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  1. Congrats Chris on the site refresh! All the best for 2019! Mitch: Wow dude. You have outdone yourself with that binaural A/B audio track :-). Agree "the differences between David and Goliath (with subs) are not that big"! All the more remarkable considering that image of the LS50 sitting beside the 4722 behemoths... A beautiful demonstration of your skill and the power of DSP processing (and Audiolense particularly in this case) in achieving the intended sound. Just add a screen between the listener and speakers, and you can offer the "Barnett Challenge" :-). Happy New Year!
  2. Archimago

    MQA is Vaporware

    Yeah, it sucks that the Non-Flat-Earth Borg Collective just keep coming up with these pictures and measurements about the Earth being spherical but that really has very little to do with how it really is. Experience and "atypical measurements" clearly tell us that the Earth really is flat.
  3. As the others have noted, this is indeed an odd "UFO" type of observation. Given that you're not hearing data corruption (which would be obvious), in order for digital data to sound simply softer, it would require some kind of detection of the different cables and manipulation to the data or the device settings to result in amplitude reduction. While a 2dB reduction is not a big deal when we're listening to modern hi-res devices with plenty of resolution, it does still imply something has changed which presumably should not. And since the playback "system" includes the DAC which you're connecting and in this case your active speakers, you need to look at what's going on there rather than focus on the cable itself. Time to ask Kii why this is happening.
  4. Mazza, If this is true that an AQ Diamond is able to cause a 2dB volume difference over the USB digital interface (I assume this is to your Kii THREE system), doesn't this speak poorly of the Kii's digital design? If this is true, does the company then warn people in the manual that the USB cable can make quite a significant impact on the sound because for whatever reason it's remarkably sensitive to timing or noise!? Maybe list a few "optimal" cables to purchase? Perhaps they should then have included a USB cable with the package to ensure that end-users are not ending up with inferior sound. Who knows, if this is true, then different cables might have even more effect - +/-3dB? +/-6dB with 15' cables anyone? Kinda sucks to purchase a Kii system if this is true. [Which I highly doubt.]
  5. Archimago

    Ethan Winer Null Test For WIre

    Indeed. More than likely, my "perplexity" can be resolved with insights around the complexities of human psychology and the mind's ability to imagine. ?
  6. Archimago

    Ethan Winer Null Test For WIre

    Okay. If the above is true: 1. Biases can be overcome with training. 2. The "difference was of a level where one wire was audibly better without question, the difference was of a magnitude that only required a few seconds of playback to determine. It did not require multiple repeats to discern (although I did repeat a few times, and switch up the order a bit to confuse things), or trying different sample tracks" - clearly obvious. Then why do we not have evidence from blind testing results or for that matter from objective testing? Why is there no convergence of evidence? Why only subjective claims rather than verifiable demonstration of effect? Surely by now, we would have a number of research papers demonstrating the effect of different XLR cables, and companies competing and using objective methodology to demonstrate efficacy. This is particularly perplexing since you feel digital filters have only subtle effects compared to cables yet they are easily objectively measurable (eg. recent post)... Yet cable effects are somehow not measurable (based on subjectivist claims) but are much more obvious and audibly different according to your experience!? Something here doesn't seem to make sense ?.
  7. Archimago

    Ethan Winer Null Test For WIre

    Is it possible to subjectively assess something without an underlying "belief system"? Especially when you're not interested in removing psychological biases (I know, you've "been there done that" when it comes to blinding...)? Is it not possible then that this "system", which might not be consciously expressible (ie. potentially subconscious), yet in fact it very much affects your subjective opinion? "Know(ing) for myself" is fine... But that doesn't mean knowing the truth in a way that can be independently applied to others nor whether the physical phenomenon actually even exists.
  8. Archimago

    Article: A New Listening Room Part One

    Great job Chris on the full rundown of the sound room with pictures and measurements! IMO, giving readers a look and discuss measurements of the room are essential "vital statistics" for reviewers of audio equipment. A refreshing attention to detail so often missing and adds to the credibility of subjective reviews. Looking forward to seeing the before and after results! A nice reminder of how the room is a "component" and given the challenges in the room, will be interesting to see how Vicoustic's treatments can get the job done ?.
  9. Archimago

    How's this for deblurring?

    Finally! We don't need technology based on leading edge research in neuroscience. Totally last-gen... Audiophiles need audio encoding based on space-time duality work! *That's* the only way to bring the real sound of the studio home!
  10. Archimago

    Great Mimes in Audio

    Hilarious Nikhil ?.
  11. Archimago

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    Probably best not to give them too many ideas, Mans ?...
  12. Archimago

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    Some thoughts... http://archimago.blogspot.com/2018/10/musings-on-rmaf-2018-mqa-talk.html I don't think I have much more to say for awhile...
  13. Archimago

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    Unbelievable! You're a journalist, right? How can you not ask the most basic of questions knowing that that's what the readership would want to know when sharing this information among music lovers? If McGrath has a great new recording of a favourite piece, that's fantastic and worth celebrating. Hopefully it'll be released at some point. What composer, conductor and orchestra?
  14. Archimago

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    That's nice @Lee Scoggins. I recall Mr. McGrath has demo'ed his recordings over the years with MQA - each time supposedly to good effect at least as written of by the media. So when can the hoi polloi get hold of these? (Ideally as standard hi-res and presumably 24/48 MQA.)
  15. What I cannot believe and/or grasp is the extent to which the MQA executives/representatives were getting their panties in a bunch over Archimago's identity. A friend of mine who attended at RMAF was sitting next to the MQA folks and was messaging me repeatedly as to the identity of Archimago. My response to him, and am paraphrasing:


    "I'm not MQA's lackey, They can do their own legwork. He is not a hermit/recluse. If they're so bothered by this they should have done their homework prior to the panel/talk."


    It comes off as if the show was winding down, their flights were later in the day, so let's show up here and ...


    Should be interesting if this next year MQA remains a thing.