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  1. Dunno Chris. Interesting observation about the Spectral. Never played with them so that's interesting. What are you talking about man? Yes, XLR vs. RCA output from a DAC can be audible depending on what noise there is or if there's a change in the tonality using the different outputs of course. So I agree with the findings totally. What I don't understand is what's so special about that to deserve publication in the AES in 2021???
  2. Yup, I'm sure you have Chris. I'm also wondering why Figure 5 has frequency in MHz. I think it would simply be interesting to see 20Hz-20kHz audio frequency of what kind of grunge and hum the RCA is picking up in their test setup being sent to the amp. Weird that AES would publish this unless we're missing something profound here... Would have been more interesting and of significance if he found differences in digital cables going to the DAC in a blind test 😄.
  3. Yup. DAC = Berkeley Alpha DAC Series 2. A lot of work to do what amounts to basically a test of balanced XLR vs. single-ended RCA output from the DAC. I'm not even sure how much of this has to do with the cables themselves which are also of different lengths! Notice the balanced cable is only 0.5m long while they hampered the RCA performance with a much longer 2m cable! Is this seriously new knowledge, or a slow day at the lab? The part about the "phonemic-restoration" in musicians is interesting though.
  4. Don't have Apple Music here @The Computer Audiophile, but just to double check... Toneff's Fairytales (mQa) is "bit perfect" enough as a 24/48 stream to decode which we know can lose the lowest few bits and still be recognized, but a true 16/44.1 HDCD which has the 16th bit containing the HDCD stream has been altered and thus not recognized. Is that what you think is happening here?
  5. Sounds like you're good to go man! Is the Veth MQA Facebook page still running these days? Indeed will be interesting to see if Stereophile will have coverage of the event. Let's see who among them is "brave" enough to travel and show up in listening rooms with strangers. Speaking of "justifying high resolution audio", I noticed that Apple is actually even downplaying lossless itself: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212183 I appreciate their honesty as most folks won't care even if audiophiles I believe should at least aim for lossless CD qu
  6. While the assumption is likely true, @GoldenOne, I'd be careful here. What you found by posting your "music" that was subsequently encoded and the results you found is basically what happens to the vast majority of music sent out and processed by the meat grinder. That's really all that needs to be said. BS/MQA here is just posting test signals that have been given the "white glove" treatment and likely have instructed the encoder to use parameters that left square waves alone, not messed with impulse data, and encoded the 4kHz tone with a bit of noise shaping. They made the encode
  7. Just had a look again... Yeah, I guess if he played with the scales and made it small, it actually could have looked the way it did. That's fine. Reconstruction of the 88.2kHz impulse exactly is still in question... Yes you're right. They could just release file(s) and clarify things. But they won't... By the way, the other graphs they showed on that page like the square wave and 1kHz tone also did not reflect actual music either. I didn't see anything on there that was all that surprising otherwise. Knowing what signal was being fed into the mQa encoder I'm sure allows
  8. Have fun! Yup. Very odd to be showing a spectral view like that with the scale only up to 22kHz claiming this is a "88.2kHz Impulse". Unless of course they're purposely wanting to avoid showing us what >22kHz looks like (which would also be weird). Without knowing their procedure, impossible for us to check what's going on with that supposedly 88.2kHz "impulse response" (which as you noted they're only showing a 22kHz spectrogram for some reason) 🤣. Obviously trivial to create what they showed. For fun, here's one I put together while writing this
  9. Of course! Spinning is how "deblurring" is accomplished! More BS from BS plus a gross block diagram embedded to look more technical and "legit". Looks like he's conceding that the process does not maintain lossless data capability (ie. differences can be measured but "intended"), but insists that the process makes the sound better - "always be clearer". So again, mQa can make the music even better than the original! Whatever "deblurring" is, mQa could have just cleared this up years ago by releasing a 24/384 original hi-res file and the same piece of music having gone t
  10. Oh yeah. I'm gonna have to snapshot this post for posterity. So that's the best BS can do? This is what desperation looks like as the scheme continues to clearly lose support IMO. All the while his words are providing more reason for those who criticize it (and also the general public) to see how obvious the lies are. BS (if that's actually who wrote this article) is simply digging a deeper hole and accelerating the collapse. "Libelous manifesto", "illogical", "litany of alternative facts", "previously debunked many times" - all of which are a reflection of their own material!
  11. Good one Chris. Indeed you're prescient and this is one of the things I was going to bring out in a post this weekend. Years ago, I suggested that we really should advocate for an "Advanced Resolution" version of an album alongside the "Standard Resolution" version. Only then will we hear differences and potentially tap into the capabilities of hi-res. Remember that "Advanced Resolution" as I recall was also the term used back in the day of DVD-A.
  12. Yuck. Shame on you 2L / Morten Lindberg. At least offer the 24/96 for some hi-res legitimacy. IMO doesn't speak well of Lindberg to be so wrapped up in this scheme not only from the start but persisting to this day and even further limiting his consumers' options.
  13. Worrisome and unfortunate in all kinds of ways. Prayer might work.
  14. Yeah, I agree. After all that's been said and done, documented for posterity in fact in this long-running thread, it's not hard at all to be on the "right" side of audiophile history at this point. The future's watching.
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