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  1. I run the prior version of this integrated with Boenike w5SE’s and a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge in my office system with good results. It is definitely a solid value and drives the challenging W5SE’s well.
  2. I bought a 3 day ticket to THE Show, and I am leaning toward attending (60-40).
  3. I was amazed at the improvement generated by replacing my wall outlet with Furutech at a modest cost - BUT hire an electrician if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  4. Great speaker for the $’s, but I think it needs some power no???
  5. Very informative. I wish Roon could add all the streaming services Sonos has.
  6. I wish record labels would do whatever you did to make some modern recordings listenable!
  7. Thanks for this suggestion. I really had tried everything to no avail. I wasn't even able to delete the NAS folder containing the music and readd it. Eventually, I was able to delete my music folder on my NAS using the iPad app versus the computer app (iPad app had an "x" beside the NAS folder whereas the Mac version of Roon did not even have an "x"), then I deleted the NAS drive folder and readded it. As a result, I needed to recreate my library, but that is not a disaster. I only have about 1700 albums, and everything seems to be coming back ok with limited exc
  8. Thanks Chris. I've tried everything. Will try that. The frustrating thing is I can add other folders from my NAS to Roon, just not the one that has my music!!!! Very frustrating because I changed nothing. I am on a macOS. Not sure if this is a Roon issue or NAS issue. Uggh!
  9. Sorry folks. I tried to delete this post but couldn't. It is not a Roon error. For some reason, my folder on my NAS is not available to mount. I will try to figure it out, but it is some type user (me) error and not Roon. I thought it was Roon because whatever happened to my folder happened at the same time I upgraded.
  10. Would appreciate any suggestions for a fix to my issue. I upgraded to 1.8 and now Roon does not see my Synology NAS. It worked before 1.8, but now, Roon doesn't see my NAS on the network. I can see my NAS with everything else (e.g. Finder), but Roon looks like the below screenshot. I cannot "readd" my NAS either. I get an error of invalid path when I try to readd it, but I am typing the right path. Very odd and extremely frustrating. Tidal works fine. Any ideas?
  11. Got it, thanks. I wonder how the sound of a streamer direct AES to the speakers versus the same streamer USB to the control then from control to the speakers differs. In other words does the insertion of the control in the signal path impair or even change the sound.
  12. I’m thinking hard about this speaker system. Anyone using a high end server (e.g., antipodes, Innuous, Taiko) to go single wire AES into the “master” Kii. I am a 100% digital source person, so I am not sure I need the Kii control, unless there is an advantage to the Kii control thst I am not understanding.
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