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  1. MarkS

    SFP vs. Ethernet

    Thanks for this information. Would you anticipate these advantages to impact SQ versus traditional RJ-45?
  2. MarkS

    SFP vs. Ethernet

    I watched with interest the latest installment of Audiophile 5 about the new opticalRendu. While interesting and informative, I was more intrigued by SFP and had not previously heard of an SFP network connection. Having been here for a very long time, I know there are tons of experts. So my question is does SFP present a (at least theoretical) sonic advantage over the traditional Ethernet connection on several modern DACs, such as Chris’ dCS Rossini. Thanks in advance.
  3. MarkS

    Article: Audiophile 5: Aurender ACS10 in 5 Minutes

    I enjoyed this also. A few questions if you have a chance: 1. How do you find the SQ of the Aurender setup versus Roon. 2. I’m not sure I understand how the W20 works in the chain to the Rossini Player (i.e., why ACS10 to W20 to Rossini and not just use Ethernet from ACS10 to Rossini?) Wouldn’t that allow you to skip the W20 or do you prefer dual AES over Ethernet to the Rossini.
  4. MarkS

    2018 iPad Pro - will this work?

    Didn't work I assume that the mConnect Player iOS application is not actually outputting MQA, but I am not sure. I connected the 2018 iPad Pro to a USB C hub, then connected the Meridian Explorer 2 to that hub via USB. Music does play through the headphones connected to the Meridian Explorer 2 dac, but the lights on the Meridian Explorer 2 dac do not change at all as I change the MQA encoded track in Tidal. The only light illuminated is the first white light. No changes with redbook or different MQA sample rates. When I play a high resolution file using the mConnect Player software, the lights on the dac DO change with varying sample rates played, so the app plays high res files, and the usb c port and the usb hub are passing high res material to the dac.
  5. MarkS

    2018 iPad Pro - will this work?

    Thanks for this great information. I actually have that mConnect App on my iPad. I will try your suggested configuration with my Meridian Explorer 2 Dac, then, if that works, will get a better one (e.g., ifi new ones).
  6. MarkS

    Digital coaxial cables - crazy prices!

    Get the Black Cat cable. I think it is reasonaly priced 75 ohm.
  7. I am away, so I can’t test this, but I was thinking about the usb c port on the 2018 iPad Pro. Does anyone think I can connect a usb c hub to the iPad Pro, connect a usb dac to the hub and stream MQA encoded material from Tidal using that usb dac (e.g., Meridian Explorer 2, iFi portables, etc.). I can power the usb c hub, so power shouldn’t be an issue, but will the MQA encoded files find their way through the usb c port on the iPad, then through the usb c hub and then to the connected usb dac? I have a SB c hub with usb c and usb.
  8. MarkS

    My customer journey with Paul Hynes...

    I would assuredly take this order if it gets cancelled. I already grabbed one cancellation, am in the queue for that one, and would take this one too for sure. Custom = delays, and I am totally ok with that. The best comes with a price. While I appreciate suggestions regarding PH keeping customers informed, I for one don’t want him updating a customer timing database, but, rather, just want him to build PSU’s and have folks understand and trust that he is doing his best. My 2 cents.
  9. MarkS

    dCS Network Bridge

    As I understand it, most Vivaldi users both clock and connect Vivaldi boxes either with Transparent Ref or Nordost Valhalla 2.
  10. MarkS

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    I watched the video, and, for what it is worth, I also thought the MQA “team” in attendance was rude and embarrassed themselves.
  11. MarkS

    Article: First Listen And A Visit To dCS For The New Bartok

    This is an intriguing product.
  12. I connect an i7 version of the Sonic Transporter directly to my digital source by bridged Ethernet using a JCAT Femto Ethernet card that the SGC guys can add to an ST.
  13. If you intend to stream Apple Music, give a HomePod (or two) a try. Not too bad.
  14. Boenicke W5SE. Awesome desktop speaker. Heard the tunetot for 15 minutes this weekend with an $8000 Naim Nova integrated. Looks cool as a system and sounded decent, but I’ll take my little W5SE’s with the Job INT at less than half the cost.
  15. MarkS

    Article: dCS Network Bridge Review

    Hi Chris: Is the Chet Baker stuff you mention in the review from cd rips? I couldn’t find it on Tidal, HD Tracks, or Super Hi-Res.