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  1. Very nice! Is there a setting to increase the streaming to HiRez? I've logged into Qobuz with my Sublime+ account using Linn Kazoo, but all I'm getting is 320kbps..
  2. When using the Piano 2.1 dac in dual mono configuration, which analog outputs are active? The right analog output seems to be normal, but the left analog output seems to move around based upon what software (PiCorePlayer, DietPi, etc) is used.
  3. It was support request #676545. The Oppo doesn't make these sounds with any other inputs, with or without a signal or input. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  4. I have the Oppo HA-1 DAC (which I love) and I recently encountered a problem when using it with the ifi SPDIF iPurifier. When there's no digital signal, the HA-1 makes crackling noises and the bitrate display changes, as if it were searching or trying to synchronize. I contacted ifi and they said the ifi could not cause this since it's a passive device. I contacted Oppo and they said that they didn't have any experience with the ifi device, but if it is a passive device, then the HA-1 may be detecting differences in the voltage (coaxial) or the signal (toslink) which is causing the error. I tried the ifi on both the toslink and coax input on the HA -1 with the same noises in both. Any ideas? Have any of you encountered this before?
  5. I hope this is the right place to post this. I just purchased a SOtM Mini Server - sMS-100 on Wednesday of his past week and received it today (Saturday). Not only did Jesus and Adrian answer all of my questions quickly and ship it to me without incident, Jesus even remotely connected to me for a support issue I was having playing DSD files on my system. That's what I call great service and after hours support. I'm not related to SOtM or Sonore or Simple Design.
  6. I just got my Dragonfly yesterday and I'm really enjoying it with my MacBook Pro. I'm confused as to which volume control to use in order to take advantage of the analog volume control in the Dragonfly. Do I use the system volume control or the iTunes volume control, or does it matter? The documentation is unclear to me. I know one should be set at 100% and the other should control the variable analog output.
  7. I love the new player!! I do have one problem...when I load new songs (16 or 24 bit) it always changes the bit rate in OSX Audio Midi to 16 bit. I can change it back to 24 bit manually, but when I load or play another song, it changes back to 16 bit. I have both exclusive (hog) and integer mode on. If I turn off hog mode, the bit rate setting stays at 24 bit. I hate to not take advantage of both hog and integer playback since it sounds so good!!
  8. I've been listening to the Apogee One for a few days now and I'm really liking what I'm hearing. I had the Apogee Duet several months ago and I'd venture to say that the One is at least equal to the Duet sonically as a DAC. Of course, the One is limited to 24/28 rather than the Duet's 24/96 capabilities. Most of my ripped music is from 16/44.1 CDs so this isn't a huge issue for me.
  9. I picked up an Apogee One at my local Apple Strore this past Saturday and I couldn't be happier. I'm using it with my MacBook and it's pretty much plug and play. It doesn't even require that the driver/mixer software be installed unless you're going to use it to record (ADC). I've been listening to my iTunes, Rhapsody, and a few DVDs with it. I'm very pleased with this $250 DAC.
  10. This weekend I picked up an Apogee Duet at my local Guitar Center. I had been reading about the Duet on this board and a couple of others and decided to try it for myself. The firewire out of my Macbook sounds awesome with my AIFF files. I'm very pleased with this. However, I wanted to figure out a way to get my cable TV box or my DVD player to also utilize the Duet's DACs. To do this, I found a small, free application at Rogue Amoeba's web site (http://www.rogueamoeba.com/freebies/) called LineIn. This app lets you play any audio input to any audio output and then "Pass Through" the sound. So I ran a toslink cable from my cable TV box (or DVD player) to the input for the Macbook, started LineIn up and selected Internal Input (for input) and Apogee Duet (for output). The sound coming for the Duet is very nice using this configuration, much better to my ears than the internal DACs in the cable box or DVD player. I'm not sure they're both bit perfect and up to audiophile standards, but for these sources, I'm not really concerned about that. Now I can have bit-perfect sound from my AIFF files by using the standard Duet/firewire configuration, and I can have a toslink input using the Duet DACS for casual watching or listening.
  11. I've been reading your web site with much interest for quite a while now. Thanks for your work and for your getting me to think on this subject.<br /> <br /> One thing that came to mind about your new low-cost reference system would be how does the analog output of the Lynx card sound? I think some posters over at the Audio Asylum run their Lynx cards strait to a preamp or an amp. I understand that the inside of a PC can be very bad for RFI, EMI, noise, etc., etc,....but maybe it's worth a listen.
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