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  1. Yup, congrats Chris! Hope they meet your expectations. It'll certainly be very interesting to see how the speaker configuration looks like with assistance from the company in your room. In fact, I'm just as interesting to hear about your room acoustics treatment and with the Wilsons in place. I bet that synergy is essential! Your "A New Listening Room Part One" post from back in Nov 2018 definitely needs a "Part Two" soon :-).
  2. What a bizarre comment... What does he mean "back, back, back to the pre-MQA era"?! Considering there is no "MQA era" other than a few words here and there among magazine people who still think MQA has some kind of traction. Is he referring to the ancient days before December 2014 when MQA was infamously introduced at a party at The Shard? Is this guy "okay"? Seems to be losing perspective... "Hebrew Shrink" - I think you need to set this man up for an assessment 🙂.
  3. Indeed. I'm certainly not going to argue that KoB "needs" more than 16-bits either!
  4. Yup. Speaking of vintage recordings from old tape machines... Here's HDTrack's Kind of Blue, "So What" (1959), in 24/96, FFT averaged over about a minute of audio to clarify the sonic content: Notice it's essentially -95dBFS and lower noise from 21kHz onward. I see that HDTracks offers the 192kHz version as well. For $5.00 more of course... Not exactly good value IMO.
  5. Good response @firedog. I can't imagine any regular Stereophile reader not finding it funny how JVS continues to shill for MQA (among others). By this point, there are 4 options left: 1. Naiveté. 2. Cognitive-intellectual deficiency. 3. Delusion. 4. Stubborn, closed mindedness - maybe even passive aggression. 5. Some kind of gain - financial or otherwise. I think naiveté is not really an option these days given the recurrent corrections in the comments by many over the years. For his sake, I hope it's #5 - at least he's obtaining some kind of gain despite the obvious unfortunate clownish claims.
  6. LOL. Actually, I'd pay good money to see Bob and @mansr have at it! Now that could be one heck of a show :-).
  7. I don't have a British accent but it's nice to emulate it with eloquence and refinement :-).
  8. Another interview with the same old same old... He's leaning quite a bit on the "neuroscience" again yet nothing concrete (again, are we talking about the neuroscience of human hearing?) and spends quite a bit of time on vision and the digital photo analogy as well. Have not seen him hit this angle as much before. Not exactly "hard hitting" investigative journalism from Darko 🙂... He seems like a nice guy. But just like the vast majority of audio reviewers, he's clearly staying away from an actual dialogue with serious questions or willingness to address the "elephant in the room" at this stage, after all these years, which is the amount of negativity on account of the obvious lack of evidence for what Mr. Stuart claims. (Not to mention the ongoing, unfortunate half-truths and slight-of-hand around terms like "lossless" which of course rightly gets many folks angry.)
  9. Archimago

    My Dad

    Beautiful story Peter! I suspect you're referring to the Morgan James Live at Dizzy's album... Yup, beautiful music. Hope your dad comes over and enjoys it more often!
  10. Part 3 out now boys... Listener results tabulated and graphed. http://archimago.blogspot.com/2019/05/blind-test-results-part-3-do-digital.html Gotta say, folks did pretty well! Many able to detect that the motherboard wasn't exactly "good" fidelity. And those who took and time and I believe had good gear did show preference to the cleaner sound of the Oppo UDP-205.
  11. 🙂 While I'm no fan of Mr. Beekhuyzen on account of the fact that he's obviously in the business of advertising, and I have no faith in his hearing ability, at least the topic is important. Would be interested in what these "2 steps to speaker placement" entails... And whether he's bringing anything new to the table.
  12. Big thank-you to the participants! Unblinded: http://archimago.blogspot.com/2019/05/blind-test-results-part-1-do-digital.html Discussions to follow...
  13. Hey Paul, Naw man. You're right in some ways, but probably over thinking this! This ain't nuclear science... It's fiction. That's what MQA has always been and why it's so easy to counter fiction and produce even more fiction. In this account of the universe, MQA resolution can be quantified as easily as throwing out the claim of "15x", magic happens with their mystical "still lossless" compression, and apparently now there's an element of environmental stewardship. It's like how Ironman's tech coexists with Scarlet Witch's sorcery and the fate of the universe lies with 6 stones. All of it great stories!
  14. Oh yeah! I almost forgot one more thing... Since MQA is especially environmentally friendly now, I would implore Mr. Stuart to please please please never ever ever allow his amazing technology to enhance vinyl playback!!! The hordes of vinyl lovers will saturate all the pressing plants to use up even more of the non-renewable fossil fuels to make that terrible non-biodegradable plastic to fill up our landfills with Crosley-damaged records, add to the islands of floating plastic in our seas, and line the guts of our poor marine mammals off the coasts!!! Mr. Stuart must simply do the right thing and recognize that he has even more ethical responsibilities now!
  15. Well, considering that Mr. Stuart hasn't posted anything on his "Insights" since September 2018, these are rather feeble blog entries (with no comments allowed as noted above). Ignoring the "15x resolution" and the "clearest sound" nonsense defined by whatever they're using as the "high resolution experience", clearly he's now trying the "Go Green" angle... This must be in response to the fact that we don't need MQA's level of "compression" for streaming anymore. My, how socially conscious he has become! By extension, and without fanfare, MP3/AAC due to the massive space savings over uncompressed lossless and even FLAC on hard drives and streaming over the decades must have single-handedly at least reduce average global temperatures by 0.000001°C and we didn't know it!!! But before I give Stuart a "pass" and embrace the fact that the planet is saved, let's see the analysis of the carbon footprint for putting aside perfectly good "legacy" hi-res DACs in order to buy an MQA DAC that fully decodes to that MQA "experience". 😁 But seriously... This is laughable and desperate. Just sad and painful at this point. What else are they going to pull out from the magician's hat? "MQA sounds so good, nobody in your state is going to ask for cannabis legalization!" "MQA sounds so good, the kids won't bother with opioids! Fentanyl's got nothing on the high from listening to MQA!!!"
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