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  1. It isn’t a Black Tulip system because the components don’t appear to be separates - it is an ‘all in one’ judging from the shot of the back. So very much a budget system I believe.
  2. There is loads of info on the web about classic HiFi equipment from the 1980s and earlier. There probably isn’t any info about this particular Philips system because it is more ‘budget HiFi’ than ‘classic HiFi’.
  3. Because Randi was a huckster who knew nothing about speaker cables or HiFi in general? Who then assembled something resembling a metaphorical 'lynch mob' of people who mainly also knew nothing about HiFi to attack audiophiles?
  4. I don’t listen to heavy metal, but I do listen to reggae and dub. I used to own a pair of DCI Audiostatic electrostatic speakers and they didn’t lack bass and sounded amazing with acoustic bass on jazz records, and the bass on rock records like The Jesus and Mary Chain. But on dub they just sounded wrong even after a lot of effort to get them on Mana plinths, Nordost Red Dawn cables, endless messing around with positioning and so on. So my current opinion is that electrostatics and similar speakers are great as long as you’ve got another system to play the sort of music they don’t work well wi
  5. If you want to build Linux from scratch, there is a project to document how to do that: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/
  6. I use a pair of the original LS50Ws with KEF R400b subs, and it works really well. The pair of subs cost about the same as the LS50Ws - £2000 in the UK. However, the new KF92 subs are twice as expensive and so a pair of them would be £4000 which seems a bit much relative to the speakers.
  7. Looks a nice system - lovely finish on the speakers. I noticed the Sonus Fabers have a large port at the rear and I wonder if that is a problem when the speakers are sited close to the rear wall. Some speakers come with foam plugs to put in the ports when you want to use them close to the wall.
  8. You can reset the iTunes location back to being an external disk or NAS instead of the default place in your home directory, and no harm will come to the main collection on the NAS. I know this because I have my iTunes library on an external disk under /Volumes. If I start iTunes without the external drive, it will start using the default location in my home directory instead. For reasons which I don’t understand it does this silently without any dialog asking you where the hard drive is (what poor design!). Once you have iTunes using the location on the NAS, you can use the ‘Impor
  9. If you look at pictures of the Bryston with the top off you can see an upside down Raspberry Pi 3 with a micro SD card in its slot. It should be possible to try another SD card with MoOde or other Pi OS in there. I would have thought you would need to do that if there was a major update to the Manic Moose software which needed to change the underlying Pi OS as opposed to tweaking the user application layer. As far as I know most (if any at all) Rasperry Pis don’t have a dual partition scheme where they flip between the two partitions when there is a firmware update. That allows the wh
  10. I agree that there is no such thing as the best singer. But I thought about the best 'raspy voice', and I think it has to be Howlin' Wolf for me. Although Captain Beefhart does rasp with best.
  11. If some of us have been buying Hi-Res digital tracks mastered from analog recordings for years, we already have our opinions. I don’t personally feel the need for these ‘thought leader’ types to tell us what we should do, one way or the other. Certainly the quality of Hi-Res recordings is pretty hit and miss whether or not they were originally digital, and they can be grossly overpriced.
  12. What you are trying to do should be pretty straightforward. Have you tried ‘FRITZ.NAS’ in the Path field on the Volumio set up screen? That is my impression as to what the share is called by default from reading this: https://en.avm.de/service/fritzbox/fritzbox-7360/knowledge-base/publication/show/543_Configuring-storage-NAS-on-the-computer-as-a-network-drive/
  13. You can control the basic EQ with two switches on the backplate.
  14. You can connect both 2.4 and 5 ghz devices to the same router and LAN. But if you are just going to connect the Polys analog output to the KEFs auxiliary analog input then the KEFs don’t need to be connected to WiFi to do that.
  15. Yes. I’m sure that the Poly acts as a DHCP server when you use it as an access point.
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