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  1. Anyone mentioned George Porter of the Meters yet?
  2. Yes, I can see why Audioquest would replace the Red with the Cobalt for the same price, but charging 100 dollars more when the difference appears to be technological advancement rather than the extra cost of manufacture doesn’t seem to be good value.
  3. When I think of the Jazz Fest I also think of the music of Louisiana in general, which is an even bigger topic. We can certainly chat on this thread about Jazz Fest related music and experiences at least. Before my first trip to New Orleans in 1980 we had a get together in Wimbledon and a guy called John Broven gave a talk about his visit to the Jazz Fest a year before. One of the highlights was seeing Professor Longhair and I was really looking forward to seeing him, but sadly he passed away in early 1980, and I never saw him live. I did get to see other great New Orleans keyboard players - such as Tuts Washington, Jame Booker, Fats Domino, Huey Smith, Allen Toussaint, Dr John, Champion Jack Dupree. The same John Broven wrote two of my favourite books about New Orleans and Louisiana music - Walking to New Orleans about R&B and South to Louisiana about what Broven termed 'Swamp Pop' such as Cookie and the Cupcakes, Rod Bernard . After my trip in 1980, I've never got Mathilda out of my head. Then there is Cajun and Zydeco. I was lucky enough to see two of the greats at the Jazz Fest - Clifton Chenier and Nathan Abshire. Clifton Chenier was just awsome in 1980, but by 1981 his health was failing and he couldn't play the accordian any more only a mouth harp. An Nathan Abshire doing Pine Grove Blues was similarly awsome. Those are some random thoughts of mine anyway, it's difficult to stop...
  4. Thanks for the Munck link - I hadn't heard about those recordings. It looks like there is some interesting stuff, and on FLAC although I couldn't find what the resolution is - I assume it is CD quality.
  5. I'm a big fan of New Orleans and Louisiana music and I've been to the New Orleans Jazz Fest four times. I would say that the first time I went in 1980 has to have been best holiday I've ever had. When I read there was going to be a five CD boxed set back in March, I was really looking forward to getting a copy. Today I just got round to looking up the boxed set on Amazon to see how much it was and I found it going for 93 UK pounds: https://www.qobuz.com/es-es/album/jazz-fest-the-new-orleans-jazz-heritage-festival-various-artists/o68sm2osph36b Then I looked for it as a download on Qobuz and found a download from there was going for 10 euros - wow! I'm sure the book that comes with the boxed set it great, but I'm not sure it is worth about 90 euros extra. Anyhow I'm really looking forward to listening to the set - it's got loads of my favourites, like Professor Longhair, Kermit Ruffins, Allen Tousaint, Earl King etc etc.
  6. The Linux kernel has the names of DACs hard coded into it for native DSD support AFAIK. So it shouldn't be a problem at the streamer end if it is running a version of Linux is up to date and the DAC supports native DSD. Special Linux drivers shouldn't be needed.
  7. Richard Dale

    Linux driver

    downloaded the 3 files and placed them in /lib/firmware/mytek.only difference with guide is the version of the driver. next compiling the driver this is where its al a bit unclear for me, but this is what i did. kernel headers for current running kernel check kernel version with: “(uname -r)” kernel version is: 4.19.57-v7l+ check kernel header package with: “sudo apt search linux-headers-$(uname -r)” im not sure if this is the right output check if the matching kernel headers for the kernel version are already installed on your system with: “sudo ls -l /usr/src/linux-headers-$(uname -r)” package is not installed. next update the package index with: “sudo apt update” and then install the Linux Kernel headers package for the kernel version with: “sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-kernel-headers” kernel headers are the newest version. Install prerequisites: “sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)” Compile kernel module excute make (as normal user): “make” Install the kernel module: “sudo make install” lets see if the firmware can be loaded:bash mytekusb2-firmware-loader.sh FAILED😭😃 if somebody with more knowledge about Linux/raspbian than me(only 3 days 😃) could tell me what i did wrong, Thanks!!!! Maybe you need to run the script with 'sudo'?
  8. Thinking about it, what I actually said about most audiophiles not needing a multimeter is wrong as a result of reading your list!
  9. I do own a multimeter and use it very occasionally. I agree it isn''t a particularly important tool for most audiophiles, but they start at such low prices that there is no point in not having one. I've recently bought a UMIK-1 measuring mic and use it with REW and an AudioTools app on my iPad. In my opinion that combination is way more useful as a tool for more technically orientated audiophiles than a multimeter.
  10. I agree with the above points. I was only trying to say the talking about 'Intellectual Property Theft' doesn't make much sense without specifying the specific type of problems in more detail, as you have done.
  11. My point is that you need to be more specific about what exactly you mean by 'Intellectual Propery Theft'. It could be about copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets amongst other things. It may be possible to negotiate to attempt to harmonize some of those things legal frameworks individually. For instance you might want to persuade China that it was a really good idea to have excessively long copyright terms for music and books like the USA does. However, the examples you are giving are about industrial espionage and you can't really expect to have negotiations with a country and have them end up signing a treaty to 'do less industrial espionage'. The only way to counter that is to improve you law enforcement, deport suspected spies and so on. Imposing tariffs to get China to 'do less espionage' doesn't make any sense. Hence, my suspicion that in this instance it is really about US protectionism under the guise of countering 'Intellectual Property Theft' to justify keeping Huwei out of the US 5G mobile phone infrastructure market for instance.
  12. What effect has JIS had on the Japanese HiFi industry?
  13. Primaluna are made in China, but built to a higher standard than most 'Chi Fi' amplifiers. China is a large country and there is no reason why manufacturing standards should be the same throughout the country.
  14. You’ve got the time line for the origination of the two meanings of ‘hacking’ the wrong way round. The term was first used in the MIT Model Railway Club in the early sixties, and that is the same meaning for describing the activities at ‘Hackerthon’ events. Describing breaking into computer systems as ‘hacking’ is a more recent usage.
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