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  1. I use MoOde and airplay works fine for me, although I’m not sure if I’ve used it with android, only iPads and an iMac. The config is mostly commented out, and here is what it looks like with the comments stripped: [email protected]:/etc $ cat shairport-sync.conf | grep -v '//' general = { }; sessioncontrol = { allow_session_interruption = "no"; session_timeout = 120; }; alsa = { }; sndio = { }; pa = { }; jack = { }; pipe = { }; dsp = { }; metadata = { }; mqtt = { } diagnostics
  2. I’ve spent more on acoustic treatment than the cost of the HiFi system for an active KEF LS50W based system, and so I don’t think spending that proportion on treatment is necessarily wrong. But my room is pretty large, and the OP’s is pretty small. I would personally want the bass traps on the walls and ceilings, and not free standing in such a small space.
  3. Yes, I think the Qobuz authentication is done in the client app now, Bubble PnP or MconnectHD in my case. The apps then send a suitable URL to the backend to get the music stream.
  4. I have it running on MoOde and I assume it is what connects to Qobuz: [email protected]:~ $ ps axwww | grep upmpdcli 775 ? Ssl 5:52 /usr/bin/upmpdcli -c /etc/upmpdcli.conf
  5. I use Qobuz with the MoOde UPnP service and it works just fine with client apps BubblePnP on Android and MconnectHD on iPadOS.
  6. As far as I know the Qobuz service runs on Amazon cloud services and is very unlikely to have a single point of failure where this sort of status page would make sense.
  7. It sounds like she would be an ideal Chromebook user.
  8. Qobuz has a good understanding HiFi/Audiophile customers such as myself, and I’m a happy subscriber to the top tier service. Apple has no understanding of this market, and serving that market consists of a lot more than ‘doing lossless correctly’. I own Apple products, but I’m never going to use their music services.
  9. I’ve got and all active system with two KEF LS50Ws and a pair of sub woofers. I’ve spent more on acoustic treatment than the HiFi components (it is a pretty large room). But as the system was pretty much unlistenable before treatment and sounded like a bad church hall disco, I would have to say it made the largest difference.
  10. The video is about the usability problems of entry level decks, such as the Rega Planar 2. For instance, the Rega lacks automatic speed changing and you need to move the belt on the pulley to switch from 33 to 45 rpm, it doesn’t have any sort of leveling system, you can’t adjust the vertical tracking angle on the arm, and it doesn’t have a detachable head shell. For a little more money the Technics fixes these usability problems, although John Darko actually prefers the sound of the Rega/Denon cartridge combo. At no point did he call either of these decks ‘high end’, and so I fail to
  11. It isn’t a Black Tulip system because the components don’t appear to be separates - it is an ‘all in one’ judging from the shot of the back. So very much a budget system I believe.
  12. There is loads of info on the web about classic HiFi equipment from the 1980s and earlier. There probably isn’t any info about this particular Philips system because it is more ‘budget HiFi’ than ‘classic HiFi’.
  13. Because Randi was a huckster who knew nothing about speaker cables or HiFi in general? Who then assembled something resembling a metaphorical 'lynch mob' of people who mainly also knew nothing about HiFi to attack audiophiles?
  14. I don’t listen to heavy metal, but I do listen to reggae and dub. I used to own a pair of DCI Audiostatic electrostatic speakers and they didn’t lack bass and sounded amazing with acoustic bass on jazz records, and the bass on rock records like The Jesus and Mary Chain. But on dub they just sounded wrong even after a lot of effort to get them on Mana plinths, Nordost Red Dawn cables, endless messing around with positioning and so on. So my current opinion is that electrostatics and similar speakers are great as long as you’ve got another system to play the sort of music they don’t work well wi
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