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  1. I thought he forgot about me. Maybe I’ll make his Christmas card list after all 😁
  2. If the technology was real, MQA would be handing out those test files at every audio show and giving away free downloads on its website.
  3. Does anyone think somebody at Tidal or Amazon would help a customer like this? Heck no. Qobuz is the gold standard for customer service and it’s product caters to us like none other.
  4. @Aragorn Nobody can read your posts because you are using the report post function rather than typing in the answer question box at the bottom.
  5. @Aragorn Stop using the report post function to reply and just reply to the posts here.
  6. Hi Andy - If your assertions are correct, the performance of the DV2 should be increased by its placement on top of the Rossini because the Rossini has its own feet and limited built-in vibration control. Thus, I'm doubling up. I'm not a big believer in the vibration control components because I've yet to hear it really do much. I know many people who swear by the stuff and I'm not discounting their experiences at all. I can only go by what I've experienced.
  7. No, Aurender was used via AES and externally clocked via the dCS Rossini, and only via AES for the other DACs.
  8. Here are the network pieces I used. These are connected to my main network via fiber as well. Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 8 (150W) - LINK Ubiquiti SFP Modules (UF-SM-1G-S) - LINK Single Mode LC to LC 10 Meter Fiber Cable - LINK Roon was running on three different platforms during this review. 1. ROCK / NUC 2. CAPS Cortes / Windows 10 Pro 3. QNAP NAS
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