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  1. I completely agree that the power supply makes a major difference. I use the UpTone Audio JS-2 to power the Brooklyn Bridge (and a Sonic Transporter i5).
  2. Great article. I also have a small space system in my office, and the first component I choose was the Brooklyn Bridge for all the reasons you recite. It is very impressive for its size, but even not considering its size. I choose a different amp to drive the Boenicke W5se (a superlative small speaker) and went with the Kinki EX-M1 integrated (i have more space than you). I also wanted flexible interconnect and speaker cable and went with Audience AU 24sx. Now I need to spin up the Taylor Swift!
  3. Is anyone using the JCat M12 gold switch? I’ve done a few searches pointing to some reviews, but is anyone here actually using this switch in their system.
  4. Gosh, what a surprising answer 😂😂😂
  5. If there is anyone here with a Taiko Extreme server and dCS gear (Vivaldi or Rossini) please pm me.
  6. Anyone know how to actually buy these Habst bnc clock cables. The company doesn't answer my inquiries.
  7. Is this true? Haven't there been occasions in which there have been remasterings of classics done for hires. I assume you don't mean remastered hires.
  8. I missed it; is solitaire still included? Lol. Incredible project vastly beyond me. Congratulations!
  9. Any thoughts on SQ running Roon on the QNAP vs. a Nucleus? I’ve been running Roon (with a bunch of DSP) on a top spec’d (as of 2 years ago) SonicTransporter, and it is rock solid. I toyed with Roon on my Synology NAS just for fun and had some problems.
  10. I've heard great things about this server from the local dealer but have not had a chance to listen to it yet. I look forward to Part 3. If possible, can you please compare your impressions to the Innuos Statement, if you are familiar with that server too. Those two and the Pink Faun and W20 seem like the heavy hitter servers right now, however, this one truly seems the most "extreme" of the bunch. I see (and you report) two ethernet jacks, plus optical ethernet on the server. Can one run optical ethernet from a router/switch into the server then bridged network ou
  11. I am sure you are correct on the demo. Incidentally, I did reach a dealer within 1.5 hours of NYC (my home), and can likely demo in a few months (Covid issue) with the Schitt amp, then sometime thereafter with the HSA-1a, which the dealer anticipates ultimately having in store. I’ve done a lot of reading since your review, and folks who own the HSA-1a speak very favorably about it as exceeding other amps (with and without the impedance box) by a substantial margin. I am also interested in effecting some EQ for low bass and sub bass frequencies, which seems to work with these head
  12. Really now more than ever think I need to give these headphones another try. I seem like the only one who didn’t like them on a short initial listen at CanJam NYC with the Schiit amp using the built in dac. I wonder if my initial unfavorable impression might have heavily been influenced by the dac inside the Schitt amp??? Maybe the amp is good and the dac is so-so (or worse)?? Has anyone listened to these headphones with the Schitt amp using the built in DAC and/or done a comparison using alternate DACs? I think my use case would likely involve a Hugo2, but it would be intere
  13. At least you could still use the great Chord TT2 to feed the required amp for the SR-1a. 😉
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