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  1. We offer ad-free browsing for those who don’t want to see the advertisements that fund this site. https://audiophilestyle.com/subscriptions/
  2. You may find this helpful as well.
  3. You're the guy who judges sound quality based on YouTube videos right?
  4. Here is a link to the premium subscriptions if you want to sell in this forum. Superphonica is our real marketplace with no cost to list and 1% fee only when an item sells.
  5. Just copied from the LL site. I’m sure they can better answer your question.
  6. I hear you, but often the journey is a large part of the enjoyment.
  7. @PeterSt you’re a competing manufacturer. Your posts here (this review) are a bit over the top.
  8. Sure digital goes in and analog comes out. But I believe this DAC is very unique. Think of all the things people may value when it comes to a product of any kind. I’m not saying I value all of these, just that this DAC has differences from others with respect to these as a whole. Craftsmanship Materials Component selection Hand made Made in Europe Plus, is there another DAC with these? Not saying I value all of them, but I know some are unique to this DAC. Echo's End Reference Solid Panzerholz enclosure (it does the same thing for sensitive gear that it does for natural sound used for speakers). Grounded custom hand made carbon fiber transformer shroud (really lowers the noise floor down to incredible stability at very high frequencies, important for Jitter reduction). Cryogenically treated, solid copper, gold plated power inlet (Sound is smooth and dynamic as a result.) Most precise resistors available (we only ever use the very best ones with the very best specs available). Dual power supplies, dual Soekris boards, reprogrammed by LessLoss for dual mono configuration (this provides amazing stereo separation and a whole lot of nuance in terms of spacial presentation. Everything becomes more 3D and liquid. It is really nice when compared to a single board in normal stereo mode.) XLR output derived from four mono channels of resistor ladders (output buffering schematics completely bypassed. This is possible because one board's Right channel converts the signal in phase and the Left channel converts the same digital signal out-of-phase. The phase reversal is done still in the digital realm, so the balanced signal is digitally perfect, without noise from an output buffer. This provides amazing clarity, transparency; a holographic sound and a super low noise floor.) LessLoss special custom S/PDIF - I2S conversion schematic (developed and manufactured by LessLoss, it is much better than Soekris onboard solution). LessLoss controlled automatic digital input selection (Soekris boards receive only I2S from LessLoss board) LessLoss unique 3.3V generation for internal I2S (The USB 5V supply is discarded; and the 3.3V is made with our own power stabilizer and Firewall 64X technology. It is super smooth and stable. Makes you forget you are listening to a computer USB source!) All floating bolts point-to-point star grounded (you can see this in the picture as silver looking wires coming from bolt to bolt throughout). This lowers the internal noise reflections and makes it dead silent inside. New integrated Firewall 64X technology (6 units implemented here. This is brand new technology, the best we ever made.) C-MARC™ internal hook-up wire (All power and analogue signal leads are C-MARC™. This takes a lot of labor to prepare but we feel the results are so organic and natural with great speed but never getting tiring to the ear. Well worth the extra effort. DSD (2x) ready over USB. Plays up to 192 kHz sampling rate PCM data. Hand polished 100% natural beeswax impregnated (Looks very beautiful in real life, even smells really good, too, though never overpowering.) Will have a precision engraved brass placard on the front of the unit, with model name engraved by laser on top. Ships in a LessLoss branded water-tight flight case
  9. Wow, I look at this product as a whole, taking everything into consideration, and can’t think of another one like it.
  10. It’s way over the top. Just an illustration and a bit absurd. However, I used this to make a point. Labor costs a hugely variable. Working conditions are hugely variable. Also, I though the $10k and $5k numbers were quite arbitrary and if this DAC was that expensive, people would be asking for $1k and $500 comparisons. Bonus, a cheap Aliexpress DAC may measure well 😁
  11. $5k and $10k? Why not $5.00 and $10.00. I’m sure you can find one on Aliexpress made in a sweatshop.
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