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  1. Please clarify - are you saying that you can connect the Oppo Player to your Rossini dac via coax and get a DSD stream out of the Oppo and into the Rossini over that coax connection. I have a Vivaldi and assume I could do the same thing. This would be great and eliminate ripping SACD's. As an aside, I am pretty sure the Vivaldi transport sends DSD from SACD's to the Vivalidi dac (or upsampler), but I do not have a Vivaldi transport, so I am not certain how it works for sure.
  2. Will consider that. Maybe closer to 85 when it’s not a period of Stones/Led Zep.
  3. got it. Thx. I think I’m between the Genelec and AudioEngine A5+ ‘thanks all for your input.
  4. How about Adam? They seem to make a bunch of studio monitors. Too neutral??
  5. Thanks all for the recommendations. I was thinking perhaps $1000ish max. I’m considering the AudioEngine because I had heard of it. I will look into the others.
  6. I will be away for two months in a vacation rental and will bring my Hugo2 and Focal Utopias plus 64 Audio iem’s, but for times when I might like to use speakers, what do folks recommend? Seems to me some small active dacless monitors would be idea, but I do not have a feel for this market segment. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  7. Sorry to hear this, but best of luck in maintaining everyone’s health. Can you please email me when you get a chance.
  8. I completely agree that the power supply makes a major difference. I use the UpTone Audio JS-2 to power the Brooklyn Bridge (and a Sonic Transporter i5).
  9. Great article. I also have a small space system in my office, and the first component I choose was the Brooklyn Bridge for all the reasons you recite. It is very impressive for its size, but even not considering its size. I choose a different amp to drive the Boenicke W5se (a superlative small speaker) and went with the Kinki EX-M1 integrated (i have more space than you). I also wanted flexible interconnect and speaker cable and went with Audience AU 24sx. Now I need to spin up the Taylor Swift!
  10. Is anyone using the JCat M12 gold switch? I’ve done a few searches pointing to some reviews, but is anyone here actually using this switch in their system.
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