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  1. Would love to see if there's a study on just how many albums of this nature. Could actually be an interesting project to say grab at random 200 of the albums released last week and count the number from totally unknown artists or appear to be algorithmically generated "music".
  2. Yes, agree. However, with less filtering of what's "good" and what's "crap", it could also make it tough to allow good artists to be recognized. Imagine how many person-hours it would take to sift through 60,000+ albums a week! Literally looking for needles in haystacks. With work, family life, enjoying other entertainment, I doubt I would be able to fairly sample 60,000 albums in a lifetime, much less the idea that this volume comes out weekly. Even worse if there's actually a brilliant song or two that deserves to be heard in what's otherwise an OK album easily dismissed.
  3. For reference as a follow-up to Jim Austin's claim that high frequency mQa rendered content is just "replacing noise with other very similar noise": As discussed in the first part of my Topping D90SE review including a look at the mQa filters. I trust this is obvious to everyone that the upsampling in mQa is not just simply creating random noise. Nor is this possibly even "very similar" to anything that should be on a 192kHz recording! That's imaging, it's clearly a distortion. Even if you claim that usually music has little content >20kHz, not
  4. Wow, this part of the article really stuck out to me: From a supply-demand perspective, isn't this simply also an excess of supply? I mean, how many of those 60-100 thousand albums/week is actually "needed" or of "value" in this world? We're oversaturated with entertainment media these days between movies, TV shows, music, video games, YouTube, social media, etc... Vast majority of those albums obviously will not make much (if any) money! Nonetheless, clearly, there are many things unfair about the streaming model nicely highlighted in the article. With m
  5. Hey Stephen, Yeah I think it's good for the hobby (heck, everyone!) to go through some soul searching once awhile. It was certainly time and I would not be surprised if future generations of audiophiles might see the polarization arising from mQa as one of the catalysts that created the "crisis of faith" about what audiophilia represents. A competition between the power and influence coming from: "Upper echelon" magazine writers and veteran editors speaking excitedly about something that they basically purely believed to be "good" based on subjective evaluation, promoted
  6. Hmmm... Sure. I just hope the results are meaningful however it's done.
  7. Indeed I found the response funny and continues to dig at anonymity even though a number of folks in the audiophile world know who I am these days. Heck, I think I've been more transparent on my blog about all kinds of things like where I live, my age, shown pictures of my sound room, what I do for a living, even vacation pictures than the majority of writers out there! ;-) The way I see it, it's one thing to be anonymous and write false stuff using a shell account, but I trust that what I've written over the years and my participation in forums such as this indicates that there is
  8. I hope they're being paid well. Just in case my response to JA2 doesn't get the editorial cut, here it is: "Please keep in mind that nearly everything restored in the last unfold (almost everything about 96kHz sampling rate or 48kHz frequency) is noise--not audible acoustical noise but electronic noise from circuits. So, truly, there's little difference between what MQA does--or what FLAC does--and upsampling: You end up with very nearly the same thing, 'cause there's not much up there to be accurate about. Curiously, this information can, apparently,
  9. More curious is how this is being compared/evaluated?! Seriously, has there been any systematic documentation on the effect of something like this to objectifiable improvements whether to noise floor or jitter, etc...? Or in this case on the front page: "more dynamics, better bass performance". These are not exactly hard to define or measure if the device made a difference! Nowhere on the webpage do I see the company demonstrating the supposed effect of this $1000 box. Having said this, it does look good on a hi-fi rack and the UI for device selection looks cool.
  10. LOL. Pretty funny they're applying this to music uptake but kinda neat to see the numbers I guess. Basically any idea has the ability to spread through a population, right? Including the conspiracy theories of course. Heck, this is the basis of the "meme" since Dawkins in the 1970's...
  11. Whew. That's a relief! Nothing worse than an expensive doorstop!
  12. Ouch, connect with the vendor and check if there's anything you need to do from your end. Should be pretty straight forward these days with modern UEFI machines. A search on that error code shows a number of web sites and even YouTube videos which you might want to have a look. Yeah, you could download the Windows ISO as above and try again with another USB stick. Using the Home Edition key should work to activate.
  13. Wow. On an audio forum where music has brought so much pleasure and meaning, it's such a terribly sad situation. As a guy who tries my best to understand and respect all kinds of cultures and walks of life, when extremists talk of "no exceptions" to bans on music, clearly this is beyond regressive and clearly unnaturally repressive given the universality of who we are as sentient beings. 😪
  14. IMO, yes you can. I do this all the time for quick testing whether on the test bench or for a listen in the audio room. While it's obviously not ideal and sometimes the noise might be a problem, for the most part, it'll work and I have never damaged anything using a converter over the years. Congrats on the new place and "sounds" like lots of fun ahead with the sound quality with multichannel especially once you go all-balanced with the new DAC.
  15. Here's what I would do. Either find a buddy with a computer, download the latest build from Microsoft and create a boot USB stick with Rufus. Or, if worse comes to worse, buy off eBay a Windows 10 USB flash drive with product key. Like this. You could also find a USB stick with no license for cheaper if you have a code that works. Double check with the seller what version is on the stick. Your NUC I believe came out in 2020 so something like the "20H2" Windows 10 should be no problem. Should have no problem booting and installing off the USB stick.
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