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Audio System

PC server Supermicro X10sdv-f ( Xeon 8 cores 2.aghz) running  Daphile with upnp / dlna plugin- Jcat  pcie net card 

Uptone etherregen switch 

Afterdark 10Mhz Emperor Giesemann ref clock for etherregen 

Endpoint e-red dock  ( engineering)

- Sean Jacobs dc 3 2 rails 12 Volts for Etherregen and afterdark clock 

- Sean Jacobs 3 rails , one dc 4 rail for e-red dock , one dc3 rail for Jcat netcard , one dc3 rail for hdplex 400 for pc power 


DAC Audiomat Maestro 3

Nagra classic amp 

Halgorythme tube preamplifier / Hattor passive preamplifier 

Speaker : Martin Logan Montis 


Oracle Delphi MK II 


Headphone set-up:

Audio Technica AT-HA 5050H hybrid amplifier 

Focal Utopia


All cables : 

AC , lessloss c Marc entropic process with specific firewall distribution box 

Speaker : lessloss c Marc entropic process with speaker firewall filter 

Modulation : lessloss c Marc 

Digital : AES/EBU Kubala Elation 

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