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  1. its your choice mate, chris recommends an external dac just like everybody on this forum proberly would because of the noisey nature of a imac/pc internal dac. i proberly would get the music hall 25.2 but i wouldnt take my advice as av never heard any of them!! i heard someone say on this forum you ask 4 people a question and you will get 4 different answers!! thats 100% correct!!
  2. 110ohm AES/EBU is not a balanced version of sp/dif its the professional version of it, AES/EBU is the balanced version of AES3-Id, they do use bnc connectors and uses the same 75ohm coaxal cable as sp/dif, AES3-Id is the format what can transmit the signal the longest distances. i would say digital audio signals are more important wether they are being carried by unbalanced or balanced cables than analog signals are! but if i had a choice between the two i would still use xlr balanced and any one else should for that matter!! ps.no high end cables needed just a different type!
  3. What about a apogee wyde eye ww-xx or van der hul 110ohm pro i wouldnt bother with something like the kimber, but thats just me, or if you dont want to spend to much go for the swiss made gotham cables used by places like george lucus's skywalker sounds!!
  4. What the bloody hell is he on about!!! its obvious you would use aes/ebu instead of sp/dif, especially if you had a aes dac like you do, and as for letting some tech guy replace the rca jacks with bnc well thats just a stupid idea, anyone would just use the xlr out. the only reason someone would think about doing that is if they had a dac with bnc input only and no xlr, and even worst the mytek96 hasnt even got bnc for an sp/dif!!
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