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  1. Hello, 


    I am putting together a new Buffalo III DAC and upgrading an older BII. I came across your build posted a few years ago and had some questions if you remember the details. You had also posted an earlier iteration with different digital power supplies and no caps on the outputs. 


    ·      Did swapping in the Salas Reflektor power supplies to the digital boards make a difference? Did you try UltraBIBs for everything?

    ·      Did the M Caps in the two Salas UltraBIB supplies improve sound quality and were these the only “boutique” tweaks you made to these boards?

    ·      What is the white paste around the DAC clock and by the IEC inlet?

    ·      What caps did you use on the balanced outputs? I thought caps here were for DC blocking, but it seems these may improve sound quality.

    ·      It looks like there is a cap on the IEC inlet. Is this a ground loop breaker or does it serve another purposes?

    ·      What does the red switch in the bottom left – hardwired to the DAC – control?

    ·      Did you experiment with toroidal transformers or powering the L/R sides of the Legato separately?

    ·      What tweaks did you make to the Legato?

    ·      And finally…are Sonore Audiobyte boards available anymore?


    Thank you for fielding my questions!



    1. Gavin1977


      Any feedback on this one?  I'd also be interested to hear thoughts on the Raflektor

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