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  1. Hi , I have experienced both with aqvox se and er in my system . They both bring nice sound quality improvements but the er is clearly superior to the aqvox se . All our audio systems are different and influenced by so many parameters that one product will not work in all systems . This comes on top of the expectation bias .
  2. Hi Gavin , These new route are very interesting. In my set up I am not I think at all at the limit of what it can do . I can still experiment with psu even though I already have very good ones . I think I will try dual mp audio module one ac-dc module followed by one dc-dc one . You achieve dual regulation with outstanding psrr values . I will try that both on ered dock or jcat netcard . One other route is to test Euphony and Gentoo compared to Daphile . Last one will be maybe to try a high power mobo , the X11saa I am currently using is pentium 4200 . I may try the supermicro Xeon boards with 8 core cpu .
  3. I tried Audirvana but it was running from my Mac mini where Daphile is run on Linux from my dedicated audiophile pc server .Daphile does sound better but it is not a very fair comparison. Undortunately Audirvana does not have a Linux version
  4. I do understand... i have also toddlers but they are my grandchildren. Therefore I have some time and hopefully some cash 🙂 Foreword : if I advertise about this ered dock it is not to brag about my findings but really helping the community discover a product that deserves recognition . Contrary to the high end community this engineered company is having decent prices when you consider the hardware and human ware they have invested in their products. It is really as simple as going from the nuc then to the switch then to the ered dock . I don’t know if euphony can send music to upnp/dlna endpoint i will ask them . I am using daphile , it is really easy to use , sound quality is very good with this software and it is free ! You need some knowledge to run daphile but it is not very difficult and there is instructions on daphile web site .
  5. In fact this is quite simple , you need to have an Ethernet switch . You need to use a good switch either an audiophile switch ( the etherregen for me is really excellent and good value) or an old Cisco switch like the meraki mx60 ( 60 $ used ) . The lan output of the jcat netcard and of the ered-dock are connected to the switch .You need also one line going too your router . I am today using very inexpensive cat 5e utp cable (4€ for 2 cable ) with excellent sq results . I used to try very expensive SOTM cat 7 cable they were slightly better than my cheap cable , I probably need to try again as it was in a different setup. For usb it is an other story as you need to use expensive audiophile cable to get any decent result. The music files are stored on a 3tb 2.5”hdd connected in usb to the pc server running with daphile software . Music files are stored into ram and then streamed from there .
  6. Hi Dave , My usb chain was quite extreme supermicro mobo with clocks clocked by sclkex clock board sotm pcie usb card clocked by sclkex board Sotm tx usb ultra clocked by sclkex board dx usb hd clocked by sclkex board and all the associated psu . without the psu the hardware alone was other 3 000 $ Now I have e-red dock 440$ , etherregen 650 $ and jcat netcard 440$ Total cost is 1500$ only 50% of previous set up and sound quality is much much better and it is simpler to use ! FortunatelyI was able to sell my previous dual pc set up and also several unused psu. In this case simpler is clearly better .
  7. Check my post written on this thread a few weeks ago on this . I am now using the ered dock as an end point running daphile on the pc server .I am now getting absolutely stellar results in term of sound quality . Here locally my audiophile friends are adopting this ered dock after listening to my system !
  8. On my set up , I have disable all sata . It really made a nice sound quality improvement . For me sata and sata ssd is a no go . uploading files into ram either from hdd/usb or sata ssd was always better from the hdd/usb . I did no try ssd/usb .
  9. Fully agree with you . i have now after the etherregen a minimalist engineered e-red dock upnp/dlna streamer and I have really an absolutely outstanding sound quality . The server before the etherregen is a supermicro low power x11saa board running daphile . I will try to experiment with some super micro Xeon mobo to see what high power server brings in term of sq.
  10. I bought myself a 4g APACER ram and I like it also. I did got a nice sq boost : better bass , a little more detailed treeble and a little better soundstage. For my system most significant improvement was the bass . Could you give a link on where you bought it ? Thank’s
  11. In fact one of my audio friend is now using on the player side a super micro board with matrix pcie usb and then the engineered usb to spdif board all with good psu. The engineered usb to spdif board is also excellent and easily outperform the SOTM or the matrix . but this set up was outperformed but the engineered upnp card by a very significant margin . This friend is now moving to the engineered upnp card . Its disappointing that the card is not available before March as I have several audio friends moving in that direction .
  12. We did use the same piece of music either from a cd on the APL CD player or the same file ripped from this cd and written on the usb hdd of the server.
  13. Follow up on the engineered board , etherregen small miracle . I was yesterday at a friend's home who has a very nice audio system . His digital front end is an APL CD player and the APL DAC that are linked together by a proprietary I2S style connection . This top APL combo sells for 60 000 Euros in Europe 😓. We did compare my front end ( Supermicro server under Daphile , Etherregen , Engineered renderer PSU Sean Jacobs DC3 and Uptone 1.2) , this front end was connected to the APL DAC in AES using a kubala sosna emotion digital cable . We compared that to his system using the APL drive . The overall SQ in his system( speakers are Martin Logan CL 15 A , by the way a wonderful speaker ) is already extremely good . Both front end were very enjoyable and in the same ball park level however on several criteria the engineered/etherregen was better ( timber, transparency on top end , lack of sibilance ...) and overall the six audiophile present did preferred the engineered/etheregen combo . That is truly an excellent results to have this roughly 2500$ set up challenge successfully a 20 000 Euros drive ! This is the DAC used https://www.hifilink.fr/boutique/sources-hifi/convertisseurs-dac/apl-dsd-mr-dac/ This the CD player used https://www.hifilink.fr/boutique/sources-hifi/lecteurs-et-drives-cd-sacd/apl-dtr-mr-transport-cd-sacd/
  14. Very difficult question to answer . Both the etherregen and the engineered are excellent products which raise significantly the SQ of digital audio . To answer your question it depends on what is your system today . you can PM me if you wish
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