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  1. I do not think that really it is a problem. i do think that the Watson products is using the same ered dock card as the one used by the diy community as well as several high end manufacturers. The Watson range is really an elegant solution to take advantage of their real good technology . The Watson app is not compatible with the bare ered dock and this is somewhat normal . Dartzeel has also developed a proprietary software for the ered dock card they put in their dac/amp integrated. As of now the Watson has the same capabilities as what we do with the ered dock using
  2. This topic of roon for the ered dock has been on the back burner of engineered for a long long time . They do no seem highly motivated to provide Roon compatibility . I do not know why . It is sad as their hardware is absolutely excellent !
  3. I made a mistake dc3 is 160£ and dc4 500£ recap module (2cap) with Mundorf cap is 180£ maybe if you are in the us you can escape the 20% vat that we pay in Europe .
  4. Hi Ricky , Thank for this feedback and take the time to do this test , therefore 2 dc3 in serial configuration is a little bit better than one . However since the DC4 reg is 500£ and 2dc3 is 600£ , it is probably wiser to go for the DC4.
  5. Thank’s . I just love this interview and it was so good to hear this wonderful sound engineer tell to trust your ears and heart .
  6. Yes this is the one I am using . This baby is really outstanding , look at the detailed spec of the clock , it is extremely good not at the level of a mutec ref clock but ... In my system this board has never been the bottleneck . Every time I do improve what is before ie server mobo , psu , switch ... i can very clearly hear the improvement through the engineer board . I agree being lan aes only is for me a good thing also . By the way they also make a very good usb board which completely surpassed the sotm and matrix boards . But at the end the lan aes
  7. We did some audio tests at a friend home a few weeks ago and sq was truly excellent . It was only a partial set up as we had only a two rails sj psu and very ordinary dc cable. In fact sq was so convincing that my audio friends here in Bordeaux are moving to this configuration . We did a big group buy to SJ ( 16 rails ... ).
  8. I am in a different set up than many people here . I have decided some time ago to do away with usb output . I did not like usb as it takes so much trouble to get a clean usb and still it is extremely sensitive to the usb cable you use . Therefore I decided to go the lan route ... this was triggered by the DAC I am using which is an Audiomat maestro 3 and as an option can be equipped with an Engineered lan card . I did later found that engineered is selling a lan module that can output to aes or spdif ... I did bought this and it was the beginning of my new server adventure .
  9. It will take some time as I am in the process of building my new server I will say 2 to 3 weeks .
  10. I just bought one DC4reg module from him . The DC4reg is a 5A module . The output voltage is set by fixed naked Vishay resistor .
  11. Apparently Sean Jacobs told me he has two kind of dc3reg on which is 1.5 A and can go 5A with a boost modules this one has the lm 1086 reg . He also has obviously a dc3 with a 1084 reg which Is 5A but only on temporary power boost .
  12. Yes you need to use two boost modules he told me . May be for my next server project !
  13. For DC3 reg it is LM1086 and for DC4reg it is LM1084 DC3 reg as 1.5A capability and 5 A with boost module . DC4reg is 5A
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