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  1. Dear Richard,

    I also possess 2 Kefs Ls50w and a R400b sub. I am having difficulties in getting the right settings via the Kefs App Kef Control and the manual volumea + crossover settings on the sub. Could you kindly share your settings with me? Best, David

    1. Richard Dale

      Richard Dale

      Hi David


      I’ve just used the default settings for using a subwoofer with a cut off at 95 hz for the LS50s and the subs coming in at 80 hz. Because KEF don’t give info about the filter slopes it is difficult to know what exactly that setting means in practice. I’ve used REW with a measuring mic to take a frequency response of the LS50s only vs LS50s + subwoofers, and it shows that the subwoofers are coming in at about 40 hz and that the response is reasonably flat.


      I can send you my REW measurements but maybe it would be better if I made a post on the LS50 wireless thread in the forum.



      — Richard

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