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  1. Any cloud based service like Roon can cut off a customer by disabling his account. Nothing else needed. Not saying Roon would ever do that, but any service technically could.
  2. Hi @wklie, does the newer iPad Pro with M1 chip speed up the Lumin app when importing huge libraries and in general usage? The app isn’t slow, but I’m curious if there are any benefits to the M1 on iPad.
  3. HQP volume control is incredibly sophisticated. I believe it’s around 80 bit.
  4. I love it Joe! Thanks for the review. Your audio street cred is a bit over the top compared to mine. Seeing Ray Brown live as a reference?!!! I saw Motley Crue at Met Center, does that count? Only kidding. I've seen some great shows, but the thought of seeing Ray Brown makes me incredibly jealous :~)
  5. I’m very interested to hear if the NUC works well. It would be great to have small devices capable of running HQP OS and 7EC mods at 256.
  6. It won’t fail. It will gracefully back down the power output until the temperature decreases.
  7. Have you tried HQPDcontrol v4? https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hqpdcontrol-v4/id1518963245
  8. Everything mQa can decode is decoded there. All other stuff is just upsampling. If you sent this to an mQa renderer, it would upsample using one of the poor mQa filters. There is nothing left to decode. I stick with lossless rather than lossy mQa.
  9. I know this has been asked for previously but I’ll put my vote in for it as well. I’d really love a reboot button in HQP OS. I had a DAC that was acting strange and every time I tried to play an unsupported track, HQP OS would start acting strange. For example, on the library web page I clicked the play button for a single track. The whole page turned white. Once this happens, I need to reboot the machine to get it to come back. I was trying to play music to my headphone system, far from my HQP OS machine. When troubleshooting, I had to go upstairs to the machine to reboot it rather than a sim
  10. Good to see Bluesound is offering a choice between lossy mQa and lossless CD Quality.
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