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  1. Thanks @firedogI should have been more detailed in what I was looking for. From what I have been told there are many options to chose from, filters etc. I just need a good baseline to start with. In fact some say not to even go down the road as it is quite confusing. It really did not matter to me so much as my Ayre QB-9 (96/24) was not capable anyway. Now that I have the RME ADI-2 coming, I would like to try some DSD.
  2. @Miska those are nice graphs! I do want to try DSD, but as a Roon user need a good tutorial in setting up HQPlayer in Roon. Is there a good link you can point me to?
  3. Thank you for all your help. I ordered the RME ADI-2 DAC today, be here next week.
  4. Thanks @chetthejet, I also have a Benchmark DAC1 USB in my second system. The Ayre QB-9 was an upgrade to that unit too. But the Ayre is showing it's age now. The RME has quite a few options that can be selected. What have you found that you liked?
  5. I do use Roon but have never tried to HQplayer. but mu current DAC is limited to 24/96. That is one reason why the need for an upgrade.
  6. I currently have in my primary system an Ayre QB-9 (24/96 version, tried to get it upgraded, but after 3 years of the run around gave up). Have any of you compared it to an Ayre QB-9 or any of the better quality DAC's on the market today? What are your thoughts? At $1099 it appears to be a good buy considering all the features it has. I do want to upgrade to something that will play higher rez files (absolutely no DAC's that support MQA, please!). Thanks
  7. I wonder what JA thinks about this now that trees in the forest are being cut down just like what was predicted when DRM-MQA-8-15 was unmasked?
  8. "...address any concerns", not sure what you mean, but I have no additional questions that need to be addressed. I have read all I need to firmly know it is not needed and I see the handwriting on the wall. We now have MQA polluted CD's and one LP (pictured earlier in this thread).
  9. @Lee Soggins your account of what took place at the seminar is NOT what I witnessed. I was there, and your "good guys" (Mike & Ken) were anything but polite! I have attended RMAF for the last 13 years and have been to many (not all) of the seminars and I have never seen such loutish behavior by so called professional executives. In my professional career as a director of international sales for a high technology company, I frequently traveled to the U.K., and never saw such behavior. So your laughing off this type of conduct falls on deaf ears.
  10. Ricka, I agree! I cancelled my Tidal subscription as soon Sas MQA was on the scene. I do not want to be locked into a DRM (potential)., lossless format, reguardless of any supposed sonic benefit. Period.
  11. It was so poorly attended as it was the last one of the day and the show. Many left at noon on Sunday or earlier. I wish this could have been at 3 pm on Saturday.
  12. Chris, I feel so bad that you had to go through that ambush by yourself. But, I know that most feel you were the true gentleman present! I was the one that arrived one seminar earlier so as to be guaranteed a seat (wish more could have been there). You were the real professional, I just wished there could have been more of the reverse engineering genius' present to help. I know that was not part of the scope of the seminar. As to those that think we should support manufacturers that do incorporate MQA, well that is their prerogative to do so, it is also mine not to support them
  13. So just because someone has a less expensive system than you may have they are in your words a "non-audiophile"? So at what magical dollar point do you consider someone to qualify as an "audiophile"? Never mind, I am done with the likes of you and your types (snobbery, snobbery, snobbery)! People like you will NEVER get the younger set to enjoy listening to quality music.
  14. Yes, while I have been an avid reader here for many years I do not regularly post here. I believe that you and I are of similar vintage :). That being said, I would like to also (in addition to building a digital amp) pick up a good used vintage amp and restore it (recap, etc.) what recommendations do you have? In my research on eBay last night I see there are some insane (to me anyway) prices being asked. Perhaps another venue?
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