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  1. Thanks for the very comprehensive review of the Chromecast Audio high resolution format ability, you made 5 years ago.

    I just wonder about one thing: How do you know that all the 96/24 files actually played back bit perfect and that none of the signal was affected by the CCA? I don't see you mentioning any measuring methods, comparing raw bits etc?

    One "hack" that I've found to detect if the signal is being altered, is to use a DTS recording in CD bitrate, which will be treated as a 44.1/16 stream, until it hits the AV receiver, which detects and decodes the DTS - or plays noise, if some link in the chain has altered the signal so it's not recognized as DTS anymore. I've tried that on a Squeezebox and several cheap DVD/CD players back in the 00's but never on a CCA. Have you?

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