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  1. One other question that will annoy and/or frustrate many: has anyone found a difference in SQ between different brands of the SFP's that slide into the OpticalModule and/or the EtherRegen? I am using orange colored fiber that was supplied by Small Green Computer when I bought two of the OpticalModules. I think I paid $20 for it.
  2. Thanks so much to all who provided photos, tips, instructions, etc. I haven't had a chance to install the attenuators yet, but I had ordered two pairs or 10 and 7 db ones by happenstance assuming I may break them, and they were inexpensive. So I will try the "one on each end" configuration suggested above.
  3. Would someone please post a photo of exactly where and how these attenuators go? In case it matters, I’m running copper Ethernet out from a switch into an Optical Module, then fiber from the OM out to the EtherRegen then copper Ethernet out from the EtherRegen into the dac. I bought two pairs of 10db and 7db attenuators.
  4. I always thought Turnstiles sounded bad. I will check what versions I have. Thanks for the tip of the Blu-spec cd. Where can one buy that format??
  5. i’m in for the upgraded unit. Seems intriguing. i’ve also emailed Habst about the bnc clock cables. I wonder how the Habst compare to the Nordost V2 cables I’m using for word clocking???
  6. Thanks to all for your responses, and, again, happy holidays!
  7. I have looked through this entire thread. It is incredibly interesting. Can someone with a dCS Vivaldi system please tell me if they think adding the Mutec REF 10 as the reference clock for the Vivaldi Master Clock was an upgrade? If I get the Mutec, I would also "clock" my EtherRegen with the Mutec reference clock. It might be worth a try. Separately, I am using four 1.25M Nordost Valhalla 2 75ohm BNC cables to word clock my three box Vivaldi system (dac, clock, and upsampler). I see a lot of back and forth about Habst cables and also about cable length. I recall reading something about 1.25M having some magic to it for digital cables, but I could be wrong. Where does one get these Habst cables and are they what people think are best for clock cables? If I get the Mutec, I would need to clock cables (one to the dCS Clock and one to the EtherRegen). I am particularly interested to hear from @austinpop regarding the Habst bnc clocking cables. He has provided me with invaluable advice. Happy holidays everyone!!
  8. I have a really dumb question. With DSP, why does one need treatments? Can’t everything be done by DSP?
  9. Correct, I’ve only had a few hours with it (traveling for the holidays), but it’s great so far, and the line skip worked out for me and the seller. I should also note that I got the normal great assistance from Alex in setup (I’m a fiber novice it’s not at all complicated) even though he did not “make a sale” on my unit.
  10. I am sorry for being thick, but I do not understand this setup. Can you please explain? How can you have 2 LPS-1.2's powering the ER? The ER can only accept one power input cable. Really sorry I am not following this, but I am very interested.
  11. I’m thinking really hard about the Musec Ref 10 clock and look forward to hearing from anyone with one connected to the ER.
  12. Can’t believe I need to wait over two months for one of these 😒 glad early adopters are being rewarded and please keep these informative posts coming. At least us jealous 2nd and 3rd wavers can benefit by your experiences.
  13. I just got two of these boxes about a week ago and use an Uptone LPS 1.2 on each. I use them “back to back” to convert Ethernet wire to fiber then back and into my streamer. Frankly, I am amazed at the improvement in my system from these little things. I’ve spent a ton more money on other products and got vastly less improvement. These boxes are simply a no brainer. I’m really pretty amazed.
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