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  1. Agree 100%. My main rig is similar to yours, but I’ve always wondered about a system built on horns or other high efficiency speakers with an integrated like this and a dac. Such a system would only require one balanced input, just like the review unit.
  2. Great review. I heard this integrated amp at the last Capital Audio Fest and thought it sounded superb too. I slightly preferred some HiFi Man electrostats as I recall, but not significantly. Are there any well regarded very small high efficient speakers (stand mount monitors preferred)? My reference Boenike W5 need vastly more power. Also, the balanced input pictured looks different from what I’m used to?? Is that a standard balanced input?
  3. That works. It is what I am doing now. I like it, but (and I know this is sacreligious) I might like two optical modules better then the OM to the ER. Still tinkering. Bass seemed more dynamic and impactful before the ER (I think 😁) when using two OM’s (router ==>> Cooper Ethernet ==>> OM ==>> Fiber ==>> OM ==>> copper Ethernet ==>> dac) than the configuration you propose, which I presently run.
  4. I didn't get a chance to try the 10db attenuators on each end this weekend, but I will very soon. Stupid question in advance. Do the attentions just lower gain or volume by 10db? If so, then aren’t the attenuators just volume knobs. If not, then what do attenuators do?
  5. One other question that will annoy and/or frustrate many: has anyone found a difference in SQ between different brands of the SFP's that slide into the OpticalModule and/or the EtherRegen? I am using orange colored fiber that was supplied by Small Green Computer when I bought two of the OpticalModules. I think I paid $20 for it.
  6. Thanks so much to all who provided photos, tips, instructions, etc. I haven't had a chance to install the attenuators yet, but I had ordered two pairs or 10 and 7 db ones by happenstance assuming I may break them, and they were inexpensive. So I will try the "one on each end" configuration suggested above.
  7. Would someone please post a photo of exactly where and how these attenuators go? In case it matters, I’m running copper Ethernet out from a switch into an Optical Module, then fiber from the OM out to the EtherRegen then copper Ethernet out from the EtherRegen into the dac. I bought two pairs of 10db and 7db attenuators.
  8. I always thought Turnstiles sounded bad. I will check what versions I have. Thanks for the tip of the Blu-spec cd. Where can one buy that format??
  9. i’m in for the upgraded unit. Seems intriguing. i’ve also emailed Habst about the bnc clock cables. I wonder how the Habst compare to the Nordost V2 cables I’m using for word clocking???
  10. Thanks to all for your responses, and, again, happy holidays!
  11. I have looked through this entire thread. It is incredibly interesting. Can someone with a dCS Vivaldi system please tell me if they think adding the Mutec REF 10 as the reference clock for the Vivaldi Master Clock was an upgrade? If I get the Mutec, I would also "clock" my EtherRegen with the Mutec reference clock. It might be worth a try. Separately, I am using four 1.25M Nordost Valhalla 2 75ohm BNC cables to word clock my three box Vivaldi system (dac, clock, and upsampler). I see a lot of back and forth about Habst cables and also about cable length. I recall reading something about 1.25M having some magic to it for digital cables, but I could be wrong. Where does one get these Habst cables and are they what people think are best for clock cables? If I get the Mutec, I would need to clock cables (one to the dCS Clock and one to the EtherRegen). I am particularly interested to hear from @austinpop regarding the Habst bnc clocking cables. He has provided me with invaluable advice. Happy holidays everyone!!
  12. I have a really dumb question. With DSP, why does one need treatments? Can’t everything be done by DSP?
  13. Correct, I’ve only had a few hours with it (traveling for the holidays), but it’s great so far, and the line skip worked out for me and the seller. I should also note that I got the normal great assistance from Alex in setup (I’m a fiber novice it’s not at all complicated) even though he did not “make a sale” on my unit.
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