead I’m stuck with a great pair of electrostatic custom IEMs, but they aren’t the SR1a. Can’t wait to get back to my RAALs.
  4. This is pretty cool. AP enabling use of third party ASIO hardware and it starts at $3,000. https://www.ap.com/analyzers-accessories/apx500-flex/ The APx500 Flex audio analyzer—comprised of APx500 measurement software and an APx500 Flex Key—allows you to select the ASIO-capable audio interface of your choice to use along with AP’s versatile and powerful APx audio measurement software. Start with the measurement options you need now, with the freedom to add additional measurements as your test requirements evolve. The APx500 Flex brings Audio Precision innovations such as one-click measurements, code-free automation and sophisticated reporting to off-the-shelf audio interface hardware solutions. Across all measurements, the APx500 user interface is fast and intuitive. Just click to select a measurement, then click to add a filter. Drag limits to set pass/fail points right on the results graph. Effortlessly specify computations for derived results. Add defined measurements in a series and run them in an automated procedure called a Sequence. The APx generator can output steady tones, twin tones, sweeps, chirps, multitones, or play WAV files as arbitrary waveforms. Repetitive bench tests and production testing can easily be automated with the built-in measurement sequencer and saved as a project that can be used with any APx analyzer. Production Test mode provides an optional simplified operator interface with multiple run statistics, created and supervised by a manufacturing engineer. Access the API if you prefer: documentation for VB.NET, C#.NET, MATLAB and LabVIEW is included. *US MSRP, pricing may vary outside the US. ASIO-capable audio interface not included.
  5. Great. I’ll consolidate all your usernames into one and put them on read only.
  6. I don’t doubt what Mani heard, but one guy on Earth doesn’t make it fact.
  7. No way! Organic Nepali Golden Black https://youngmountaintea.com/products/nepali-golden-black :~)
  8. Yeah, same Keith Johnson. Brilliant designer. cost is something like 30 or 40k
  9. I hear ya Jussi. I purchased a “high quality” braided USB cable from Amazon and it’s junk. Works half the time. I long for the days of certified cables everywhere.
  10. Yes! I get one bar of service and the internet only works for about 20 minutes of each hour. What am I doing! Now back to listening to the loons. Second flush all the way :~)
  11. Did they “fix” stuff in the audible range or just make it look better for those who like measurements? Serious question. I know they fixed the zero crossing glitch just to appease people who looked at the measurements.
  12. Trying to get one last jab in isn’t cool and is quite sophomoric. Enough of the nonsense. The latest Spectral CD players are something to behold with respect to engineering and price. I liked my old Adcom GCD-750 with HDCD decoding as well.
  13. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 8, 2020 MAGNEPAN RELEASES FIRST PROMOTIONAL VIDEO IN ITS HISTORY HIGHLIGHTS NEW QUASI-RIBBON SPEAKER “LRS” WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN – Magnepan released a new video today, promoting its latest speaker offering – the LRS, or “Little Ribbon Speaker.” The video is available for Magnepan dealers to send to their customers, to the media (link below), and to the general public on the Magnepan YouTube video channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyjMuetVxJM The video, one-minute forty-one seconds in length, is a spoof on the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme, and presents the LRS speaker as a powerful visitor to this planet. It features the LRS speaker as the focus of the video, along with dramatic shots of the Earth from space, as well as several surprise iconic scenes that tongue-in-cheek parody the original film’s theme. The video was created for Magnepan by long-time Magneplanar speaker fan and award-winning Director Joe (“Mama”) Mason, whose directing work includes House of Cards, Blue Man Group, and other work seen on Amazon Prime Video. Mr. Mason worked in conjunction with Magnepan Marketing Manager Wendell Diller, who ensured the brand and product were represented accurately throughout the video. ”This was a fantastic opportunity for me to create something for a speaker brand I have long admired,” said Director Joe Mason. “Of course, it was a natural pairing to match an iconic film with an equally iconic speaker brand.” Wendell Diller, Magnepan Marketing Manager agreed. "I have been marketing Magneplanars for 47 years. This video captures the ‘Otherworld’ experience that so typifies the reaction of consumers to first hearing the music they love from a flat panel,” said Wendell. # # # About Magnepan Magnepan has been manufacturing innovative, world-class stereo speakers for 47 years, and is located in White Bear Lake Minnesota. Over 200,000 pairs of Magneplanar loudspeakers have been sold worldwide. Magneplanars are made in the United States.
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