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  1. Ditto from me on all the comments regarding John Quick. He’s helped me innumerable times over the years. Regarding the Rossini DAC (while I will catch a lot of crap for what I’m about to say at its price), I think the Rossini is one of the best values in high end audio and for sure in dacs. I’m a very fortunate Vivaldi owner (partial stack - no transport), the Rossini v2 is darn close. If you can do the Rossini, you will not be disappointed. Ive heard it many times, and it is a world class dac.
  2. Be sure to check out the Blue Hawaii amp and Jack Woo's latest offering. Both are awesome.
  3. Interesting thread. I finally saw the Innuous Statement at (believe it or not) CanJam NYC, and I spent more time investigating it than any other item at CanJam. I was probably in the minority, but I was thrilled to be able finally to see and understand a little about the Statement. This server was at the top of my list for AXPONA. I am strongly considering it over my max speced SonicTransporter i7, but I should soon be obtaining a Paul Hynes PSU for the ST i7 server, so one step at a time. My preference is Ethernet out, so this server might be ideal for me.
  4. I love these subjective vs. objective based threads like this one. I am 100% sure I hear differences in cables, switches, etc. - I think.
  5. To me, this is 100% correct. For example, I know I hear a (positive) difference between the SoTM lan cables and others I tried. My perception was confirmed by others in a blind test. I am sure many here think that’s impossible, but it’s true in my system. I’m not sure I will go for the switch (I am running bridged Ethernet from a Small Green Computer i7 to my streamer), but I would not be surprised at all if different switches sound different and that the difference results from things not yet completely understood.
  6. Huh?? I am about to buy a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge for my office system. Are you saying the Mytek dac somehow taints non-MQA files (true hi res or dsd) with MQA filters? Please clarify this.
  7. While it could be my imagination, SoTM Ethernet cable sounded better to me than Cardas and Audioquest diamond and vodka.
  8. Thanks, I will listen to some of this material. Even the Grease Soundtrack :) Using dCS Vivaldi system.
  9. Inferesting. Would you please identify some material you compared. I would like to try some of the tracks too. Thx.
  10. Agree. This seems like a good iOS workaround. I also tested with the Explorer²
  11. I spent 15 minutes doing this preliminary test, but playing Elton John's "Your Song" from Tidal (MQA 24.96), Qobuz (24.96) and my local HD Tracks download (24.96) yielded the following results: Best: I don't think I could distinguish between Qobuz and my local version except my local version was louder for some reason. Both sounded good. Worst: Tidal version (MQA 24.96) - less air, less detail, less bass. It doesn't sound bad, but it doesn't sound as good, and it was very easy to tell the difference. Will be doing more testing as I am sure others are right now.
  12. I am not sure about a Western Digital NAS, but I think there are versions for QNAP and Synology. I used the Synology one for a while, but switched to a more powerful server to run DSP. There are very detailed and clear in instructions (proven by the fact I could get it running) someplace that is googleable (I think on Roon's website).
  13. I know that the big news today is Qobuz, but, today, mConnect released an update to its iOS apps that provides the functionality I initially asked about in this thread. The mConnect iOS app now outputs MQA through the iOS device's usb/lightning port. Thus, with this release (I use the HD version), users now can connect a USB dac to an iOS device using the CCK (lightning) or a usb c adapter (iPad Pro 2018) to listen to MQA encoded tracks from Tidal. To my knowledge, the iOS Tidal app does not provide this functionality (only android), so the mConnect app provides a workaround until the iOS Tidal app provides this functionality natively, that is if Tidal remains in business after Qobuz takes over the USA and/or if MQA is even relevant anymore. 😀
  14. Thanks for this information. Would you anticipate these advantages to impact SQ versus traditional RJ-45?
  15. I watched with interest the latest installment of Audiophile 5 about the new opticalRendu. While interesting and informative, I was more intrigued by SFP and had not previously heard of an SFP network connection. Having been here for a very long time, I know there are tons of experts. So my question is does SFP present a (at least theoretical) sonic advantage over the traditional Ethernet connection on several modern DACs, such as Chris’ dCS Rossini. Thanks in advance.
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