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  1. Is this driver a proper fix for the upstream Linux driver that uses usbnet? I ask because there was a previous release of a driver that looked like old pre-usbnet code that never could be upstreamed.
  2. I recently upgraded from a Puresound P10 to an EAT E-Glo Petit because the Puresound only had about 35db of gain and just wouldn't go loud enough in my system. I run the Petit at 50db of gain with a very high output moving magnet cartridge (Ortofon 2M Black 7-8 mv), and it matches the 3 volt output level of my Chord 2Qute pretty closely. The Petit has a very high overload margin, but it isn't usually possible to run a phono preamp with so much gain, which would typically be 40db for a moving magnet input.
  3. The yellow plastic Spin Clean. It seems to work for other people but not for me.
  4. I tried one of those before I got my Pro-Ject RCM and it was a disaster with the records sounding noisier after cleaning than they were before.
  5. You can use any cleaning fluid you like with an RCM like the Pro-Ject ones. The cleaning fluid recipe you used sounds like a bad idea to me as it’s got alcohol and tap water in it. The L’Art du Son cleaning fluid with distilled water costs peanuts per LP anyway, and I can’t see the point in saving money by using some inferior home brew that quite probably will damage your records.
  6. I use L'Art du Son record cleaning fluid with distilled water in a Pro-ject record cleaning machine. You say record cleaning machines are expensive, but the Pro-Ject range start at 300 UK pounds which doesn't seem a lot to me relative to how much a decent record playing system costs.
  7. Rigelian is an MPD client and so it isn't its job to implement streaming services. That would be done by the server end software running MPD, such as moOde.
  8. I paid 3.49 euros for a year's subscription.
  9. That all sounds very complicated to get working. I ordered my USBridge Signature with a moOde SD card, and all I had to do was boot it, then find out which IP address it was using and connect to it over the LAN via the moOde web interface. I don’t think there should be any need to install a Linux Desktop and all these other things you are doing.
  10. Have you tried ‘dietpi-software install 159’ from the command line to install the GUI if it isn’t already there?
  11. What are you trying to do with DietPi, how do you want to play music with it? You didn’t mention plugging an Ethernet cable into the USBridge to connect to your LAN, have you done that?
  12. Is the clock sync for the S/PDIF transfer reset at the start of each track?
  13. Dear Richard,

    I also possess 2 Kefs Ls50w and a R400b sub. I am having difficulties in getting the right settings via the Kefs App Kef Control and the manual volumea + crossover settings on the sub. Could you kindly share your settings with me? Best, David

    1. Richard Dale

      Richard Dale

      Hi David


      I’ve just used the default settings for using a subwoofer with a cut off at 95 hz for the LS50s and the subs coming in at 80 hz. Because KEF don’t give info about the filter slopes it is difficult to know what exactly that setting means in practice. I’ve used REW with a measuring mic to take a frequency response of the LS50s only vs LS50s + subwoofers, and it shows that the subwoofers are coming in at about 40 hz and that the response is reasonably flat.


      I can send you my REW measurements but maybe it would be better if I made a post on the LS50 wireless thread in the forum.



      — Richard

  14. The point I was making is that a discussion about whether or not certain OP amps are discrete, has no connection with your original discussion about expensive DACs which didn’t use mass produced DAC chips.
  15. Review of a Minus K Laboratory Isolation platform used as a turntable support here: https://www.theanalogdept.com/minus_k.htm
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