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  1. Hi G Thank’s for your detailed answer . I may try as you did since I would like also to try a nice spdif 75 ohms cable from my server to my dac . I will be also able to build a clock cable as you did . My self i already have the canare and the Apogee wide eye . What do you think of the tungstène bloc , did you use the 25mm ? In my opinion it is just a weight which dampens vibration . Crystal oscillator do not like vibrations . The power supply is always very important for the digital equipment , myself I am using a Sean jacobs psu to power this clock bu
  2. Have you compared your homemade Oyaide clock cable to any other cable ?
  3. A while ago I did some test using Daphile . I had an internal music ssd on sata and the same music library on an external hdd usb connected . I was buffering in ram the same piece of music coming from the ssd and from the hdd . The sound quality was different and always worse from the ssd !
  4. I was also in neotech copper ( heavy gauge ) , the mundorf is really a big sq lift over the neotech.
  5. I am in bed :-) .... but my system is running because I am burning in some mundorf cabling ( by the way this is also a true sq lift ! ) . If several of us are asking Kimmo , he may do it !
  6. I did managed to copy some music files on the optane drive as you said it is very easy . i will do the listening tomorrow. If it is clearly a sound quality improvement we may be could ask the developer Kimmo to put that as an option . Either buffer to ram or music internal drive ! Great
  7. Thank’s for this info . I will try it tomorrow and report results .
  8. Thank’s for these very interesting results . If I understand well you did get the best sound quality with music files streamed from the optane drive , correct ? If yes it means it is even better than music buffered and then streamed from ram ! Ideally then instead of buffering to ram it will be nice if we could buffer to the optane drive . Can I ask how did you managed to transfer music files to the optane drive ?
  9. I am also using an optane 32 go card with the Daphie os on it , a nice sq bump compared to running from a usb stick . Have you ever tried to put music files on the optane drive and running from there ?
  10. A 2,5” hdd on usb is better than ssd on sata .
  11. Fully agree .... sata turned off is really the way to go . Sata is so noisy .... also turned of usb 3 if possible !
  12. I just used single wire . The tdp for this cpu is 45w .... therefore I do not think it will ever draw 12A of current . Typically I measured 1 to 3 A .
  13. This is where I disagree and pretty much everyone here who has tried a really good quality power supply would disagree. Otherwise, you would see a whole bunch of custom Paul Hynes SR7's and Sean Jacobs DC4 power supplies for sale on the used market. I have a semi powerful server board supermicro x10 sdv-f with an 8core Xeon . It is powered by a Sean Jacob psu . Between the power box and server I was using a heavy gauge Neotech (awg 14) 50cm cable . I did switch to mundorf 1.5 mm cable . It did made a huge increase in sound quality . In my opinion this
  14. Hi , myself I have been using dual pc configuration using supermicro x10sba running on Daphile . I just copycat the board innuos was using . The overall sq was quite good . The I moved to an other dual configuration using the supermicro x11saa (used in statement innuos ) with an ereddock engineered card as the player . Again a very nice boost in sound quality , again using daphile as software . After reading all the very good feedback on using powerful pc board , I felt the itch to try this way . I did move to a supermicro x10sdv-f board a quite powerful 8core
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