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  1. Agree 100%. I’m very worried about Roon especially. I just don’t seem Amazon giving a cr*p about Roon at all, or any external player for that matter. Why would they?
  2. I was not aware that Stereophile would not publish a negative review without taking the steps you mention. How do you know this to be true?
  3. I respect your opinion. I guess I”m a bit simple minded. The reviewer didn’t like the SQ. Some of the facts stated about issues I don’t think are relevant to SQ might not have been written with the absolute precision of a math equation. I just don’t perceive any malice here. Just my 2¢, and everyone sees things differently, which is interesting. This is the BEST website of all time and a fascinating thread! We have a lot of smart and interesting folks here, and I get to come here each day and learn what you all think about various music and pieces of audio equipment. How great is that.
  4. This is a fascinating thread. While at least one other member disagrees, I don’t think the alleged factual misstatements are material in any regard. To me, the review still seems competent, thoughtful, and totally legitimate. Finally, I look forward to more reviews from the reviewer!
  5. I’m really considering The Statement. Was it there and, if so, what did you think? I’ve found a local Innuos dealer but have not yet had an opportunity to listen to it.
  6. Again, not a criticism, but did the owner agree with you?
  7. I appreciate the review and the opinions expressed. Any chance that this model requires a lot of break in? Any chance of a cable issue? I’ve observed a dramatic change in phones’ sound from break in and also have had cable issues. Finally, did the Hugo 2 owner advise if his pair sounded the same as the review sample? I’ve never heard these phones, but I do own LCD-3’s, among a few other good phones, so I can’t vouch for the reviewed model from my own experience. Just wondering about the issues I noted. I’m not at all criticizing the review and think the reviewer seems very competent. Also, ironically, I agree with another comment that I’m now more intrigued to listen to these phones at the next CanJam or at another show.
  8. Nice review. I've read other reviews indicating that this dac is very sensitive to the power supply used. I considered this dac, though ultimately went with the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge, but I never actually compared them sonically.
  9. Great review of what I am sure is a superb product, but I’m confused. How does the A30 compare to the Rossini (Ethernet input) directly streaming Tidal or Quobuz or using the Rossini to grab tracks from a networked NAS or a directly connected external hard drive? I guess I’m just missing how this product fits into your present digital system and how it’s performance stacks up. Not a criticism, I just don’t understand how it fits in, and, for that matter, have always been confused about how a W20 fits in too. Perhaps I am misunderstanding completely, in which case, ignore.
  10. I have a PS Audio P20 but have always wondered whether PS Audio's technology is best for amps. I am considering a Denali 2000T for mono amps (mono amps were apparently the purpose for the two outlet Denali 2000T system). The Denali 2000T is being discontinued, so it's heavily discounted now. Anyone with any experience with the Denali 2000T on amps, especially versus PS Audio? Thanks in advance.
  11. I think to play Tidal MQA (if dac is compatible) you need to run something like mconnectHD on the iOS device. Im not sure if the Tidal app can do it. I agree that you need the Apple CCK.
  12. This thread may be out of date, but the MYTEK Brooklyn Bridge is a dac and streams via Ethernet (an all in one). I like it and run it in my office system. Not the last word in a dac, but a very solid performer at about $2,700. If you can stretch, it benefits from a linear psu. I don’t know the price of the Lumin T1. I think it’s a lot more. Once heard it at a show, and it sounded really good.
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