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  1. Hi JC - I inquired about my friend’s AB switch to see if he’d sell it. No dice 😢
  2. Yes, this is what AS is all about. I encourage people to use the “report post” function. It alerts me to posts immediately. It’s a great way for the community to work together to increase our enjoyment of this wonderful hobby. Thanks for your contributions to AS for the last (nearly) nine years.
  3. Absolutely not. I was only trying to help everyone in the hobby by asking you to give us one tiny bit of information.
  4. I need to be pointed to at least two dots to connect them. Perhaps the objectivists are turning subjective when it fits their narratives.
  5. Two wrongs make a right? Mine were based on personal information, about a specific person. Your claims are based on something we have no idea about. You made them up for all we know. You can't even say a single public forum where this behavior takes place?
  6. Those making assertions should at least be willing to back them up if asked.
  7. Hi Bob - Kirk is the moderator of the "Apple" forum here on AS. I'm sure it's nothing personal that you guys can't resolve here in public or via PM. You're both good guys.
  8. That’s a good observation. He realizes Tidal isn’t working for him.
  9. No, my options aren't what you state. I'm using common sense and average logic to look at the conclusions drawn and saying one doesn't follow the other.
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